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We have a boy!

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Today at 300am 12-19, Jack Daniel arrived. The labor started at 1242am and ended at 300am, just as I predicted-literally.

I am pooped, still contracting but he's nursing like a champ and is so freaking cute!



and we're done! 4 girls, 1 boy- we're done.

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Woohooo!  Congrats!joy.gif

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champagne.gifCongratulations!!! Enjoy that sweet little boy!  love.gif

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Gorgeous! Congrats!

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He is cute!  Congrats on your complete family!! :)

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Congratulations!  So happy to hear of his arrival!  He is such a cutie!. love.gif  

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Congrats to you! You have a beautiful boy.

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Omg, he's adorable!  Congrats to you and your family!!!

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Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! :) May your home be filled with light and my you enjoy your little boy <3

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congrats on the early present lol he's adorable

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Thanks for your sweet posts!


Jack skeptical.JPGHe was 10lb 5 oz and 22 inches long (Not my biggest either!). Labor was really strange. I'll try to write the birth story this weekend while its still fresh. 

I love this shot- he is so skeptical of all his sisters, and rightfully so! 

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What a cutie, congrats!!

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What a doll!  Congrats!

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Wonderful! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fabulous!  What a love.  Enjoy your special time!

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Not sure if you remember me... I haven't been on here in literally years, but now that I'm finally expecting my third baby and *first* UC this May, it is so exciting to come here and see that you've just had your little man! Congratulations, he is just gorgeous, and I can't wait to read your birthstory! Hope you're still babymooning, but with four little ladies around that might be a little much to ask! winky.gif Hope to see you around here regularly! Your wisdom is so important to all of us!

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