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Breast Pain

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My 22 month old DD is a champion nurser and we have (thankfully!) had a very easy time of it.  However, in the past week, my right nipple has been really hurting.  The best way to describe the pain is that it feels like she constantly biting me (she will switch over to the left and I don't feel the pain).  My breast isn't swollen and there's no discoloration of my nipple.  It just really hurts.  I've hand expressed, and it seems like I have plenty of milk.  My right breast does produce more than my left.


My only thought is that it might be a signal my cycle is returning, but that could be wishful thinking.  Has anyone had a similar experience?



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Hmmm...I haven't had the exact experience, but I can brainstorm w/you! Can you think of any event that could have contributed? Any recent pumping on that side or other breast stimulation that may have made your nipple more susceptible to pain? It is certainly possible to have a thrush infection on only one side with or w/o discoloration. Some women describe it as feeling like glass on their nipples when baby nurses (lovely visual I know) Here's a place to start investigating. Good luck!

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Carrierwright - Thank you so much for the link - I'm going to try and find gentian violet tomorrow!

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Moving to BBI, as per the forum guidelines

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