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I had a great homebirth.


I really loved my midwife team. They were so nice to me. 


My baby wasn't positioned normally but she was small and I knew I could push her out and it would be fine. I don't think a doctor would have listened to or respected that I "knew" all that. When she was born it was obvious she'd been positioned the way I'd said, and she came out screaming and hollering and breathing just fine.


Some of the best things about my daughter's homebirth, was the support & togetherness. I wanted my husband with me every moment, and he stayed right with me. I had all the space I needed and also was never alone, in fact everyone anticipated my needs - offering water when I was thirsty, etc.


But best of all, was settling right into home life with my new baby. Nursing my newborn in bed, eating Chinese takeout from my favorite resturant, was awesome!

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I was just going to copy and paste my story, but then you wouldn't get to see the pictures.  They're the best part.



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I was just going to copy and paste my story, but then you wouldn't get to see the pictures.  They're the best part.



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I love This One: http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1237615/baby-ada-a-homebirth-and-video


 I know it's difficult searching for POSITIVE Homebirth and Natural Birth Stories, ones that DON'T include scary, gory, frightening sadness!!!! So I made a playlist of videos I found on Youtube that I thought were VERY Beautiful and Inspiring. I wanted to share it with y'all.



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I've had 6 incredible and very positive homebirths. I wouldn't do it any other way. There was nothing scary about them. Even with my 5th baby when we transferred him for breathing issues, it still wasn't a doom and gloom issue.


I'd share them all with you but I don't have them posted anywhere online. And I think copy and pasting all 6 here might be a bit much. Maybe I'll try it when I've got some time though.

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No time to go into detail at the moment but just wanted to pop in and say that I've had two wonderful home births and I'm hoping to do it again next year (if I can talk DH into baby #3 lol.gif).

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d.o.b 12/04/02
on the 11th of april 2002 (my due date) i woke at around 9am with a pain in my back, i dozed off slightly only to be woken again about 20 mins later, i got up and went to the toilet and noticed a pink jelly blob in my pj's which i realised must have been my show.
i went back to bed to try getting some more sleep while my contractions were pretty mild and not very frequent but i was too excited to sleep so i went downstairs.
at about 10.30am my dad came with the mobile top up voucher he said he would get me. i told him i was having contractions and he said i should make m get up but i said he would be prop be up soon anyway and i probebly had ages left before chloe would be born cos the contractiopns weren't that strong.
about 11 am m woke up and my dad left. we timede the contractions they were now every 10mins and lasting about a minuite.
at about 11.45 we phoned the mw and my contractions decided to stop at about 12.00 pm.
the mw arrived about 12.30 pm and we told her the contractions appeared to have stopped, so she just checked my blood pressure, babies heart beat and position and told me i probebly had another couple of weeks to go yet.
she left at about 12.45pm and said to phone when i was having contractions every 5 mins or more.
my contractions started again at about 12.50pm :roll:
my contractions were every 10 mins.
at around 2pm m went to boots to get a disposable camera so we could get some pics of chloe when she was born.
at about 3pm we realised we needed to get a few bits of shopping but as my contractions were 5 mins m didn't want me staying on my own so both went to kwik save, i got a few odd looks when i stopped every few mins cos of my contractions.
at about 5pm i decided to get a bath to see if it would help ease the pain which it did slightly but the pain felt alot worse once i got out.
at about 6pm my contractions were coming every 2-5 mins they were pretty iregular i could have one then 5 mins later another then another 2 mins later then 4 mins then 5 mins and so on.
at around 8pm m went to the take away to get a pizza, by now my contractions were pretty strong lasting 45seconds-2mins and coming every 1-2mins.
when m got back he phoned the hospital and told them i was in labour.
at arond 9pm the 1st mw arrived and checked me over i was 3cm dialted.
the mw sugested i take a bath so i did.
at around 10pm the 2nd mw arrived and commented on how calm i was for someone contracting every 1-2mins.
at about 11pm the mw wanted to check me again so i got out of the tub i was now 4cm.
my contractions by now were coming every 30 seconds - 1min and lasting 1-2 mins and were very strong i was starting to question wether i could cope with the pain at home or not.
the mw suggested i try gas &air which i did but i hated so told her i didn't want it because it didn't work and i didn't like it but with every contraction she still insisted on trying to get me to take it.
at around am i was checked again and was still 4cm so the mw said my bowel too full for baby to go further into my pelvis so she gave me a supositry.
about 6 am i was checked again and was 8cm then at 7am i was dialated and ready to push.
pushing felt like it was takeing forever after half an hour still no sign and then fineally gush my waters finally broke and 20 mins later and a lot more pushing later chloes head was out.
chloes cord was round her neck so the mw cut it and then one more big push and out slid my new baby girl Chloe
7.55am weighing 7lb 9oz orngbiggrin.gif


