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Riley is no longer Riley.....YIKES

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So I just can't do it.  Maybe I just have to much time on my hands to think, but I just cannot name my son Riley.  I just cannot picture a 35 year old man with that name.  Yes, it would be so cute when he is a baby, but alas he has to grow up eyesroll.gif.  Problem is my kids call him Riley ALL THE TIME!!!!!!  Especially my 2 year old cannot seem to get that we are considering new names.  My husband said I can name him whatever I want (which is HUGE for my husband to say), but it is because he knows this is the last time we are doing this and it makes it special for me.  I just for the life of me cannot come up with anything.  Maybe I will have to look at him.  I want a name that "fits" with my kid's names, but even that is hard when you have 5 kids already.  I need some inspiration!!!!!!

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What about Ryland, with a nn of Riley?  You still get the cutesy name for when he's little, but he has a more substantial name for adulthood.

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We don't have a name either.  But, the nameberry.com website is pretty amazing.  I have found the people on the message boards amazingly inspirational.  You can even give them sibling names and they will try to match.


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Riley is also an extremely popular girl name right now, not sure if that matters to you. We really struggled with a boy name. I hope that you find something that you like soon! 

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What is it you like about the name Riley?

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Ten years ago I named my son Ryley Storm.  I love the strong middle name, and the whole name fits him well.  I don't find it to sound juvenile at all, and he has an awesome deep voice.  That said, if it no longer rings true for you, you'll find another name!  He was slated to be an Oliver.  He wasn't when I looked in his eyes at birth.

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We changed DD2's middle name a week before birth. She was suppose to be Alexandra Lynn (Lynn after my mother) and then my husband asked if Id mind naming her Alexandra Glee (after his grandma). Since DH doesn't express opinions about names very often I agreed. Happened again this pregnancy only opposite. Baby was suppose to be named Thomas Hisgrandpaslastname our last name and I was thinking/praying about it and got an overwhelming impression I should include my grandpas last name and hynpnate the last names. Which is strange because I never thought that is a good idea (having a last name different in any way from the parents) but it was really a strong impression. I shared it with my husband who agreed with me and talked to his grandfather who was beyond floored that we would want to do that for him. So middle of October we decided on the name Thomas Douglas GILslastname-ourlast name. Two weeks later my grandfather passed away and this last week we found out his grandpa probably won't live to see the baby's birth since hes in the final stages of terminal cancer.It means a lot to the whole family that the grandfathers knew what we would be doing and that they were having a great grandson before it was to late for them to know.


All the names so far have really suited the baby. I can't imagine this one wont since the last two did. How bout if you don't know what you want to name him to wait for birth and see if you don't have a name come to you when you see him? Or look up names that you can have the nickname of Riley since your children seem so set on it.

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A word of advice.  If you don't love it, DON'T DO IT!  We changed DD's name when she was nearly two.  Her name didn't fit her, I didn't like it, and it took a lot of money and hasstle to change it.  Just my two cents!

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