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Welcome Rissa!

Thanks for all the vibes. I think it's going to be a long, sad healing road for the family...

I had a prenatal appt today (with my favorite dr.). I feel kind of guilty, because basically, I complained about the other 2 drs. (said as politely and succinctly as I could that I thought they weren't being as supportive of my VBAC as they should be nor treating me like I might have a brain in my head ). It's not a big deal... if I go into labor, I don't think they'll be able to stop my "moving train", and if I don't, I won't see *them* during the surgery. Other than that, everything is fine. The chiro has helped me recover from the fall, and I feel pretty darned good. The baby seems to be well-positioned. I had the group B strep culture done today... I'm not sure what I'll do if I'm +, but I decided I'd rather *know* my (probable) status and decide later what to do.

I guess I don't look very "big", because people are usually quite surprised to find out how far along I am (36 wks on Friday). It's weird, because I know I could have the baby soon, and I actually *feel* like this baby is going to come sooner than ds did, but... ds was 2 1/2 wks late, and I feel like if I have any expectations about even going before my edd, that I'm just setting myself up for disappointment. But goodness, I don't want to be caught off guard with labor! I know this sounds nutty....

I feel like we have so much more to do, but I guess we are making progress. I've been washing baby clothes and dipes, and slowly assembling the stuff for labor and to take to the hospital. My dad stopped by a Trader Joe's when he was in AZ (there are none in CO )... I asked him to pick me up a few (like 5) Clif Bars, and he bought 3 boxes! But we're also finishing up painting the house (exterior), launching a major landscaping project, and just fixing various things. I don't know what cleaning the garage has to do with having a baby, but we did it. I do lots of "optimal fetal positioning" when I'm doing yard work (can you see very pregnant woman out in yard doing squats, cat position, pelvic tilts etc. while weeding/edging/pruning? ).

Intercourse is fine for us as long as there is adequate lubrication.

I get the scratches down low, and pokes, too! (Pokes to the bladder *hurt*!)

I feel hiccups *way* down low... they practically feel like they're coming out of my crotch. It's a little uncomfortable for *me*, but they remind me that this baby is in a much better position than ds ever was, so I actually find them reassuring...

I'm finally constipated. Sorry if TMI, but my BMs are not hard, and I'm getting a ton of fiber and water, I think that things are just so kinked up and compressed that the poop gets lost trying to find its way out...

Ooh! I want pix of ds kissing my belly, too! I'll add that to our list...

Still no progress on names. I really like the names you guys are talking about (like Lillian, Matilda, Cedar, Rowan, Lukas). I still love our silly Roosevelt family names, but we're pretty resolved not to use them.

Karen, good for you on your birth decision. I feel more educated than 1 or 2 of the obs at my practice about VBAC (I feel like I've covered more of the recent/relevant research and like I have a better grip on the real risk), and it really annoys me, because I feel like the drs. ought to be up on the lit in their field. But *I* don't have the energy to try to educate them...

Ooh, Stacia, I hear you on the supplements. I feel so clinical about what goes into my mouth (even with the food, because I look at everything with a critical eye as to what it's going to "give" me_...

Jacqueline, it's great you're all moved, but the job news is disappointing. Can your dh postpone his search for a year (any prospects in CO on the horizon) by doing something shorter term?

Hope you're all feeling great!
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Hi everyone! I'm new here, 34 weeks along with my first child (a daughter, Aravine Stasia). My EDD is 5/18- I can barely believe she's almost here! (Then again, I bounce between "It's gone by so fast" and "Get her out NOW!"

I'm looking forward to getting great AP advice from all the mommies here.
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Hi there,
KKMama-I actually haven't moved yet. When I wrote in my last post that "we have a new home" I meant the May mamas, not me and dh! (unfortunately). DH has lots of good job prospects, actually, just not in CO right now. So, he's pursuing those and I believe he'll have a job come June or July (which is good since I'm done working in mid-May!) So, we'll still be moving somewhere after the baby is born, just don't know where. Thanks for your concern.

