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Historical movies?

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I could have sworn there was a website with listings for thousands of movies suitable for children, covering different time periods. So, for example, I could look up Ancient Egypt and get suggestions for The Prince of Egypt among others. Anyone know what I am talking about...or did I just dream this? If there isn't a website like this, what are your favorite movies? Even short cartoon/episodes would be great. Something like Liberty's Kids, but for world history? TIA!

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that is awesome - thanks!  do you knwo if there is the same resource for later in history?

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Too bad all the links in that list are to Netflix rather than IMDB. I'm in Canada and because of my IP address I get redirected to Netflix.ca, which invariably shows "item not available," since their library is currently so small. It's a great list, though!


I'm interested in more recent history and would love to see other lists. Anyone know of a Canadian history movie list? 



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We're in Spain.... would love something that really spans world "happenings".  In the past month we've seen Gorillas in the Mist, Sound of Music and Quest for Fire. It's been really cool to see how they have provoked all kinds of cool discussions and incorporation of ideas as well as adding variety to the whole Disney/Pixar cycle our DVD player seems to get stuck in.  Sometimes it's hard to think of more movies like this and when I'm in the library, it's hard to browse with littles.... I need to know what I'm looking for!

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As far as shows like Liberty's Kids, my DS just loves the Horrible Histories cartoons. He has the DVD set of around 26 episodes. Some of the titles are: Groovy Greeks, Rotten Romans, Vicious Vikings, Angry Aztecs, Perilous Plague, Rockin Renaissance...
He loves Time Warp Trio too. I think he's got about ten episodes on DVD.

He also has two French sets (the set on DVD has an English soundtrack too, the other I got from iTunes and is in French only, but the DVDs probably have an English option) that might be easier to locate in Europe and Canada than in the U.S. They are called Il Etait Une Fois...l'Homme and Il Etait Une Fois...Les Explorateurs.
There are also sets we don't yet have on the Americas and on scientists throughout history (and there is one on the human body, which we have). The animation is a little old-fashioned on these but my DS doesn't seem to mind.
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My little guy LOVES Time Warp Trio!  Have to see if we can find Horrible History!  I thought they were only available in book form

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Wow that's great!  Thanks for posting!

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