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Nursing while hypothyroid?

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I have nursed three kids for 2 years apiece, but I was dx'd as hypothyroid about a year and a half ago, after my last was weaned.  Bythat point, I had been pg, nursing, or both for 7 years straight, I don't know if the hypo really just came on at that point (looking back I don't think so, there were symptoms earlier) or if the sudden lack of pg/bf hormones did me in.


I haven't gotten to research this very much, but it seems like low supply can be common among moms who are hypo and I'm a little concerned.  If anything, I have always had an oversupply before.  Is this an across the board thing or something to just keep an eye out for? 


Any advice appreicated!

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I have been hypothyroid, well, for years and years probably, but was diagnosed in 2004 I think. I have taken levothyroxin ever since. I haven't had any problems nursing my now almost 6 month old. I had oversupply until just a couple of months ago, and I continue to have plenty of milk now.


Like you, I haven't done any research on the topic, but have also heard it can cause low supply. Not here! :)



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 My supply is a bit low. I've been medicated hypo for 20 years.

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I think it's something to keep an eye out for, not an across the board thing.I've been hypo for several years, well controlled since I got pregnant. I've never had a problem. DD is 4 and still nursing. 

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