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May-bee babies

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Where is everyone?????????????

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Hi! I'm here - I think all the other May mamas just party too hard on the weekends. We always fall back to the second page.

I don't have any news, just adding my name to the "I found the due date clubs forum" list.

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Okay, y'all... I'm going to add a link from our old thread here, and then I'll paste in our roll call...

Here... it's edited in...

Woo hoo--isn't this great?? We'll never be on the 2nd page again!

And here's a link to the old thread (to see the last posts)

User name (name), #which, EDD

Mcsarahb, 4/29 Its a GIRL!!!
Pottermamma, #2 4/30?
Sandra Dee, #5, 4/30? or 5/8?
Sarah'sMama (Sherri), #2, 5/1 It's a GIRL!!!
Dandjsmama (Wendy), #3, 1st week of May
NorthernLight, #2, early May
Fiddlefern, #1, ??, It's a BOY!!! (Luke)
Frankies_Mama (Julie), #2, 5/2 It's a GIRL!!! (Cecelia Louise)
Shalom, #3, 5/3
GoodWillHunter, #5, 5/3
Bekahsmom (Robbie-Lynn), #2, 5/3
Mommasuz (Suzy), #2, 5/4 It's a GIRL!!!!
MorningDove, #1, 5/5
BurnsideMommy (Rissa), #2, 5/5, It's a BOY!!!! (Hunter)
Andriagirlie, #2, 5/6
KKmama (Kristine), #2, 5/7, unmedicated hospital VBAC
Owen&mama (Dinah), #2, 5/10
Learning #1 5/10
Kanpope (Nicole), #3, 5/10, homebirth, It's a BOY!!!
JesikaJ (Jesika), #1, 5/10
Defenestrator, #2, 5/12
Mollyeilis, #1, 5/12
Marbles (Rayna), #3, mid-May
SquirmyWorm, #2, mid-May
Mere, #2, mid-May
Babywearingmama (Mary), #3, mid-May?
Pipermomma, #2, 5/14
PoeticNSoul, #3, 5/15
The Lucky One,#2, 5/18
Mamameg (Megan), #1ish, 5/18, It's a GIRL!!
TwirlGirl (Carla), #4, 5/19
Gus'smama (Elsa), #2, 5/19
Merpk (Amy), #4?, 5/20
Anothermama #2, 5/20-ish, It's a BOY!!!
2nurturemore, #6, 5/21
Phishmama (Julie), #3, 5/23
Kittymama, #1, 5/23
Theelves, #2, 5/23, It's a GIRL!!! (Kathryn Nadine)
A&L+1, #1, edd 5/23
Scbegonias (Stephie), #1, 5/24
Heatherfeather, #1, 5/25
Andrea0408 (Andrea), #3, 5/25, It's a GIRL!!
Kidatheart (Jennifer), #1, 5/26
Jacqulyn, 5/26
Sagesmamacrystal, #2, 5/28
PattyCakes, #1, 5/28
jakobsmami (annika) #2 5/28
Karenpl, #7, late May
Chanin2000, #2, 5/30
Liz-hippymom, #2 or #3?, 5/31
Jacqueline, #1, late May
Kids'ncows, #3, late May, unmedicated hospital VBAC
TurboClaudia (Claudia), #1, late May/ early June
OlyMama (Trish), #2, ??
DawnaRose (Dawn), #3, ??

If you have any additions or changes, please feel free to pm me or post a message, and I will update as soon as I can.
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Weekend update...

Here's my name thing... I'll tell you the names, because we know we won't use them (dh and I have a pact that we don't discuss names with anyone, but rejects are fine...). Ds' name is Theodore. My favorite boy name this time is Franklin. My favorite girl name is Eleanor. Anyone see why we won't be using them??

I'm kind of honked off on the cord blood thing, and I'm actually thinking of talking to the "nice" dr. and finding out if it's possible to get them to agree to waive their fee. The company processing the cord blood supplies all the collection supplies and sends a courier to pick up and transport the blood. All the dr. has to do is take a couple of minutes to use a syringe (supplied to her free of charge) to pull the blood out of the cord. $175 for that??? Part of the reason I'm mad, too, is that I had to tell the dr. the info about 5 times before she believed me (she was sure the charge came from the donation company, and I kept saying over and over, "No, I talked to *your* staff about the charges, and *your staff* told me that *you* charge $175. I called the co. and they assured me they don't charge me a dime." Grr.) Oh yeah, insurance definitely won't cover the $175.

