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aargh. It is easier to just stay home!

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My DD just turned 3 and DS just turned 1.  It is a HUGE pain to get out of the house.  DD never wants to go anywhere.  There is always a tantrum when we are getting ready to go to the Y, playground, etc.  To the point where she is kicking her shoes off, yanking her pants off, hiding, etc.  If I DO get her out the door, she has a fit when I try to get her in the carseat. 


When we get to our destination, lets say the playground, she has fun but then won't leave.  It is hard with a 1 year old.  I can't very well put him in the car while I chase DD so I can carry her to the car.  It is just a flipping nightmare.  We tried playgroups and stuff but same situation.. if we get there, she doesn't want to leave.


I am always shocked to see women with 3 kids (well-behaved) at the grocery store. I could NEVER do that.  DS is pretty easy.  Maybe DD is just being 3? 



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sounds to me like your 3 year old is just being 3. I have two 3 year old nephews that are both a handful about half the time, but then again I haven't had my own 3 year old yet, so I'm not sure from experience. I have a feeling I'll probably be posting a post just like this in another year when I have a 3 year old! lol

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Oh, some are easier than others. DD was easy this way. Barely any complaints (at 3. 4 and 5 have proved to be more challenging!).


Based on his current temperament, I suspect I'm in for a rougher time with DS. They all have their own personalities, and I think they probably all go through a really challenging period or two at some age or other.


Usual suggestions - count-downs (10 minutes till we leave, or 3 more pushes on the swing, etc), stating expectations, distraction or being funny, etc. Sometimes they even work!! :)

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Thank you!  I will try these suggestions.  I have also been sorta building up our destination to DD... "we are going to see Grammie, and you can play with tha cash register!!!!"  etc.  Sometimes it works, sometimes she is screaming too loud to hear me.  AARGH.

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I have four and it's all temperament.  They're all different.  Those kids you see at the grocery store were born that way, lol.

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