I'm at 32 1/2 weeks and I'm already starting to get a glimpse of the tired, heavy feeling that I've heard comes in the 9th month. When I go home at lunch, I could just take a long nap and be fine! But, I've got to spend that time eating so I can go back to work (it seems so pointless, yet we gotta pay the bills somehow).

I'm still feeling mostly pretty good, I can just tell the baby is getting bigger every day and my belly feels sooooo stretched and tight sometimes.

And, a question for those who've experienced Braxton Hicks cx...what do they feel like? Is it just a tightening sensation in your abdomen? I have those a lot, but no pain, just kind of uncomfortable, and if I sit down, my belly softens again. I'm just curious, cause I'm sure I've had them, but I don't know what the feeling is like since it's my first.

I go to the midwife later today to make sure baby is head down. I'm fairly sure he/she is, but I hope she can feel it for sure.
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That's what b/h contractions feel like to me! No pain, just really tight (and for me, tiring). "They" say if there's pain to tell your practitioner; they are supposedly supposed to be painless.

How's that for a sentence?
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Welcome Kytheria! How do you pronounce Aravine? It looks lovely.

Jacqueline, to me braxton hicks ctx just feel like my belly/uterus tightening into a ball. Although if this child is positioned in a certain way, it makes me want to pee, too! Definitely no pain or discomfort. Sounds like that's what your feeling.

KKmama, I'm glad you got relief from the chiropractor. I have seen chiropractors off and on for most of my life. One thing to remember is that the muscles that have been holding your spine/joints a certain way for a while need to be retrained. I'd follow your instincts though, I'm sure there are some chiropractors that will milk you for your insurance money - just like there are people with less than ideal ethics in all walks of life. My chiro is a ways away and I'll admit I mostly only go when something hurts although I imagine I'll go in for an adjustment close to my due date just to make sure things are optimal.

Hmmmm, guess I better figure out what we are going to put baby clothes in and then start some washing one of these days! (And where are we going to put what we are going to put baby clothes in? Anybody have any extra floor space they can loan me?)

Things here are just chugging along. My body (mostly pelvic area) is feeling better than it has in a while - yippee!!! I sure can tell the days I don't do enough protein and/or iron though, I can barely function. (And my level of functionality on "good" days is probably less than adequate, truth be told.)

Happy Humpday everybody!
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Morning everyone!

Welcome to the new May mamas...not long to go now!

My mws came for the home visit yesterday and brought the tub (!), checked out the lay of the land, etc. The herbalist mw even harvested some of our comfrey growing out of control in the backyard and set it out to dry for the post-labor comfrey pads. Fun.

Jacqueline, yup, those are B/H contractions. They are tiring for me, too, especially if they last longer than 15 seconds, which they frequently do. In fact, I posted a few days ago that I had about 50 in one day - talk about exhausted. What must real contractions and labor be like...?!

Everything else is fine here; I'm always tired and uncomfortable but able to get pretty good rest most days. My last day of work is next Monday - yippee! - and I'm pretty much done with baby preparations. I'm officially 37 weeks today. OHMIGOD!

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well.... as of yesterday, this baby is 100% HEAD DOWN!!!! No external version, no Webster, no more tilt board..... Now to start thinking about the birth!! I am 36 weeks and do not feel at all prepared for labor, birth, BABY!!

I tend go at least a week past my due date (which is the time my MW will be out of town) so I have started taking 5W (similar to PN6) and evening primrose oil to start prepping.

time is flying!!!
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Originally posted by kids'ncows
Welcome Kytheria! How do you pronounce Aravine? It looks lovely.
Thanks! SO and I are pronouncing it AURA-veen, but my mother still can't get it right. She says AIR-a-vyhne. Finally, I told her she could just call her Ari as a nickname.

