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stool testing

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I have often read about the gut being the central place for our health and that stool testing can be a starting point to fifuring out how to heal the gut.  Where would one get their stool tested?  What should I be looking for in a lab?  I have two childrena nd myself who I would like to test for all different reasons from behavior issues to physical ones.  Thanks for any help!

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There are different options  but I think Metametrix is best because of the techology they use (the only to use DNA analysis) and the depth of testing. You can read about all their test covers on their site along with the technology. It has been a great help for my son. http://www.metametrix.com/test-menu/profiles/gastrointestinal-function/dna-stool-analysis-gi-effects If there is something going on this test is very likely going to find the issue.


If you want to let me know what issues you're facing other tests may be just as important or even more likely to find the issue. But if it's GI related this is the test to do for sure imo.

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Thank you for your information.  I want to start with my son, so I'll just give his things.  He has behavior issues, anger issues, that usually are the worst when he needs to poop.  It gets him in a lot of trouble at school.  We have him with a therapist, but I would like to start investigating other areas, basically because my mommy instincts are saying so.  I would rather exhaust all issues than not even try.  He's had some blood tests for certain things, like celiac and lead, etc., but I know there could be other issues.  I'm not very informed in all the options yet, so anything you can give me would be fantastic.  Thanks!

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Enterolab is another great place to get a stool test done to check for various issues.  www.enterolab.com


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Genova is where we got my DS's stool tested. Through our osteopath. We used PayAssured so it was only $150 instead of like $800. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but there's a possibility that you're dealing with food intolerances (which the stool testing doesn't cover).

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