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I requested to join on FB--Lindsay L.  Thanks!

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I also requested to join - Melanie C. (I was due in September 2010, but DS didn't want to wait until 40 weeks!)

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Has the August '10 babies thread stopped and moved on to Facebook? I requested to be added on Facebook but never was. I'd love to chat with other August '10 babies' mamas if anyone is interested in continuing the thread!

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Sorry-I don't use a computer for fb a lot and the app doesn't show requests-can you try again? Not trying to exclude anyone!
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Thank you - what exactly is the title of the group so I make sure I have the right one?

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I never seem to have time to come to MDC anymore and was so excited to see an 8/10 DDC club thread!!!  Will send a request to join the facebook page!

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So I joined the MDC August 2010 DDC group on FB and it says: Bead swap group for MDC August 2010 DDC. What's that? Is that the wrong name?

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I think this link should take you to it https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_123409044401692

It's Aug '10 babies DDC

(and anyone who wants to join, feel free, just please send me a message so I'm not adding any strangers or creepers)

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sent a request too.....:) 

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