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Like Canadaap, I had a positive planned HB with a transfer.  I also had 3 hours of pushing at home.  I felt my baby's head in my bedroom.  I had a smooth transfer and was supported by HB MW in the 3rd stage, which I believe saved me from retained placenta.  I got to see first hand the difference between HB midwifery and hospital practice.  My MW trusted that I *knew* the birth wasn't over and had retained a bit of placenta and she risked her practice as a MW by treating me in the hospital setting.  Her bravery and trust in me had lasting effects.  I also happened to really like the Dr. on duty at the hospital.  Her vibe helped motivate me and helped me realize that other ways of doing things can sometimes be just what we need.  It was nice to be supported by two amazing women!!   My story is a positive HB story because, again like Canadaap, I do feel that being at home for all but that last hour is what helped me have what was important to me out of birth and is something that would not have been possible without having chosen HB.  Some of those things had very little to do with the birth itself and more to do with forming myself as a mother (or some weird stuff like that).  I also had the feeling right after birth that I could do that again and again!  

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I've had both my babies at home. Both experiences were very different, but empowering and overwhelmingly positive. smile.gif

Here are the birth stories, which I posted here shortly after they happened:

Felix Milo's peaceful homebirth

Matilda Charlotte's fast and furious home waterbirth

Hope this helps! Positive homebirth stories really helped me during both pregnancies. Ina May's books were very useful too.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You will do this and it will be amazing and awesome and will change your life forever. How exciting! joy.gif


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I had 6 babies: 5 born at home, 3 were UC, last was an intended UC and I transferred care for (ultimately) a needed csec.  All were lovely experiences in so many ways...


With #1, I had a very laid back country doc attending me.  During the pregnancy I visualized a peaceful birth and practiced my yoga and relaxation stuff.  Water broke, contrax started STRONG in a few hours.  I labored for only 8 hrs, never felt painful but I did work to stay relaxed and open.  We kept calling the doc who kept saying "it's your first baby, you've got all day"--he was expecting the 'usual 12-20hrs or more' of first timer labor.  I had a few women friends onhand, my dh...and various other people who wandered in that day!  Funniest memory was my 14yr old BIL, on the (very large) bed with us, cracking jokes and staring at my yoni as if he could bring the baby by the force of his will.  It might sound strange, but I"m not real modest and in labor didn't give a hoot who saw me naked--and he was so funny!  Finally told my dh to tell the doc--I have to push, he'll miss it if he doesn't hurry!  Doc's instructions were 'breathe don't push', which I did--amazingly enough.  40 min later he walked in, pulling on his gloves as my daughter was fully crowning.  Doc stepped up and caught her, put her on my belly and we all cheered for her.  I asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and announced, "I could do that again any day!"


So I did, was pregnant (accidentally) at 4mos pp.  That time we had our own house (had lived at IL's first time) and planned better who would be there and why.  I had a couple hours of very mild contrax, knew this was the day.  Suddenly things shifted into high gear--and 4hrs later I was holding my dd2, surrounded by dh, dd1, a couple of friends.  Another painfree birth--and this time, when I wanted to push, I pushed--and she was out in 2 pushes.


My following labors were all quite a bit longer--as the babies got bigger, the labors seemed to get longer.  In all of them, I was surrounded by people of my choosing and my other kids wandered in and out at will (having ppl on hand to help them to whatever they needed).  Even though those labors were harder, and I would have definitely said painful, the atmosphere was relaxed, warm, attentive as I needed and I was pretty much in charge of things.  I loved having the nurturing attention of others...something a mom of many can't count on very often!


