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Gentle homebirth and waterbith achieved..YES!! (story & pix)

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Welcome Nadia!! Born 12/18 at 6:26 pm after 19.5 hours of active labor and 12 hours of being complete. What an amazing experience. Water broke at 10pm 12/17 and within an hour I was in labor, never checked by midwife, but she's been with me for 5 days and I had her check me Wednesday and I was 3-4cm. So I know I started in a good spot.


I labored throughout the night, not too bad. Went into birth tub in morning and put my finger in my vagina and felt head 3 knuckles in, so I knew I was complete. I at that point thought "this isn't that bad!! I am already complete?" Well for many reasons I just kinda stalled out....ctx irregular...took some herbs, baby sounded good entire time, all else normal and I was doing OK. So we just lunged, squatted, and finally I started to get an urge to push! I pushed maybe 2 hours but really not full force as I wanted to save my bottom. So into the birth tub and got more pushy, crowned and just happened to be able to be fortunate enough to deliver her head and then I just went for it and pushed her out. Took my time swimming her up, cleaning her off under water and looking at her, her eyes were open, so gentle, so peaceful. She never cried, stayed skin to skin for hours and is amazing!! I am so in love and SOOO happy I wasn't at the hospital!! I would have been augmented with pitocin, hooked up to continuous fetal monitoring and probably pain meds. But I was able to eat, walk, and labor in the way that was right for me and my baby. So blessed to have a support team who trust the process!! I am in awe of my body, my baby, my man, my midwife and all life......IMG_1269.jpgIMG_1261.JPG

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Oh wow!  Congrats!  Your pictures are amazing!!!  :)

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Beautiful!! Inspiring!! Congratulations, mama!! biggrinbounce.gif

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How wonderful. Congratulations mamma and enjoy your beautiful little girl and your babymoon!!!

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Congratulations! Those are beautiful pictures!

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Congrats!!!  I've been wondering about you!!  I love the pics, what a beautiful baby!!!

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what a dreamy story! love the pics too - they are both peaceful and powerful. also, the green tub makes it look like you birthed in a lily pad :o)

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Yes, that green tub does kind of make it look like you're giving birth in a lagoon. Beautiful!

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Way to go, Owlgirl! There's nothing like natural childbirth to show you what you are capable of. Blessings to you and your family!

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I'm so glad to hear it went so perfectly! That second photo is AMAZING I can't stop staring at it. It's so amazing.

Well done!!

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You are awesome!  So glad that it went just the way you dreamed.

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Awesome story....I sure want what you just had :)  I'm a little past due 6 days, but ready to meet this LO.  Your story and photos are inspiring!  Have a peaceful babymoon.

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What great photos.


I especially love the second one, what a special moment. :)


Welcome to baby Nadia!

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That is absolutely fabulous!  Seriously, picture perfect labor and delivery there.  Congrats birth warrior!

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Wonderful story!  I am so happy that you got such a wonderful experience.  Many congratulations and lots of love for the coming days!

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Awesome! You said you weren't pushing as strong as you could have to save your bottom...I felt the exact same!! I had the midwife press on my rectum so I could really bear down without fear of my insides becoming outsides..LOL

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Thanks for the love and support!! I can't believe I am on the other side now! Time has taken on a whole new meaning. So in love!! Blessings to everyone and Happy Holidays, birthings and new beginnings!!

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How wonderful!!! I think I got just a slight bit teary at that. love.gif I'm so happy you got such a wonderful birth! And the stalling just proves, yet again, that "failure to progress" should be renamed "failure to be patient." winky.gif I love the fact that you were so alert! When I had my waterbirth I was so deep into lalalabour land that there was NO way I was going to be able to pull him out like you did, but I had an extremely fast and therefore physically exhausting birth. I hope to be more alert this time so I can do what you did. Congrats, mama. joy.gif

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Oh, Congratulations! I absolutely teared up reading your story & seeing your pics! You did an amazing job! I'm so proud for you!  Thanks for posting your inspiring birth story!

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