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Got my HBAC!

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Rylan Moss was born at 4:14 am and was caught by the doula since he came so quick. We had about 2.5 hours of labor which is so completely opposite of DS1. I am resting but still in utter shock!
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I LOVE THIS!!!  I've always wanted to catch a quick baby! ;)  We have the biggest group of speedy birthers in this DDC I've ever seen!!  I'm so glad your birth was so very different and I hope your postpartum continues on the trend and is absolutely wonderfully stress free for you!!!  Congrats!!!  I also hope you're feeling better!

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4:14am after 2.5 hours!?? he really snuck up on you, mama! :) big congrats to you and welcome to your new little one :)

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I know. He whole thing was super crazy. I have a 2nd degree tear but the doula tried perineum support but he was just roaring out of me. I tried slowing down but I couldn't. The tub never even got set up!

I was thinking that the DDC had been having crazy births while I was in the middle of denying the fact that I was really in full blown labor. I did not get to use Hypnobabies at all because by the time I even believed I was in labor, I was pushing!!

I am very happy about the whole thing smile.gif
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Wow, wow and wow.  I am so happy for you all.  I bet your family is very surprised and very pleased.  Congratulations.  Be so proud of yourself and little one!!

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The funniest thing is that we were wondering how to break the news to my ILs that we had a homebirth. . Now we cam honestly say that he came too fast to get to the hospital on time! And that was one if the options we were discussing!
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Congratulations!! Sounds like an amazing birth. Well done!!! You rock,.

Now rest up and enjoy your babymoon!

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"I did not get to use Hypnobabies at all because by the time I even believed I was in labor, I was pushing!!"


I love that!  Congratulations!  Awesome!  Very inspiring! Have a wonderful babymoon!

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Congratulations! I can't believe these fast births!

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Woohoo!!!! Congrats! I just had an amazing HBAC two months ago and I still think about it every single day. 

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yay!!!!  I am so glad that you got yout hbac!  Enjoy getting to snuggle your baby all you want!

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