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On bedrest now.

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Im 31 weeks, but went back to hospital saturday, was having strong contractions. I am now on modified bedrest. I can get up to eat/shower but thats it. Its very hard. I was pretty sick last week with the contractions though, so I am going to have to stay still. I am having a terrible time sleeping now I can barely breathe. The babes as of last wednesday weigh 2 14 and 3 6 and I had the steroid shots as well.

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Bed rest sucks. I was on modified bed rest from 20 weeks until delivery at 30 wks with my twins. Sounds like your twins have good weights for 31 weeks, my girls were 2 9 and 2 10 at 30 wks.


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Welcome to the bedrest club...my life revolves now around the excitement of getting out of the house for Dr appts, which are atleast 2x weekly for NSTs.  It stinks, but we are at the end of the road here mama!!!!  I see it as I have to get through the holidays and then just coast to the end.  My little boy willo be here early so I am just trying to stay as patient as possible with the "house arrest" as I call it. 

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Bless your heart!  I'm having a hard time breathing with one; I can't imagine how you're feeling!  I'm sorry about the bedrest, mama!  You did make it quite far avoiding bedrest for twins, though!  So, yea for that!

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Lots of hugs! Stay put, babies!!

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Oh no! I hope its not *too* bad and the time flies by. Maybe its time for a new hobby or two?! Keep your chin up, mama, we're getting so close! Stay put and cook a little longer, babies!

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Sorry, it must be rough to be on bedrest during the holidays.


I really agree with a new hobby or catching up on your reading. Im not one for the television so when Im in bed for one reason or another its always book/knitting time. Knitting is really simple and you can engross yourself in making all sorts of cute little things for your little beans.

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Thanks for all the warm wishes!! You are all so sweet! I feel so much better since I have been resting, so I know it is making a difference. Luckily, I had already done all the shopping/etc. I do need to cook some things, but with my older sons help and the fact that I have a wheelchair I can roll around in the kitchen in, I should be able to crank out christmas dinner pretty well.Luckily all projects that I wanted to get done before babies arrival are done, we only have to buy the car seats and a few small things that I can buy online pretty much, i prepared for this just in case moment, and glad I did!! I felt a little down about being on house arrest but then thought about what a short time it really is, and how I need to enjoy not doing much because after the babies come I will long for this! LOL

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That has to be hard.  Hang in there mama!

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hug2.gif mama! wishing you lots of good day dreams and easier breathing! and sending big growth spurt vibes too! 

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Just think you can catch up on your sleep so when the babies come and they are up all night you are well rested!


Take care of yourself and take it easy, let everyone else take care of you!

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