She's not even born yet and there's already name problems. I think I've doomed her.
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Is anyone else here using red raspberry leaf tea in preparation for labor? I can't get enough of it! It's so tasty that I'm going to keep buying it long after this pregnancy is over.
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Well, it's good that I had decided on a home birth, because my midwife called me yesterday to tell me that the ob dropped me. He wasn't convinced that all the research I had done would be applicable to me : I guess his biases are applicable to me though :

My midwife offered to call our local teaching hospital (very high tech) I politely refused and told her I would just stay home, thank you. The thing is that she won't be able to attend a home birth because of my myomectomy (licensing? / something because she is a CNM? not sure, but uterine surgery is a no no in her guidelines). I told her that I was comfortable with an unattended birth (heck, 2 out of my 6 were born unattended by accident :-) and would she still be willing to do prenatal care? She is willing to do that, so I guess that's the plan for now.

Guess I'd better check out the Unassisted Childbirth threads :-)

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Hi! Just checking in! I got my bad old tooth pulled today Yeah! So far so good, no major pain. The injured knee is bothering me less and less, the swelling is going down. Just got over yeast infection #2, so that is good! Things are looking up! I guess my biggest gripe is getting up and walking! I feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs! My tail bone and pelvic bones really make me waddle!
I have not done a darn thing yet to prepare for this birth! I have supplies to buy for the home birth, and got to get baby things down from the attic to clean, and organize the baby shower for May 2! I also have to plan a birthday party for son for May 1st, and we are going camping April 16-18th! So much to do!!!
Well, gotta go fix dinner (which I don't think I can eat yet). Hope all is well with everyone! Bye! Elfmamma
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Karen -- what a PITA. But, then again, this way you get your home birth . And I'm sure you know what you're doing with the whole birth thing, after 6 kids!!

I just read KKmama thread about bitchiness, and was too lazy to reply: , but yes, I am. In a big way.

I'm supposed to be working, but I can't find the papers I need for the project (I work from home, and have no desk or office space that is just for work, so I tend to be just a little bit disorganized:LOL ). But, ds hasn't really napped for the past 2 days, so I figure I deserve the time to myself anyhow, right?

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Hey all.

Glad to see us all still cooking our babes!

KK-I sway from being bit&%^ from being a *complete* crybaby. EVERYTHING makes me cry these days. I'm an emotional wreck, I swear.

Welcome Kytheria! I love the name you picked out! Just beautiful.

shalom-congrats on the head-down baby! Its such a relief, isn't it? I just found out last week that mine is head down, so that was a big weight off my shoulders.

kids-i just went through all my dd's old things and washed them all up last week. What a relief!

As for me- I ahd my 37 week checkup today. I can't believe how far along I am. Found out I tested GBS+. No shock, since I was + when I had my first dd and I was a strep carrier and had to have my tonsils removed when I was 7. So ABX here I come! Its not something that bothers me, though.
I have been getting some strange pressure the last day or so. I'm wondering if something is happening, like my cervix is starting to thin out. Strange.

Anyone else not aware of their own girth? I'm constantly trying to squeeze behind chairs or something only to find out I cannot. Its like I have no idea how large I am.:LOL I find it quite amusing.

Hope you all are doing well!
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I keep getting my belly caught in the fridge door! Ahahaha. Oops. (maybe I should stay outta the fridge) :

Well, I'm 34 weeks and baby is posterior. Baby stayed ROA for weeks (almost 2 months). Last week I was thinking I should get some resources on coping with back labour and within 2 hours this little stinker had moved posterior. I felt him/her move across my front, hang out at LOA then plop into a post. position. I was kickin' my butt for "thinking" so loud.

Needless to say I've been doing a lot of hands/knees and much visualization and talking to this little one to get him/her turned. Send me lots of "turn baby turn" vibes - PLEASE!

Other than that things are going well. I feel pretty good for the most part, though I agree on the bitchiness. I think for me it's more of just little patience. I have 3 weeks left until I'm done work for good (whohoo!) and the crap that's going on is driving me bonkers. That carries over to everything else. I do get tired in the afternoons and need a 1/2 hr snooze (even if I'm at work) to make it through the day.

My hips are a bit sore - I need to stretch every day and I'm starting to get some constant swelling in my feet despite being very careful with my diet (borderline GD) and drinking copious amounts of water. I'm looking forward to just being able to be at home for a few weeks before babe's arrival to just do what *I* want to do - which will mostly be rest.