Even my transfer, which was a bit scary due to ds3's being excessively wrapped in the cord, pea soup meconium, bad decels--it was good in it's own way because of the support of friends and having a good backup doc.  He knew I was pretty much a queen of natural birth and stayed out of my way--and it was me who called for the surgery, ultimately.  I just knew it was time, doc was willing to let me go longer.  Turns out I was right--all the cord wrapping was causing the lengthy decels (cord compression as he tried to descend), and he was starting to pull the placenta away from the uterus.  As it was, he was born fine, high apgars and we did not have to be separated.  Could have gone worse if we'd waited--and the placenta had more fully abrupted or the cord compression finally caused real distress.  So even though it was hard in one way--it was also perfect, and I am still proud that I listened to my intuition concerning transfer and then the csec.  And in spite of all the mec, my son did not aspirate and did not need any suctioning at all.


All of them were blissful in their own way, and my babies came to me and nursed well in their own time, never left my arms unless I wanted to shower or something--even in the hospital.  I was careful to pick a small country hospital that didn't do many births, even though my doc wanted to meet me down the road at the level III.  So I co-slept and all, even that time.  Of course, by then as such an experienced mom, no one was going to tell me I couldn't!  I was the only mom on the floor til the day I left (2days later)...and early on that 2nd day, the nurse begged to hold my ds while I showered--she convinced me I'd be glad to be up and around (she was right) and promised me she wouldn't do anything to him "I just want to cuddle him!".


I have helped some people have some fine hospital births (as a doula), and the families were happy enough.  But after my hb experiences I'd never do it any other way without real need!  No interference, only support--I ate, drank, soaked, moved about, got touch or song or quiet or whatever I wanted, when I wanted it...and I could follow my own blessed birth instincts without interference.  No 'protocols' run on me or baby...no disruption of bonding or life.  Even my tougher births were the very best days of my life!

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It's really good to hear the positive transfer stories, all I've every heard is that it's traumatic, nice to hear that it can still be positive! 

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well I wasn't at home but I was in a home-like setting at a birth center.


I did hypnobabies and it was amazing! I can not recommend an at home program more! I stayed focused and had my head phones in. most of my labor (believe it or not) I was lying in bed for completely in the zone focusing on getting through the contractions.

If someone distracted me I would usually be pulled out of it though then start walking around screaming like a mad woman lol

anyways It was an 11hr labor - first child. I had her in bed and she was placed right on top of me, and stayed there for 2 hours straight (I nursed her of course) then they weighed her and what not once I was ready.


It was really beautiful. the only thing that did suck was the 2 hr drive to the birth center! Man I wish they had more in the US!


anyways DH and I agreed next one is at home so we can save ourselves the drive now that we fully trust everything will be ok. We would absolutely have to find the best midwife though!


Good luck on you're birth!

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I had a beautiful homebirth in October of 2009. It was my first pregnancy, and I was thankful to be surrounded by midwives, family, and friends.


My girlfriends and grandparents sat downstairs while I labored upstairs. They played cards, made music, baked cookies, and video-documented their encouragements to me. My husband, mother, and midwives stayed upstairs with me. I bounced from bed to tub to shower to birthing ball. The whole thing lasted 22 hours or so, but it felt like sun-up to sun-down for me. Very manageable. You can read the story at WWW.LETTERSTOAMES.COM - find the tag "natural birth" or "home birth" and you'll see the link. There were instances of dropped heart rates and eleveated respiration rates, things that might alarm a doc or a nurse - and each issues was handled beautifully and efficiently. Oxygen, position changes, nature at its best. Oh, and I'm a registered nurse. Enjoy the read; I loved writing it!

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a little over 5 years ago, i gave birth to my first daughter. it was a homebirth. it was a long labor. it was exhausting, but, i perservered and learned a lot about myself.  my midwife (who is very experienced and knowledgeable) stayed the night sleeping in my room with me and her assistant. my dh caught our daughter as she came out and then he announced that she was a girl. it was so empowering to know i did it! it wasn't pretty, but i did it.  my daughter entered this world through a mother (me!) who had been born at home with a mid-wife , and caught  by a father who had been born at home by a midwife in Peru.  in fact, his mother traded two bags of corn for the midwife attending his birth! 

