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What's the best wrap for the first 6 months?

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New baby coming soon (our second) and me and DH are going to try constant baby-wearing (Continuum Concept-style) for the first 6 months. Any recommendations for the best brand for this? I'd like something that distributes the weight on both shoulders, and something that is easy to breastfeed in. 

Also, any advice by parents who have done this is definitely welcome! thumb.gif Thanks a bunch!

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We like a stretchy wrap for that period so the babe can get popped in an dout without retying it.  I don't do a whole lot of nursing in wraps (I always feel like I need to hold my breast anyway, so I can't do the whole hands free thing anyway), so I'd just pop the baby out of the wrap, slide things around, nurse, and then put them back in.


After they get heavier, it doesn't really work as well though.

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I would recommend a a Wrapsody (Gypsy Mama) Bali Stretch wrap.  It will give you all the great things about a stretchy wrap and all the great things about a woven wrap rolled into one.  They're the perfect weight for any weather, stunning, and hold up very well over time.  The resale value is also great if you should ever decide to rehome them.  Here is there facebook page with their stunning new stretch wrap called Rowan.  Rowan celebrates birth (a lotus flower with placenta as roots!) and is named for a sweet momma who lost her Rowan but then donated her milk to of all people, a Rowan!  That makes it sound so simple but the story is very moving.  Here's a link to the story if you're interested.  Here's the website - they have several gender neutral options so that you and DH could share a wrap.  I wore my newborn in this and am still wearing her in it in every position almost 18 months later without the slightest change.  I (personally) don't like most other stretchy wraps because they are outgrown WAY to quickly - they can claim to go to whatever weight limit they want but most people aren't able to comfortably wear their babies after 15 lbs or so in them.  It's a waste of money to me.  HTH!

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A German style woven wrap is a style of wrap that is use-able newborn to well into toddler years.

IMO they offer the best return on investment. They are versatile can be used for other applications not just baby wearing ie: breastfeeding cover, blanket, shade, hammocks etc, as well maintain a high resale value, can be used and customized to each user.

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