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To ultrasound or not?

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We are planning a homebirth and were not planning on getting an early ultrasound, just the 20 week anatomy check.  I am pretty confident about the date of conception b/c I was doing daily cervical mucous checks, but no temp charting.  The ovulation predictor kit put me at 6 days later though.  This wouldn't be a concern, but my last baby came at 34 wks and didn't development a suck reflex until 35 wks 2 days and was still on oxygen at that point and having bradycardias (in nicu for 3 weeks).  My midwife is worried if we go for the homebirth when I hit 36 weeks, we may end up with a preemie on our hands.  She thought it was a good idea to get an ultrasound from my obgyn, but they are fighting me on it and want me to wait till 13wks b/c of busy scheduling (way too late for dating).  Should I get the u/s?  Should I pay the $800 b/c my doc won't rec it?  I am leaning towards not doing it b/c we want to be minimally invasive this pregnancy, but then there is that nagging fear in my head.  Should I just switch to another obgyn?  Everyone says the one I have is amazing, but I would only be using her (or the practice) if it was an emergency.  Thanks!!

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This is just me because I'm an L&D nurse and Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist, but I'd get the early ultrasound for dates.  If you were to have preterm labor, the treatment you'd receive could differ greatly depending on how many weeks you've completed.  Previous preterm delivery puts you at a higher risk for another preterm delivery and while it's not guaranteed to happen, it's more likely than the next person who had a term baby.  just my 2cents.gif

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I thought 13 week u/s are still pretty accurate for dating? Heck, they seem to think 18 weeks is ok for dating where I live (I disagree and am skipping that one, but I digress). I'd prob save the cash if I were you unless I was totally flush :). On the other hand, can you be persistent with your obgyn? Like call every day to see if they have a cancellation?

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For dating it has to be done between 8-10 wks and my doc called today and they are going to make it happen this week!  So relieved.  I was trying to stay positive about not doing it, but now it is going to happen, so I can just go with it.  If they can't do it they are going to give me a referral to the hospital.  Thanks for the input.  I am thinking it is a good idea to follow my midwife's opinion and get it done just in case.

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