with my second daughter, i knew that i really didn't want another logn hard labor. i had learned from friends who had hb and had quick easy labors, abotu chiropractic care during pregnancy. so i began getting regular adjustments. i was having prelabor stuff for about 3 weeks before one mornign i woke up adn knew i was in labor.  i called my mother and then hopped in the shower. i called my mw when i got out and told her that i was in labor, but that it was early.  then my mother showed up and my dh and dd1 got up. it was around 8ish.

i had a bagel and made sure to drink lots of water and to try and pee.( an overfull bladder had slwoed my labor last time during one point).  we watched some TV. the contractions were definatly getting stronger, longer and closer together, but i could easily handle it.  my dad showed up to watch dd1 for us.  i decided i needed to be alone and made a nest.  my mother ( who had 4 homebirths) told me that she thought i was in transition and that i needed to call my mw now.  i didn't want to call yet, cause i thought, i could only be at 3 or 4 cms.  but seh kept badgering me, so i called.  my mw agreed that she thought she should come over, after listening to me through a contraction. she got there abotu 40 minutes later. she checked me and told me that i was at 7!!!! i was so excited. i couldn't believe i was that far!!! it was nothing like my first. 

she could tell that i needed to be alone for labor ( i didn't have to tell her, she just knows me and has seen enough laboring women) so she checked heart toens through 1 contraction and said it was good and went into another room to wait for me.  her assistant showed up, cheked hearttones about 30 minutes later. everythign was good. i was feeling good for as far along as i was. i was pacing in our geust room. my hips were starting to hurt during contractions, so i hopped in the shower for a little while.  cheked hearttones, everything was good.  i wanted to get out of the shower.  then, i was really in the thick of it.  i climbed out and took of my pants (i had gotten i the shower with my clothes cause it was immediate adn i didn't have the energy or concentration to take my clothes off) i climbed on my bed and then i wanted to be on all fours, but i couldnt hold myself up, so, my mw built a pyramid of pillows for me to lay on.  i started to feel like i wanted to push. she wanted to check me. (this was only the second adn last vaginal check i had during labor) i was good to go when i wanted to push. i was waiting for the urge. i TOTALLY felt it and went with it.  and that pushing HURT!!! it had't the first time, adn really this was the only real pain i had during this labor, but every push felt like i was going to split in half.  i turned onto my side, the whole time telling my mw that i thought that after yoru first the pushes should be so easy, she jsut chuckled and told me, its more like after the 4th.  they could tell i was getting closer to actually birthing the baby, so dh got into position to catch the baby.  first came out her hand, which immediately grabbed onto dh's finger, and the next push, was her head and a shoulder, then the second push she was out and i was so happy!!!


she was a little blue, so they were giving her a little oxygen by wavin gthe oxy tube in front of her.  she quickly pinked, and very quickly we realized that she had some bruising around her face, we think she was holding her hand in front of her face while in labor, that's why her hand came out first and why the pushes were so painful.  but, i didn't tear at all.  seh immediatly latched on.  she was great, i was great, my dad brought dd1 in to see the baby, and then we ate lunch, my mw checked me agian, and then left.  the whole labor was about 6 hours and only 10 minutes of pushing. she was 7 pounds, 2 ounces.  Rose Samantha.

i would highly recomend visiting a chiroprator who knows the webster technique.  i woiuld never birth again anywhere without that.  and i would read bithing from within. i found it to be the most helpful prep book.

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I've been thinking about a chiropractor for a while now, how exactly does it help?

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teh webster technique helps relax the tendons and ligaments that hold your uterus in your pelvis.  it helps the baby move into the best position possible. the use it to help turn breech babies, but it helps any baby. 

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I've been thinking about a chiropractor for a while now, how exactly does it help?

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I've been thinking about a chiropractor for a while now, how exactly does it help?