Can you believe how CLOSE we are to having our babes in our arms??!!! Some days it seems like just yesterday that we found out.
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Karen- sending you great homebirthing vibes; we all know you can do it and it will be great.

PattyCakes- turn, baby, turn! Another idea, along with your hands 'n' knees, etc.: Do you sit at a desk at work? If so, can you bring a birth ball to sit on instead of a big office chair? That way you can squat on it and lean forward instead of back. I use mine at home for a computer chair and it's so comfy, and built-in "optimal fetal positioning"!

I'm not bitchy so much as moody. Mostly up (waaaaaaay up!) but also often just whiny and complain-y. Luckily my dh is AWESOME and just dotes on me when I get that way. Last night he cleaned out the tub for me and completely waited on me the whole time I took a bath. Gotta love those good men.

Just found out my MIL is getting us all the rest of the diaper covers we need in infant and small sizes. Wow! She was going to try to make them, but decided they were too hard so ordered us brand new Nikkys and Fuzzibunz! I am blown away. I love being pregnant with the first grandchild on both sides !

Happy Friday everyone.

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Welcome new mammas
Congrats to those with the babes in the right position and turn turn turn to those that need to do so.
I'll find out today if this little one is still in the right position. We are having an appt with my midwife who is back from Africa and our friend who will be with Ds will also be there...getting things together slowly but surely.
I saw the negatives of our pictures yesterday...some of them are so great...and I got my pic of Ds kissing my belly...it looks like it will look really good...and my friend is spending the long weekend in her dark room....so I'll get to see how they really look soon!!!!!

Are anyone elses kiddos starting to act up or become emotional regarding becoming a sibling??? My Ds is having really wild mood swings (kinda like momma right!!!!!! ) but yesterday we were talking about the new house we are planning to build and he began talking aboout how he wished this house we were renting was just our house. I said it must be hard with so many changes going on huh...yeah, he said....and the new baby coming makes me sad....I won't like the new baby...I said you don't have to like the new baby, its OK, and mom and dad will love you however you feel about your new baby brother or sister. He thought that was OK and was done wtih the conversation...but today in the car he said the same thing, that he was really sad about the new baby. I know there isn't much I can do...it is such a huge change for everyone in the family...but I was just curious of some of the strategies others are using if this is going on....it makes me so sad to see him have to go through this....but I also just try to remember he isn't the only one...there are lots of big bros and sisters out there that must have felt the same way.

Well ladies.....enjoy your weekends and take care in these last few weeks....
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Sarah's Mama- I am totally oblivious to my own size too. I try to squeeze past people at work (bartender/server at a busy restaurant) in spaces that are waaay too small, bump doors (refrigerator, car, house, whatever) into my belly, and bump it into tables when I sit down all the time. So far I haven't exactly hurt myself doing this stuff, so it just makes me laugh. :LOL

From listening to you ladies and those in my chilbirth/yoga classes, I think my dh is about the luckiest man in the world. My temper has been on such an even keel this whole time. If anything, I find I laugh and smile more than I used to. I do have less patience for customers at work, but even there, I'm able to keep a good sense of humor and be nice to people. So anyway, I'm sending some of my happy mama vibes to all you ladies who need them.

I've had a happy day today on the baby front, too. We got our first baby gift in the mail, a sweet little fleece blanket with bugs and turtles and such on it. I also ordered a sling today, which my MIL sent us a check to buy. Her youngest grandchild is 21, so it's almost like this is her first all over again- nice for us! I also ordered a baby gift forour closest friends in the whole world, whose second child is due 3 weeks before our baby is. That just got me excited all over again about us having kids at the same time. We're going to see them next weekend at our baby shower, and I'm just so thrilled about the whole thing!
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we finally decided on a name if it's a girl (well, let's say it's 98% final). she's gonna be Anneli Marion. the middle name is after my mom, the first name is swedish. it'll be interesting to know how americans will miss-pronounce her name. i'm surprised dh went along with it, i saw it and it just klicked for me.

