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Hello September!

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I just got my BFP! My EDD is September 1st!

I'm only 3 weeks, 5 days... so I guess I might have a little wait before someone else to joins me.

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I'm not really here yet, I test on the 29th, but I've been peeking in waiting for the first post! I'm convinced I'll be joining you officially in a week.


CONGRATS!!! What are your plans for telling people?

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Congratulations to you!

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Congratulations!  I'm still waiting to test till Friday, but I may be joining you!  I think my due date is either sept. 1 or 2.

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I'll join you.


My cycle started 11/25.  I think I ovulated sometime between the 6th and the 8th.  Got my BFP on the 14th. My due date is 9/1.


It's been a very weird cycle though.  I had spotting 5 days before O, during O and a couple of days after.  Plus I had intense cramps for a couple of days post O.  I have three kids and none of those pregnancies have been like this.


Because this cycle has been so out of the norm for me I'm a little hesitant to get too excited.  DH and I want this baby so much but I'm not sure what's going to happen.  I'm just praying this baby is super sticky!


UPDATE:  Started bleeding today.  Very sad, but wishing all you September mamas a healthy nine months!

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I am waiting a few more days to test again. I have taken a few tests and they have been negative but my af is not due until Saturday so I am going to try really hard not to test again until then. Also I have been using the crappy dollar store tests so maybe I will go and get a good test to use Saturday along with the dollar store test just to be sure ;)


LMP Nov 24 cycles have been every 31 days.....


I have had a weird cycle this month. I am really hoping I am pg or could have just not ovulated???? I am still nursing on demand but I have gotten my period on a 31 day cycle for the last 3 months. I have been having very noticible ovulation symptoms each time I have ovulated in the past 3 months but this month nothing.... we did the bd a few days before I should have ovulated and then the day before and 2 days after so maybe that is why no O symptoms? I am reading way too much into this LOL but I really hope this is our month!!


Good luch testing Mama's and congrats to those who already have their bfp's!!



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Hi Lucy! Glad I'm not the only one!


Teresa, Blueone, Amy - hope you'll be officially joining us soon!


I'm trying not to tell DH until Christmas. I want to come up with a really fun/cute way to tell him. But it's really hard not to just say it when we're sitting on the couch or whatever. Plus I'm pretty freaked out. We ended our last pregnancy when the baby was diagnosed with birth defects. This was our 5th month of trying. I can't believe it took so long and I can't believe it finally happened.

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I may be joining you all too. AF is suppose to show up today so we will see. Feels like I'm pregnant. Going to wait to test until next week just in case AF shows up-no money to waste on tests. Due date will be Sept 1st.

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Well, I tested again today but still negative. I had some strong period like cramping last night but still no af... I am hoping that is a good sign.... I think I had FM on Saturday the 11th so maybe I just ovulated late? We all the flu that week and Zay was nursing more than normal.... I am out of tests so I am going to try to pick up a few more from the dollar store tomorrow ;)


Amy :)


eta: I am having a huge wave of nausea right now.... :) :) :)

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Well I'm pretty sure I'm joining you.  I had to go buy a bra in a new size because mine is suddenly too small.  I took a test and I thought I saw a faint line.  My period was due yesterday or possible today, but my temps are still high.  I'll test again Friday since I usually have short lp's that are around 11 days at the most I'm not surprised the test is still negative.  I don't want to make it official till I have a positive test...but all the signs are pointing towards it!


In fact I'm so positive that I'm going to wrap up the little doll I got today with a note announcing baby number 2 for my family (staying with parents temporarily and a lot of other family is visiting) and put it under the tree.  I wish I could surprise my hubby the same way on Christmas, but he redeployed after his midtour leave already so I told him in an e-mail. 

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So sorry LucyAlden:(


I'm due September 3rd:)

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Sorry, Lucy. :(


Blueone - I like that idea to tell your family. We won't be telling anyone for awhile, I think, since our last pregnancy was a loss. I still haven't told DH!


Hi, LadyJennifer!

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I started spotting today.  It seemed like my AF was coming but I'm not sure, it's pretty light and I had a high BBT this morning.  If it is, this is by far the strangest cycle ever.  I went up a cup size, am late, and had stretching sensations and all.  I even had cramping half way through my LP.  I don't know what is going on. 

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Well, I am still testing negative on the dollar store tests :( AF is not due until tomorrow and I really feel like I am pg. I have been nauseous for the past 2 days and having lots of cramping. I am planning on buying a First Response test tonight so that I have a test that I actually trust when I test tomorrow (praying that af does not show up). I hate that I am so convinced that I am pg because if I am not I am going to feel so let down.....


Blueone: You are in my thoughts and prayers :) I hope you get a positive test today!!



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joining you! :) EDD sept 3rd with baby 3!!!! i'm so excited to be making a Christmas announcement to our families :)

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It seems AF came today.  Oh well, it was a really off long cycle.  It's probably for the best anyways, I'm moving back to NY in February and my husband hopes to get  a PCS approved to Washington in June. 

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I'm sorry Mama :(

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I'm joining you ladies. I'm due the August 31 but figure I'll hang out here in September because I always go over due.
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AF showed up today right on time :( I really thought I was pg but I guess it was just PMS... if we try again next month I am vowing not to test before af is late ;)


I wish all of you Mama's wonderful pregnancies and beautiful babies!


Take Care,


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I hope to be joining you all here. DH and I are trying for #3. I got a positive opk on the 15th.. making me 10dpo. I tested this morning with a dollar tree test and got a bfn. I'll wait a couple days and try and try again. I will be seriously surprised if I'm not pregnant. I have been having some cramping, some sore boobs, but it's also my first cycle off BC. I got pregnant two other times on our first 'try'. I hope I didn't wear out all my ttc luck on them.


Good luck ladies! Enjoy your pregnancies. :)

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