 Seeing a good chiropractor will help you your whole preg(and life!) not just for baby positioning. I've been seeing mine for almost two years now and I feel better than ever. I used to have horrible pains in my neck that went down into my arms and hands, but no more! My sciatic is also already giving me trouble but getting adjusted(and she does some extra work there) makes me feel SO much better. My chiro is actually preg now as well(due 6 days before me) and planning her second HB. She's been one of my biggest go-to mamas for support and info. I can not say more positive stuff about chiropractic care.  =)

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Can a chiro help spin an OP baby, or is Webster just for breech.  (Sorry for the hijacking.  PM me is you want).  redface.gif

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Thank you all so much for sharing your stories!!  I was reading through this thread last night and sobbing....I am so excited to have this baby at home!!  It's my first homebirth so I've really been trying to avoid the negativity.

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Subbing. Thanks for this thread!

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Here's mine. http://singfourever.livejournal.com/656.html
Getting ready to do it all over again in April. I can't wait!
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Usually don't cry reading these stories but I teared up at the baby yelling "Hi!" part, I can just imagine!

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Yes, that is what I wanted. My first baby was sunny side up which made for a long and painful labor. If I had been in a hospital, she would have been a csection. Webster technique is to get the baby in the best position possible for birth.this is in response to questions about webster technique spinning babies. I don't know if the qoute worked
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Scarlett’s Birth Story (written on September 20, 2008)

At about 3 am, I woke up with the feeling that something was trickling out of my vagina. I woke my husband, Jason up to get a towel, and when he brought it back I stood up and water gushed out.  I was still half asleep and didn't know what happened.  I told a stunned Jason that I didn’t know if I was peeing or not.  I smelled the liquid and it was not urine, it was clear, covering my wood floor in the bedroom.  I went to the couch and was too keyed up to sleep.  Jason went to Walmart to get last minute birthing items we hadn't thought we yet needed, still being a week away from our due date, and expecting that baby would come late.  He also bought several needed items, such as diapers, and some not so needed items like brown sugar and maple syrup, he’ll never live it down!  At about 7am I called Jen again who was surprised I wasn't sleeping.  She planned to leave Erie about noon, and I'm about 1 ½ -2 hours away.  I did lay down at about 8:30 and slept until 10am.  Due to his earlier show of erratic behavior, I asked Jason to go to work for half a day, he would be home at noon.  I sat in the rocking chair, breathing and moaning a little for several hours.  I called a friend, Justine, and she said the noises I was making sounded good, and was willing to come over if I needed her to, as she was only ½ hour away.  I didn’t need anything at that time, doing well in the chair.  I had my sister Allison call Jason at about noon to tell him to hurry home and set up the birth pool, I was really ready to get in there.  It was still in the box.  Jason got home at 12:30 and he immediately set up the pool in the kitchen.  I could only wait until it had about 6 inches before I clambered in.  I sat with my back against the side and my legs out straight, with cold washcloths on my head and chest.  It was so hot in there.  When I first got in, my contractions eased for some time, and I had Allison call Justine because I was sure I had stopped my labor some way by getting in the water.  Justine heard me moaning in the background and said not to worry, I was having that baby.  I was able to stay relaxed, reminding myself to have a limp body, limp body.  I kept saying this out loud.  At about 1:30pm I asked Allison to call Jen, I was feeling very ready to have her there.   She was about 1/2 hour away.  When she showed up at 2pm, I was still fairly relaxed, the water made the early contractions super easy to manage.  Shortly after Jen arrived, I started feeling a little more intense pressure and spontaneously flipped over on my knees, leaning over the inflated side of the pool.  I would not leave this position for the remainder of the birth.  I began moaning (sometimes at the top of my lungs) during each contraction.  Jen said I sounded like a lion!  Allison and Jason kept a hold of me and Jen poured water on my back. Jen asked me if we should discuss having IV antibiotics, as my GBS treatment wasn’t completed.  I moaned heavily with contraction as a response.  Allison and Jason stayed at the front of me just outside the pool the whole time.  Allison told me I was doing a good job, and I whimpered to her that I didn’t want to do a good job anymore.  I felt at times that I was going crazy, when a hard contraction would come.  I had to bury my head and squeeze Jason’s legs.  Every muscle in my body would tighten and I would moan until the contraction was over.   After a while Jen said she was going to check me and I was fully dilated.  She said she only had to reach up about 1 ½ inches to feel the baby.  I was too far gone to feel any relief about this.  I was in a world of my own, unaware of anything going on around me.  Once, I looked up and Jill had arrived. The contractions were coming so fast, only 10 or 15 seconds in between.  I remember pleading with Jill to give me some more time to rest between.  Jen told me to keep my hands on my perineum while the baby crowned.  I did this and it was amazing.  I could feel long hair flowing in the water.  I suddenly recognized my body's natural pushing sensation, and at the end of that contraction, I tried to keep it up by pushing forcefully.  Jen said she could see the baby move then, and I could definitely feel it!  I had an epiphany...that I could get this baby out, I didn't have to just "get through it"  I began to push hard during each contraction, the whole time, I could feel the baby moving down.  I felt the head come out a tiny bit more each time, and retract when I relaxed.  Once the head was stretching me as far as I knew I could go one particular time, I semi-pushed for the whole resting period, keeping her crowning for quite a while.  It stung!  I announced this in chant form during the rest period.  Then on the next contraction I pushed very hard, while pushing my tissues hard with both hands.  I felt movement, Jen announced that she felt a nose.  I pushed again and felt the amazing relief of her head birthing, and I was only stretched around a tiny neck!!!  I relaxed and at the next contraction was expecting a little push and a body to come slithering out easily.  Unfortunately for me this moment, baby's head was ¾ inch smaller than the shoulders, so I felt the baby rotate and had to really push to get the shoulders out.  My husband announced it was a girl.  She was covered in vernix and had her eyes wide open, floating in the water.  She looked right into my eyes.  She was placed on my chest.  Jason cut the cord and held her while I birthed the placenta.  Scarlett nursed twice.  She was born at 4:01pm, only 12 ½ hours after my water broke, and 3 ½ hours after hard labor started.  What a whirlwind!  I had no tears and only minimal soreness/bleeding.  Scarlett weighed 8 lb 7 oz and was 20 ½ inches long.  13 ¼  in head and 14 in shoulders.  She has a double chin and fat rolls on her arms at birth, just like her mama.  I am infatuated with her, of course.  The pain I went through is already drifting out of my memory, and I will definitely plan home birth again for my next baby.  I am already feeling like a normal person again, just with more love to give and receive!  My home birth was amazing and incredibly empowering! 