She was also going off on my iron, how it's dropped from 34 last time to 33 this time. I was blowing it off inside my head (but should have said what I was thinking out loud)--what is the range of error in the testing??? I'm sure that 33 and 34 are statistically the same, and frankly, I'm proud that I've managed to keep my iron this high (it was unfortunately much lower at this point in my pg with ds). I don't like it when I'm treated like I don't have a brain...

I feel like I need to get my belly cast supplies ready, because I'm paranoid I'll have the baby early and not make the cast (of course, watch me, I'm going to go late).

I think I get the GBS test at my next appt, too. I've been eating my yogurt...

Annika, if I knew I were about to leave my mom and not see her for a year, I'd be bawling....

2 bad things... one funny, the other tragic... I had to go to the DMV Friday (update reg stuff), and my mom and ds were with me. I thought ds was across the room with mom, but he was very quietly right behind me... pulled the chair right out from under me as I was sitting down--yes, I fell on the floor! Lots of people rushed over to ask if I was okay... I was so embarrassed (one woman came by a couple of minutes later and asked, "Are you pregnant?" I said, "No, I'm just really fat!"--sorry, but it's pretty friggin' obvious that I'm 8 months pg!!). The only bad thing is that I've been having some sciatica (mostly in the evening) in the "bun" I landed on. I think I'm going to have my birthday massage this week... And I've been thinking about this all weekend--my cousin's sil was due last week with her 1st baby, a girl... she was stillborn... there was apparently a freak cord accident (around the neck *4* times). Everything was fine until a couple of days ago, don't know much else. I know the sil only as an acquaintance, but I'm very, very sad for the whole family. There were 3 of us due to have babies this year (cousin, her sil, and me), and I feel so bad for her.
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Kkmama- how horrible for your cousin's sil!

I've heard stories like that before. I'm just trying to erase them from my mind, because I start freaking out. That's probably my #1 irrational fear- that days or moments before birth, something will happen to Luke. I'm not worried about labor, delivery, any of that- because those are things that to some extent I can control. It's the things I have NO control over that tend to psych me out.

Deep breath- OK.

Getting away from myself and my own issues/fears, I'll keep her in my prayers tonight- that's got to be hard to go through.

I'm wishin' all you other May mommas out their tons of inner peace tonight as you drift off to sleep with your little ones.
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Like this. Much easier to find.

kkmama, sorry to hear about your cousin's SIL's tragedy. Unimaginable. Am trying not to think about those things for the next few weeks, though ... have enough stress already ...
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Hey you guys, please, please, *please* don't worry about what happened to D happening to you... what happened in her case is *so* incredibly rare, so unpredictable. This is *not* going to happen to any of us! I really hope I didn't scare anyone by sharing! I've just been kind of emotional lately, and thinking about what that poor mama is going through makes me really sad. I'll probably get some food together and take it to the family... don't know what else I can do.
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Hi all you May Mamas!

I find it hard to believe that I (and many of you) have only 5 WEEKS! to go. There is so much....so much.....that I haven't done, or that DH hasn't done to get ready for the baby...... When our DS was born we were in the middle of house restoration/renovations, so our hands were tied on a lot. But now we have a real house and a lot of projects that were put on hold for various reasons (pure exhaustion - and poverty - from the renovations being most of it). Of course, now we're trying to get those done so that we can focus on our new family once the baby comes....all very overwhelming.

I'm the same as most of you - sore pelvis, HUGE belly. At least one complete stranger a day approaches me to ask if I am going to have the baby any minute. I don't know if it's my belly or the look on my face, but I'm trying to smile more these days, just in case it's the latter . In any event, I'm loving my belly, even if it does scare everyone around me. I'm trying to get DH off his fanny to take our belly shots. We had ours professionally done last time, but thought we'd take a crack at them this time. I want to have time to call our photographer friend if we have to though....

KKMama, my thoughts go out to your sil's cousin. Stories like that break our hearts, and we feel the pain even more as we tend to this life inside of us.

