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    I and 2 of my sons have a dairy intolerance. I'm sure we are not getting near enough calcium. I know you can get dairy from green leafies and I eat them and try to get my kids to eat them too, but none of us eat them enough to say we are getting enough calcium. My oldest son who does not have the intolerance eats some cheese and yogurt. As for the rest of us I am looking for a good suplement that doesn't cost  alot of money or a good yogurt that is dairy free and does not cost a lot of money. We are not making a lot of money right now. Not sure if any of this matters, but I am 32 and take a rainbow light multi vit daily, my middle son is 4 and takes 2 animal parade vitamins daily, and my youngest son is 20 months. he still breastfeeds about 3 x daily and takes one animal parade vitamin daily. Any ideas? My husband has started having leg cramps. So, I think it's time I do something about our lack of calcium.