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Beautiful story thanks for sharing

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Well, I feel a little out of place responding to this thread as I am principally responsible for approximately half the recent gloom and doom, but, FWIW, I had a terrific home birth experience with my second son. 


Painless contractions started on a Sunday around 3 p.m. and continued through the night.  I ignored them and got a full night's sleep.  In the morning, I started leaking water around 8:30 a.m. and knew that that was the day.  DH and I walked around the block several times, and I had sporadic contractions that weren't really painful.  I called my midwife again to ask her what to do to get things going and she suggested lying on my left side for an hour.  So I did that, then got up to go to the restroom, and after that active labor came on quickly.  After about half an hour of that, we called the midwife back to have the birth team come on over.  They arrived at about 1:15 p.m.  She checked me and said I was almost completely dilated.  I got into the tub for a while -- I had been thinking of trying to give birth in there, but it just spaced out my contractions, so I ended up getting back out and when I did, I hit transition with a vengeance. 


The labor was really not that painful at all, but the pushing part was rough (I'm one of those women for whom pushing is not a relief, but the hardest part).  I was lying on my side to push and then when he was born I was more on my back -- I don't think I could have pushed standing up or on all fours.  Pushing only lasted half an hour, though, and out he came.  My midwife had been a little worried because he had been posterior throughout the last several weeks of the pregnancy, but I guess he must have turned at some point because he didn't come out sunny side up and I didn't have any back labor or anything.  It was a short, easy labor and fast birth.  The care I received from my midwife and her assistants was wonderful.  In all I couldn't have asked for a better experience.  I hope this time is just as easy!

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