I guess that's it for now. Peace to all in our final weeks. I look forward to all the birth stories!
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fiddlefern, congrat on getting on the bike. i really do find it liberating...especially now that not everyone is passing me.

things are plodding along here in the desert. its been unusually warm, but manageable.

i'm still feeling great, and after a first and second trimester where folks told me i was huge...now everyone thinks i'm tiny. at 8 weeks to go, i could care less. i just can't wait for the babe to arrive.

kkmama, peace to your cousin's sil. what a terrible sadness they must feel.

ah, any day now we'll be hearing birth stories...
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Glad to hear that you're all doing well for the most part. I'm hearin' ya on the pelvic pain and huge belly. My babe has been head down for a few weeks now. I hope he/she stays that way. Anyone else really, REALLY tired? By the time 2 pm comes I'm toast. It makes working a full day really crappy.

KKmama - I'm sorry to hear about your sister-in-law.

I also can't believe how quickly time is passing. 3 weeks till my replacement at work comes, 5 weeks till I'm done work and 8 weeks till I'm "due". Yikes! I feel like I can't really concentrate on preparing for the birth yet (I'm doing it in snatches which feels completely insufficient) because I have so much crap to finish up at work before I leave. Sigh. Right now I'm just focusing on the practicalities of the birth, work, becoming a parent etc and dont' have much time to really deal with any feelings. It's wierd and frustrating all at the same time.

Who was it who was doing their baby's nursery with a "garden" theme??? Was it A&L+1?? Anyway - I saw the cutest baskets at Target yesterday. They are wooden baskets with canvas inserts with cute carrots embroidered around the edges. It made me think of whoever is doing the garden theme. Some of the baskets have chicks etc - Eastery type stuff - but the carrot ones would be cute and not too Eastery.

Have a great week everyone!
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...likin' our new home up here. Now we can't get bumped, lol.

KK-I'm sending prayers and <<< healing vibes >>> out their way. I cannot imagine...............

Everyone with the pelvic/ligament/streeeeetchhhhhing pains-in a word-YEOUCH!!! Yeah, got 'em, could do without 'em.

I feel huge and all I keep hearing is how much smaller I am with this baby-belly as well as the rest of my body. That makes me feel good, actually. I was rather hugantic with ds#1 and just plain large marge with #2. I've still gained a good amount of weight, but at my current rate, I should top out around 40 total pounds gained, maybe even possibly less, WOO HOO!

I have a question for those who don't mind answering: Is intercourse painful for anyone else now? TMI warning NOW-we were intimate last night and every time dh entered me (or I should say attempted to do so), it was beyond uncomfy. I mean it hurt! I've never had that feeling before. Any ideas why? I guess I'll ask at my appt on Wednesday, but I wanted to see what you wise mamas thought about this. Thanks!
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Hi Mamas,

I'm finally starting to feel like this baby is actually going to arrive someday, but 8 weeks seems like a long time to me. I have never been known for my patience, though.

In the meantime, we're slowly starting to get things prepared around here. We finally agreed on names, and it was surprisingly easy after all the time we've spent deliberating. It's going to be Avery if it's a boy and Lily or Lilian if it's a girl. I don't really want to share the names with people irl, but I had to tell somebody.

We also got a HUGE box of hand-me-downs from my sister's kids this weekend. Now all the drawer space we had cleared out for the baby is full- looks like we're going to have to figure out some better storage solution. All the stuff is so cute- the socks are absolutely my favorite! There are even a bunch of diaper covers in there, which means we don't have to buy any in newborn size. I think the coolest thing in the whole box is the outfit my grandmother (who passed away when I was a little kid) made for me to wear home from the hospital when I was born. My niece and nephew both wore it home as well, so I guess that's the plan for this kid too.

Other than that, I'm just pluggin' along, waiting for time to pass. I'm not feeling too huge, but I've noticed I'm slowing down and getting tired faster at work. I'm cutting down to four days a week soon, which should help. I'm really looking forward to our baby shower in a few weeks, mostly because we'll get to see a lot of family and friends we don't get to see too often.

KKMama- I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin's SIL, what an unimaginable grief that must be for them.
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Im due in May as well and just found this forum so thought I'd reply. I have an EDD of May 5, but seeing as I haven't had AF since June 2001, who knows when I'm really due.

This is #2 for us, another boy! We had a medicated hospital birth with Austin, and this time are planning for a waterbirth at home.

