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bees wax

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Does 5.50 sound okay for you per pound? I am about to buy some from a local bee keeper and want to make sure the price isn't to high. I tried using google to search and I found one website that was 6.00 a pound and some craft store that was 11.00 a lb.. so Im guessing it's a good price , but I want to make sure. Thanks!

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Yes, that is a good price, and you're getting a locally produced product..  I paid $4.50 plus shipping in a coop, and it's $10 per pound at the local craft store.

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I think that's a GREAT price considering you don't have to pay shipping.  I haven't been able to source anything locally, so I've been ordering from Betterbee  Their cleaned wax is $4.75/lb, but their shipping can be high.

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