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Project ideas for a boy to knit

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Ds1 (6.5) is learning to knit.  He likes it, and I think he might want to knit more if he had a simple project he was interested in.  He doesn't appear to be too motivated to say, knit himself a hat or a scarf...what else would be a good beginner project???  Maybe I just need to hit the bookstore and look at knitting books; I couldn't find too much online.  That said, one idea I DID get online was to have them knit hats to donate to charity, which I thought was a fabulous idea.  I might see if I can sell him on that one.  Any other ideas would be appreciated though. 



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The book Kids Knitting by Melanie Falick is awesome. It has multiple projects that are all beginning level plus learning basic finishing. A wonderful thing is that the patterns aren't in 'knit speak' which can be challenging in the beginning.


I also like the book Creative Play for your Toddler, which is a waldorf-y resource. There's a very simple pattern there for knitting a garter stitch square and then turning it into an animal...could be rabbit or squirrel or dog or cat or whatever you want it to be. Very simple. 


Then there's also the old 'stand by' knitted dishcloths. He could make a stack of those and tie them together with a ribbon and have a nice gift for someone.



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If he has a mp3 player or a DS, or something like that, he might like to knit a little case for them.  Or a bag to keep a set of small toys together?  What about a hat, scarf, or tunic for a stuffed animal?  (smaller than the equivalent for a human, so faster gratification)

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Thanks - I knew I would get good ideas here!  I see if I can check out the kids knitting book at the library; if it's good, I'd even buy it, as it might interest dd too!  I also like the idea of toy-holders...seems like there are lots of bakugans and Star Wars action figures floating around our house that could use a proper pouch!!!  Love it!

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Ditto on the animal scarves and toy holders.  They love them.

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do you know jean greenhowe?

one of her booklets, titled "jiffyknits"  contains small toys out of small straight garterstitch stripes, all of them quick and easy to knit. (allthough you might have to help with the sewing at the end)

ghosts, monsters, djunglecreatures - perfect for a boy i think

i don't know if links are allowed here, but simply google for jean greenhowe

there is a list with all of her booklets on her official site where you can see every model that is in there.


It is well-known that everyone learns to knit by making straight garter stitch strips.  Yet the suggestions for using garter stitch pieces have always been the same - blanket squares, teddy scarves, headbands, purses.  Where is the creativity, the fun which will spur beginners on to greater knitting achievements?  So, I set myself a challenge to dream up some really inventive ideas for garter stitch pieces and Jiffyknits is the result - a treasure trove of wonderful things to make for anyone who has just learned to knit.






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