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Oh my chickens! I had no idea there were so many quiver-full families on here smile.gif Yay! Our only thing is that pregnancy has turned out to be waaaay harder on my body than I ever had in my wildest imagination, so I don't know how many we will be able to end up having biologically. I think it bothers me a little since we are so committed to adoption. In the process right now, in fact. So, we most definitely will have our quiver full one way or another smile.gif As for money, DH and I both not only grew up in very large families, but also surrounded by more families than I can count with 11, 12, 13, 14 children. Nerdymom, you're right that NONE of those families paid for their childrens college. I can think of things a whole lot worse in life than having to pay your own way through college. But on the other hand, NONE of those children went hungry, did without clothing, medical care, or anything else to make them well-rounded adults and responsible citizens.

All that to say, althoug it does look scary at times thinking about it financially, DH are confident that we will be able to provide for and love ALL of our children-no matter how many smile.gif

That is great! Right now we are just taking this one child at a time, lol! We have discussed adoption, we know it is something we are both open to in the future, but at this time we don't think we're financially ready. But we are working towards financial stability. :) there are a good number of quiver full MDC moms, and plenty that would love to have that but for one reason or another don't. I think it has a lot to do with the more natural, peaceful approach to parenting that MDC promotes. If I was more mainstream in my approach to parenting, I might feel differently. Can you imagine ffing and CIO with 10+ kids? The thought stresses me out! And those are just the infant issues. To be fair though, I think the thought of being continuously bfing for years on end would stress those moms out.

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Quote:  DH jokes that they have 5 options to pay for college: Coast Guard, Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force.  ROFL!!  ROTFLMAO.gif 
That's a good one!  My parents didn't pay my way through college and I certainly have no intention of doing so for my kids.  I think it will mean more to them and they will take it more seriously if it's on their dime.
I don't know if it's still there, but a few years back there was a Quiver-full thread in the Finding Your Tribe forum. 


He is only half joking, since that is how he is paying for his BA. lol! But I'm not sure most 18 year olds are ready for college anyway. I want my kids to travel, to work, to do public service or something before they decide on a career path. Goodness knows if I'd done that I would have probably gone to Le Cordon Bleu or something instead of pursuing an English degree.

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Oh, and I meant to link to the new chat thread, in case you all missed it. http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1290167/1st-official-2011-chat#post_16171943

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