now what if it's a boy...????

the pain in my pelvis is getting a bit better, thank god. but i'm starting to feel out of breath a lot and am peeing every 5 mins.
seems there's always something to complain about, although i really try to enjoy this pregnacy since it'll probably be my last. do no whining, i'm gonna miss the whole experience i know.
going in every 2 weeks now, which makes time go by even faster. i feel so unprepared, maybe i'll feel better if i start packing the hospital bags. i know it's way early, i'm only 33 weeks, but maybe it'll ease my mind.

some of us are gonna have their babies REAL soon.
am i the only one who's kinda unprepared for labor and birth? i tried to practice my hypnobirthing, but for some reason i can't get the feel fo it this time. i'm not really freaked out about it though, i feel very relaxed that everything will be quick and not too painful. right now that gives me enough reassurance, or do you guys think i'm totally whacko for not having a plan?
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Hey mamas, and welcome to the group to our newest joiners.

I'm right there with so many of you-not feeling prepared, although we did finally buy a minivan, haha. I can't concentrate on anything, I'm flaking out with preggo brain, walking into stuff b/c I'm so far out in front, and the baby was doing something the other night that I can only liken to trying to get both its head AND ass wedged into my pelvis at the same time! That just straight up hurt! There is no other way to put it. All the sudden in the last week, I've really started to feel like everything is catching up to me-sleep deprivation, all kinds of aches and pains, bh contrax that are pretty danged uncomfortable, I feel like my hips are spreading, and I'm nauseaus. I was whining to dh the other night about how I'm not sure how I'm gonna be able to put with all this for another 6 wks; he says he doesn't think I'll make it another six weeks. All I can do is smile at his optimism. Ok, nuff whining to you ladies too, but I knew you'd understand!

Pottermama-Ricky seemed excited about Ian's arrival until Ian actually got here, lol. He did ok for the first few days, but once he realized Ian was here to stay, he went thru a period of not liking the new baby too much. It didn't last long and of course now they are like best buds. I think it is pretty normal and natural for the oldest sib to feel displaced or bumped in the ranks w/the impending arrival of the "new baby". I think how you handled it was wonderful. There's not much else that can be done. I always enforced to Ricky how much I loved him and how everything I was doing with Ian was also done with him. He got special mommy cuddle times and one on one time too. I did basically anything I could to let him know he was/is very loved and that he was still my baby too. I hope you know the obvious: baby will come, older sib will feel put out by it all, you'll love them both emphatically and all will turn round right.

Have a wonderful day, mamas! And agreed- some of you are VERY VERY close!! I'm getting sooo excited for you!
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May mamas-to-be, we are close! I can't wait to start seeing all the birth announcements.

Like Kittymama, I too am in relatively great spirits. I'm also still in great shape...riding my bike, no swelling (unless you include the swollen ankle that resulted from a run in with a rocker at my parents house...I'm the master of klutz). I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop physically and emotionally...but enjoying the bliss while its here.

I can't recall if I've shared that the babe has once again turned into a breech position. We're not too concerned yet...if there was room to turn breech, there's room to turn vertex. The plan is for me to get checked by another midwife this week, and my regular midwife next Monday. If they can't determine position, they'll do a vaginal examine next week, and then an ultrasound if that doesn't work. If they can determine, and the babe is breech, I'll start on a regimine of body contourtions and chiropractic care. I'm already spending as much time as possible leaning forward and on my hands and knees. We have not decided what to do if we get to the point of deciding on an external version. We hope that s/he turns, and we always have the option to try a breech birth, although it would be at the hospital, not the birth center.

On a more exciting note, my work had a shower for us on Friday. It was a gorgeous day here in the desert, and the sun rained down on us. Festive and fun...plus we got many things that we had on our list to buy. We bought the rest of our 'need to have now' items on Saturday (cradle mattress, breastfeeding supplies for me, etc.) and I'm set to order the diaper service today. Ah, the clock is ticking!

Comfort vibes and happy babies...Stephie
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