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sudden tender nipples at 6 months and extreme fatigue??

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I'm trying to figure out if I'm not pregnant what could be causing this?  Has this ever happened to anybody while nursing?


My dd is 2 weeks shy of 6 months and she is still EBF.  We have not started any solids yet.  All of a sudden the past couple of days my nipples have gotten quite tender during nursing.  It's not excrutiating or anything, but tender and uncomfortable.  As an infant the lactation consultant said you couldn't ask for anything better regarding her latch, and it seems as perfect as it always has been.  I don't think it's from her yanking and pulling off, because she's been doing that for two months now and not only am I used to it, but she does it a little less often and half the time she will at least unlatch first when she looks away.  I also don't think I'm feeding her any more frequently than usual.  I had thrush shortly after bringing her home, and it is not as painful as that was.  This is more of a tenderness, not stabbing pain.  Although it is much more painful now when she does yank on my nipple.


We are sort of trying for #2, even though it's very soon after having our first.  I was supposed to have a hysterectomy before #1 after 3 years of trying, so we know if we want another we had to start almost right away.  We had sex exactly 2 weeks ago today, and I tested this morning and a big fat negative.  I was almost certain I was pregnant because the last time I felt this tired was when I was pregnant.  And the other thing is, a week ago Friday I had a TINY pink streak of CM, which I thought for sure was implantation bleeding.  However, I feel like if that was it then it would've been 10 days ago from implantation and something SURELY would've shown up in the tests today.  Especially if that's what's causing the tender nipples and fatigue.  I have the most sensitive OTC tests possible - the first response early results.


SOOOO...if I'm not pregnant, what the heck else could be going on?  I'm guessing the fatigue is just coincidental with this nipple issue, but I was just wondering if anybody else ever experienced this and had any thoughts?  I'm really hoping the discomfort goes away.  It hasn't been that many months since I've gotten over the initial discomfort you feel when you start nursing, and I really adore it.  Now I sort of dread it because it hurts again 

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is baby teething?  sometimes they make extra saliva when they teeth, and it can irritate mom's nipples.  If this is the case, washing once a day with the suds of whatever soap you use to bathe/shower, and some lanolin/lansinoh may help.


if it doesn't improve, you may want to consider yeast...


Feel better soon!

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actually I was just noting the other day that her drooling has decreased and she seems to be out of her recent ravenous teething phase.  I here kids go in and out of teething.  I would not say she is right now.  Just took another pregnancy test - negative.  Nipples still tender and still tired.  Don't know what's up!

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