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Kneading My Breasts

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My 7 mo old has always pushed around on my breast while nursing, but recently has started to pinch and scratch while nursing. Anyone have a suggestion of what to do for him or give him to redirect this behavior. I've tried swaddling him, but that only works if he's really tired.

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My DD did that.   It hurt!  I would hold her hands and if she persisted I'd just quit nursing for a bit.  

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Maybe a nursing necklace would help?  I've seen a lot of do it yourself type tutorials online on how to make your own if you don't want to spend so much money.


My 5mo is starting to do this as well, so I'm looking into getting one myself.  For now, I just hold his hand and that seems to be working fine :)

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I have to agree with everyone else. I simply hold his hand and this seems to distract him for a bit. When he starts up again, I'll take his hands again
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Moving out to the main forum, as this isn't a Breastfeeding Challenges issue. Please see the forum guidelines for more details. Thanks!

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I agree with the PPs, holding hands, nursing necklace, and also I would add, keep the fingernails trimmed short!  That's the key with my little one.


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My little one was the same.. but it was a phase she went through. At 12 mo now she doesn't do that anymore. There was a period I had little scratches all over my breasts! Glad it's over.

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