I don't feel prepared for this baby yet. I've only bought about half of his cloth diaper stash, need to rent a breastpump (since I gave mine to my sis, and in those early weeks of being so engourged I really loved my bp even though that was the only time I used it). Austin is staying up super late at night, not napping well, I get bad leg cramps and heartburn at night, can't get comfy - so I get about 6 hours of restless sleep each night (total, not contiunuous!). Definately need to get some more rest before tackling labor! I still have Easter baskets & Austin's birthday party to plan & buy for, still have to hang photos in the nursery, finish decorating Austin's room, put our house back together after getting new carpet in, wash baby's clothes, finish buying homebirth supplies & pool, make freezer meals, and I have more on my list too.

I can't believe I only have about 5-6 more weeks to go and I am so unprepared. I have this strong nesting urge, but zero energy to follow through on it, and a lovely (ie needy) toddler to tend to as well. Doesn't help that DH is super busy with work these days and in the process of getting a new office as well. Oh and on top of all our family stress here, my parents are more or less in plans for divorce, and constant drama from my side of the family. Too much stress.

I feel like I haven't had enough time to just enjoy my pregnancy, and while I'm physically ready to be done emotionally I'm not.

Wow - that was quite the rant considering I was just coming to intro myself. Sorry.

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Hi mamas-

KKmama, my thoughts go out to your cousin's SIL. I just can't think about those things right now, but I do send some strength her way.

Kittymama, Lillian's MY baby's name! Just kidding. We've been planning on calling her Lillian (Lilly for short) for a couple of months now. Just recently we've been starting to second guess that and are entertaining other names, but it's still the front-runner. I have a dear great-aunt named Lillian, and I love the name Lily/Lilly. At least they would be spelled differently!

And while we're talking names, one of the new ones that's come up is Matilda/Mathilda...what do you guys think? My DH loves it, and I'm kind of slowly warming up to it. I'd call her Tilly when she's little and maybe Tilda later on. Opinions?

Anyone else getting strange little tickling feelings way down low and internal, like maybe near the cervix? I keep feeling these "scratches" or something way down there, just in the past couple of days (I'll be 36 weeks on Wed.). I'm asking my midwives tonight at my birth class, but anyone got any ideas now? Is it the famous "drop," or is there a little hand playing with my cervix?? Very weird feeling.

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Welcome burnsidemommy ~ I so hear you on the intense urge to nest but no energy to follow through. I keep on tryin though!!!!!

KKmamma ~ so sorry to hear of your SIL, I so can't imagine where I'd be right now if that happened. Sending her loving thoughts.

We're doing well here. Dh and i had a GREAT date, spent a bit too much on dinner but it was worth it!!!! The pictures went great and I was amazed at how comfortable I was. I we bribed Ds with chocolate (I know bad mommy!!!) to get him to pose kissing my belly (I so want one of those pictures of him and this baby, I think they are just SO cute) so hopefully it turns out.

The name thing...its been buggin me still cause I don't want to have such a popular name for a girl(although Ds's name isn't THAT popular and I know a bunch of them too), but I so feel it is the right name for a girl...so it will probably stay...the boys name we picked out isn't nearly as popular, although we were out at a resturant about a week ago and our Ds and this other guy his age started playing and the parents were talking and they told us their names they picked out for this kid were the exact same as the 2 we picked for this coming baby!!!!!!!!

Sounds like everyone is staying happy and healthy...keep it up mammas!!!!!!! Before we know it its GO time!!!!
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Oh I almost forgot...welcome, BurnsideMommy! Is that Burnside as in Portland's main strip?
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KKmama, so sorry for your cousin's sil :-(

Rissa, welcome to the board!!

I haven't been posting much, still trying to figure out all my birthing issues. I had a myomectomy last year, which immediately got me labeled 'high risk' and 'planned cesarean'. Did tons of research and have found the perfect solution, I'll just stay home, so I won't have to deal with the whole hospital mess. I feel very at peace with this decision, although it did take me a long time to reach it.

Just wrote a letter to my ob, supporting my desire for a vaginal birth, it's in my blog (March 27th entry) if any one is interested. On the one hand I don't care whether he is convinced or not, because I am going to stay far away from him in labor. On the other hand, I would like to educate him, to hopefully avoid the 'planned c-section' issue for myomectomies that come after me.

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Hi Everybody!

I am having huge nesting urges, but have oh so little energy. I work on one of my projects for about 2 hours and then I am totally done for the day!

