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anyone take domperidone while nursing twins?

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im debating starting it.   i would love to hear your experiences with it.    we are doing okay with nursing but their weight gain is eeking by.   if i were at a less bf friendly pedi im sure we'd be on supplements.    ive been trying fenugreek, blessed thistle, mmt, oatmeal, water....


i am not regularly pumping after feeds bc they nurse every 1.5 hrs.   it doesnt really give time to do that. i nurse them constantly, so i def think we are getting enough stimulation. latches are good.   lc evaluated.  no tongue tie...

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I didn't take Domperidone since it wasn't covered by insurance or available by me.  However, I did take Reglan (I think that's the name).  It was supposed to act the same as far as milk production, but had more chance of side effects.  Regardless, I didn't have any of the bad side effects, but did get the increased milk production.  I had to take it two times.  Each time it was a gradually increasing of dosage, then a plateau, then a weaning off period.  I took it a 2nd time a couple of months after the first time since I felt my milk was decreasing again. 


It definately improved my production.  I still had to supplement, but I wasn't doing as well as you to begin with.  It did let me decrease my supplementation significantly and helped me to wean off formula at 6 months when we started solids.


I hope that helps.

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I'm taking domparidone, since the babies were three weeks old. It allowed me to drop all supplements within one week for the boy, and within two weeks with the girl. But I was pumping as much as I could (which wasn't that often.... like you, my twins were nursing very often.) I'm still taking it, a very low dose (30 mg a day, or 10 mg three times a day), and it has helped me. I tried weaning off, and felt my milk supply go down. Which may or may not be my imagination, but since it's not hurting me, I'm happy to keep taking it. My babies are 11 months old now. I figure I'll keep taking it until they are either 2 yrs old, or until it seems they nurse very little. (After 2, I figure they won't be missing out on the milk!)


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thanks for sharing your stories.  i did order some from an online place since its so hard to get.  it came yesterday.  


 some days i pretty much dont leave my couch. i have to start working 2 days a week starting in a month.   i know that working usually makes your supply dip and also ive really been struggling to get much pumping wise saved up bc they eat soooo often.   i also have a three year old to juggle and so when she sees the babeis are done eating she wants me to play with her.  


im not sure if we are in the realm of normal nursing twins or not.   they do have good output, and like i said their weight gain has been acceptable but pedi is watching it closely.  she is actually also an lc so i know that if i wwasnt going to her, we'd be on supplements.  


so i also read that dom works better earlier on... so i guess im hopign it could give me enoug of a boost to be able to pump extra and so that i can pump enough at work.  


it also sounds like when the start solids things get a little better.

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I have been taking it since my twins were about 3 or 4 months old (started with Reglan then switched to Dom). I felt it made a difference, as I really struggled with the nursing to that point (bad latches, low milk, exhuasted, etc). I also began vigourous pumping at the same time (pumping 6-8 x/day, plus nursing just to bring milk up) so that might have helped initial increase with milk supply, but I'm convinced the Dom is what got it to really work (and I sinice quit pumping all together). I tried weaning off of it, but got nervous that I was losing my milk, so have just decided to stick with it until the babies are a year. I also have a 3 year old, so life is stressful enough without worrying about milk. They are mostly BF with about 1 bottle of formula a day at night (although they often don't even finish that bottle so I feel they are getting enough milk from me for the most part). I have had no side effects with Dom that I noticed- but when I abruptly stopped reglan to switch to Dom I spun into anxiety and depression for a few days (later learned it's important to taper down Reglan). My one concern with Dom is that I have gained a lot of weight, even though BFing twins. Not sure if this is just me (okay, I do crave a lot of junk, which is odd bc I used to be pretty healthy) or if it is in fact tied to Dom, Anyone have this happen? Overall though, an extra 10-15lbs is worth being able to BF. Good luck to you.

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I was exclusively pumping for twins and having a problem with supply and the Dom really helped! (I was a surrogate and the mama was inducing lactation and she also used Dom with great success. She called it her Dom-Perignon a la champagne! LOL She used it for a singleton and twins and she nursed for 13 mos/10 mos.)


If you do want to try to get a pumping in to increase your supply/get some milk for storage, do it in the early am. Your supply will be at it's highest then!

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