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Pelvic Fullness?

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Hi All. I'm 9 weeks today and I swear, I can feel my uterus in my pelvis. Like, I can't feel it from the outside, but I've been feeling increasing pelvic fullness for at least a week now. Does this sound right? I've been looking online and some sites say my uterus should be the size of an orange, which doesn't seem very big and I shouldn't be feeling "crowded" in there yet while others say my uterus is closer to the size of a large grapefruit or even a small canteloupe (so many fruits!) in which case I can imagine that a sense of pelvic fullness makes sense before my uterus rises out of my pelvis some. I imagine I'm also a bit, uh, backed up, but this is more than mere constipation. This is not my first pregnancy, but only my second time getting this far along (the first time being with my son), and I was so darn sick with him at this point I doubt I would've noticed a sensation like this. Now, I am on generic zofran and still nauseated, but not puking, so I can pay more attention to nuanced sensations. So, in short, I'm wondering if anyone else is feeling or felt a bit of pelvic fullness at this stage. It's not pain (although I do sometimes feel stretchy twinges), but definitely a sense of fullness. Thanks!
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I would say it's pretty normal to start feeling "full." This is our fourth baby and I've been feeling like that. However, I also know from the ultrasounds that my uterus never shrunk down as much as it should have.

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I wonder if my uterus might be a bit enlarged, too, then.  My son wasn't born *so* long ago (he's 21.5-months-old) and I had two miscarriages this Fall, so maybe my uterus was already a bit bigger than baseline to begin with...

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It could very well be enlarged then. The ultrasound tech told me that if you have your babies close together your uterus may not go down to "normal" size even with exclusive breastfeeding. I exclusively breastfed DD3 until 4 months (she was introduced to solids way before I wanted her to be thanks to her big sisters and grandmother.) But I still managed to nurse her until she was 13 months old. So I figured with all of that my uterus would've went back to normal size, but it didn't.


Of course, I have a 14 month old, 3 yo and 5 yo, so when would it have really had time to? I think by now I've probably tortured the poor thing.

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I'm 11 weeks today, and I have been able to feel my uterus for a couple weeks now. I had my last baby in January of this year and he was a biggun. My uterus was measuring at 42 weeks when I was 35 weeks. (I had polyhydramnios). He was born at 36 weeks and weighed 9 pounds, so my uterus was probably pretty blown out and enlarged going into this pregnancy lol. But yeah since you have been pregnant recently, I can see why it's totally possible to feel like your uterus is big already!

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It's very possible.  My uterus is already at the 14 week size (yet I'm just 10 weeks today).  This is my 5th baby though.

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Originally Posted by SuburbanHippie View Post

It's very possible.  My uterus is already at the 14 week size (yet I'm just 10 weeks today).  This is my 5th baby though.

Ditto except it's my 4th pregnancy. 


And I totally love feeling it from the outside. lol

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