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Well, we said we were definitely done when we were pregnant last time with #4.  We were certain of it.  But once he was here, neither one of us was ready to take the final step of getting a vasectomy.  I think we've decided we'll probably never take any permanent measures.  So we'll very likely have more, but we certainly won't be trying, in fact, we'll very much be avoiding.  

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Yes, this is #4 for me, #3 for dh and we are definitely done. DH was done after our 1st together because he only wanted 2 kids and counted my ds from a previous relationship. I convinced him to agree to have a 3rd because I wasn't done but was sure I'd be done after that. I found that right after I gave birth to #3 I wanted another. Maybe that's because I've had 3 boys and am still trying for a girl. This one happened because I refused to use bc and I guess my dh doesn't have any self-control. LOL


I knew we'd be done after this one because I'll be 41 when this one is born. Adding on the 3 years it seems to take my body to be able to sustain the next pg, I doubt we'll have time for another. I wasn't sure I wanted to be done, though, until I got pg with this one that seems like it might actually stick. But, yeah, after this one I feel like I'll have enough, boy or girl. My family will be complete.

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I can't say 100% definitely for sure, but...yes, I think this is our last. I like the idea of our family being an even 4. I think I can handle 2 kids and still have the career I want, especially after these early years of breastfeeding, diapers, etc. are done. I want to be able to give everything I have to my kids without feeling I am sacrificing too much of myself, KWIM? More than 2 I think would be a strain on my sanity.

That said, it's hard to imagine this is really "it." Children are so wonderful! I can't rule out the possibility of a third, but if that happens I'd prefer it to be about 10 years in the future. (Then the first 2 can help babysit!) LOL!
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This #2 is definitely it. I don't think i can stomach another 1st trimester. or 6-24 mos. it sounds selfish, but being phobic about nausea, and also the struggle I felt with DD when she was soooo dependent, i am not cut out to be a young-child mommy. I'm enjoying the older kid SO much more. But I've always seen two, and this little spirit has been courting me a long time. It feels like we go waaaay back. So I'm excited to welcome him, and then i'm ready to be done!

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This will be #4 and will be our last.  By the time I finish bfing, I'll probably be menopausal anyway.  But we never planned to have more than 4, and I'm tired.  DH is getting snipped when this one reaches 1 year.

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This is my last one and will be #3 for me but #2 for DH (first one together so we will have 4 all together). I thought I was done but DH has been such a great father to my children I thought it would be sad if we didn't get to experience this together. He really wanted one more so I agreed. I am so glad I chose to have one more because DH has been wonderful about all the nausea, sleeping, and crankiness. After this we are done!

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