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should i take domperidone?

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i have two month old twins. they are doing fairly well w/nursing.   we are eeking by with weight gain.   they do have enough pees/poos.  heres the catch - they nurse (hunger) every 1.5 hrs during the day.... about every 2.5 hrs at night.   i went to an lc who did measurements... they were slightly off what they need to get but she just to keep nursing them/pump after feeds and to take fenugreek/blessed thistle and mmt.   i added the herbs/tea... no improvement.   i cant pump after most feeds bc they feed so often.   im totally fine going on feeding them like this.... i want them to get breastmiulk....  b ut i have to return to work in 3 weeks   i cannot get any sort of mik for them stored up bc they feed so often.  im so scared that work is g oing to crash my supply.  i will be able to .  




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It's such a personal decision... and it doesn't work for everyone. If your prolactin levels are already high, it won't do you any good. It sounds like you are working hard to keep your supply up. I'm on dom now because I wasn't ready to give up... if you do decide you are going to try it, I'd move forward now. It takes a long time to get it seems no matter what avenue you choose, order or scrip.


Good luck, super mama. You are amazing to nurse twins.clap.gif

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