Baby is ROA for the last few days and its little feet are putting huge amounts of pressure up into my ribs. It is ok, except when I am at school and have to sit for three hours straight. I am also getting weird pressure on some kind of nerve connected to my bladder. When I move a certain way I get these little sharp pains, almost like I have a UTI, but they go away again once I shift position. Annoying.

I am trying to eat healthy and drink a lot of water. My midwives want me to drink red raspberry leaf/nettle tea and I do, even though I don't particularly like it. I have also put myself on a half-dose of prenatal vitamins and fish oil capsules. Sometimes I feel like I eat more supplements than food!

Thanks to KKMama for the RLS suggestions. I have been eating more bananas and I think they help. Dairy calcium doesn't seem to help me, maybe because of the added phosphorous, but I am always open to trying new things.

I have been gardening a bit, here and there. It has been in the 50s here this week and cloudy, so not totally nice yet, but better than freezing rain.

Take care everyone,

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Hey all --

Karenpl- funny I just checked your blog to see how you were coming along w/ your birth plans (we had emailed about it a bit as a spin-off from shappy-happy...). Is Laurie going to be with you at home?

KKmama -- so sorry about your SIL's baby. how incredibly sad.

mcsarahb -- I *love* the name Mathilde/Matilda. I thought about it for us, but our last name ends w/ an "ee" sound, so I'm ruling out any first names that end that way (which is most of the girls names I like, unfortunately ). So Mathilde is out, cause I'm sure I'd call her Tilly or Mattie, since I nickname everyones name, even when I don't mean to. I knew a girl in hs named Matilde who went by Tilda as a nickname though.

I'm doing okay here. Starting to get worried (again) about how ds will be during labor, and even more worried about how *I* will manage a non-verbal 20 month old and an infant I'm just trying to reassure myself that many other mamas have done it and survived, so I will too, right?????

The only real complaint I have is the pain in my... not sure, but general crotch area. It is worst at night, and moving around, rolling over in bed can be excruciating. I didn't have this w/ ds, but I was good about going to yoga and doing lots of walking. Unfortunately, I have done no yoga or basic stretching and very little walking (ds hates the stroller and is to big for me to sling or backpack while pg) this time around. I'm trying to remember to just stretch a bit when sitting on the floor playing w/ ds.

I missed my mw appt 2 wks ago due to that stomach flu I ranted about (thanks so much for pitying me, everyone ). It was supposed to be the first of my bi-weeklies, but I have one tommorrow, which I'm looking forward to. The only thing is that my MW wanted to check my Iron, but I have terrible viens and she is never able to get my blood. I don't think she likes doing draws very much, she always ends up getting very apologetic, then getting all shaky handed . I really don't mind getting my blood drawn, but I can't seem to convince her that it is okay to just keep poking away and that I'm not getting upset. Really, i end up feeling so bad for her:LOL She tried at my last appt and couldn't do it, so I bought some floradix to take (although I seem to always forget! I should run and do that right not) as a just in case kind of thing, so I'm not to worried about it.

Spring is slowly arrriving in my neck of the woods -- snow is melted off 1/3 of my yard, my driveway is a huge mud pit, and daffodils are beginning to poke up through the ground. We're supposed to get rain for the next 3 days, so hopefully it will melt away the rest of the snow! I feel like this baby is coming soon, but, based on the weather, I feel like May is still so far away. Does that make sense?

Ack. I post so rarely, but when I do, I really ramble, eh?

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I hear ya on the fatigue!!! I am soooo tired and sooo grouchy LOL! I feel like an ogre. My kids have spring break next week and I sooo want to spend some sweet time with them before the baby comes. I just hope I can get my act together...

My midwife "thinks" the baby is head down finally! She wasn't 100% sure, but sure enough to tell me to cancel my Webster appointment and give up on the slant board, moxa, etc. I AM feeling somewhat relieved, but am almost thinking about keeping my ultrasound appointment for next week just to be sure. I have been so worried about the breech situation.... I really think I could focus more on birth plans, etc. if I felt more resolved. Any thoughts?

Also... I need name help!! We really only have one name chosen and aren't even 100% sure about that one. I haven't told anyone IRL, but....
Cedar Eyrie
is the name we are thinking of. My brother (any my partner's best friend) Aaron died of cancer two years ago, so the middle name is in memory of him. We imagine this name for a boy, but I guess it could be either.

My son and daughter also have 'unconventional' names, so we need suggestions that fit.

Hope you all have some great secret stashes of names out there!

Peace to all!
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