d.o.b 19/02/04
on thursday the 19th of february 2004 (1 day before dd) at about 9am i noticed blood streaked mucus when i went to the toilet which i automaticly knew must have been my show orngbiggrin.gif all the rest of the day i had period type cramps on and off and then at about 6.15pm i was sat in the room watching tv with my daughter chloe and my sister joanne when i needed to pee so stood up and got a really sharp pain under my bump and then just as i got to the 3rd step gush (yes gush) my waters broke so i shouted to my sister to find my notes and ring the mw whille i rang around like a headless chicken vtrying to find clean pants all whille leaking amniotic fluid all over the place.
Joanne found my notes and phoned the mw she then phoned back about 1/2 an hour later by now my contractions had started but were only every 10 mins.
The mw arrived at about 7.15pm and checked me over i was 3cm dialated so thought ages to go then so i had some lasgne which my sis had made us all for tea and then spent most of my time sitting on my gym ball rocking to help ease the pain of my contractions whille texting my friend (who was also exspecting) to let her know what was happening.
By about 8.15pm my contractions were coming every 2 mins, i had a bath and spent more time on my gym ball.
about 9pm my contractions were now every minuite and lasting about 2 mins and feeling very strong i found sitting on the toilet rocking helped as did holding on to the swaying my hips, the pain was getting really bad by now.
at about 10pm the mw checked me again i was 4cm dialated greensad.gif i was gutted thought oh now this means i have ages to go.
My mw phoned the 2nd mw and said i was only 4cm so there was no hurry.
The pressure pain was becoming unbearable i just thought i needed the toilet so kept sitting on the toilet but it didn't help so at 10.30pm i said i think i'm ready to push and the mw said just to go with my body so i knealed on the floor leaning against my gym and started trying to push but felt uncomfortable so moved over to near the bed and knealt on a cushion and leaned forward on the bed and continued pushing while holding onto my sisters hand, she said i could squeeze her hand if i wanted so i did lol
it felt forever pushing i didn't think he would ever be born then the mw and m said they could see the head so i pushed even harder the mw phoned the 2nd mw and said i was now pushing and then she got gloved up ready to catch cameron as he was born.
at about 11pm camerons head was born and the mw said to stop pushing as the cord was round his neck and she would have to cut it. once the cord was cut i gave another couple of pushes and out cameron followed by more fluid. 11.15pm weighing 7lb 13oz, i had a cuddle then m took him while i got ready to birth the placenta.
i was given the dreaded needle to help the placenta come out and the placenta came out about 10 mins later so i got up to go to the toilet and loads of blood gushed out and i went all dizzy and could hardly breathe, i thought i was dieing i ended up being sick and for a couple of hours after cameron was born i couldn't even lift him because i had no ednergy what so ever he was just laid beside me on the bed.
luckily i felt ok after a whille and got have lots more cuddles with my baby orngbiggrin.gif


Caitlin 28/06/05
on monday 27th of june about 11am (11 days before edd) i went to the toilet and noticed a clear mucus which i figured must be part of my show.
i then had niggly period type pains on and off throughout the day then mild contractions every 30 mins from about 8pm-11pm.
i went to bed and woke about 3am feeling really strange and convinced my waters had broke and i was to give birth right away but soon realised i'd just been dreaming when i went to the toilet so i went back to bed.
6am i woke at 6am with contractions lasting about 1min and coming every 1-5mins orngbiggrin.gif i just paced about between the bathroom and my bedroom til m woke at 7am.
i then went downstairs and went on the laptop to tell all my friends on yorkshire mums that i was in labour.
my contractions were coming every 2mins and lasting as long i seemed to be needing to pee just as often and everytime i got a contraction i would lean whatever i happened to stood near at the time and swing my hips.
m phoned my mum, sister and the mw about 8am they all turned up at about 9am.
the mw checked my bp and caitlins position and heartbeat.
2nd mw came about 9.30 am then the 1st had to leave at 10am to do clinic. my mw came about 11am but couldn't stay cos she had to go to do clinic.
at about 11.30 another mw (homebirth co-ordinator) and as student mw came.
during this time i also had a debt collector and a man from council come to fix my upstairs window and kitchen door lol.
at about 12pm i got in the bathe and my sister made everyone bacon butties and i got in the bathe so ended up in the bathe, in labour eating a bacon buttie lol..
i stayed in the bath about 30 mins and then got out for a bit to walk about but soon decided to get back in as the pressure was excrutiating but was told to get out because i was becoming so relaxed my contractions were slowing down to every 10 mins greensad.gif i got out and tried waliking a bout but the pressure was so bad i kept squating over the toilet and kept saying no i'm not moving this all thas helping the pain i kept saying i can't do this i'm going to be here forever greensad.gif the pressure was really bad and i kept saying the toilet but can't
at 1.15pm the mw said i should just listen to my body and push because i was probebly ready to give i pushed asnd pushed and nothing i felt so deflated just kept saying i can't do it i can't do it but my sister, m and both mw's were really suportive.
the student mw sugested i walk through to the bedroom which even though i really didn't feel like moving i did and am glad i did because when i went through i stood leaning on my sister and gave a huge push and gush my waters broke, then 5mins later out camne caitlins head, the student mw said to stop pushing because the cord was round her neck so she got me to sit on the edge of the while she hooped the cord over caitlins head i then knealt at the end of the bed and pushed out caitlins body at 2pm.
straight after i sat on the edge of the bed and the student mw passed caitlin to me i then went to top of the bed layed down to give her her first feed all while she was still attached to the cord.
we waited for the cord to stop pulsing before cutting it and then waited for the placenta to come away naturally which took about 20 mins.
the mw's, my sister and all tried guessing caitlins weight they all thought about 6lb because she was small but they were all wrong she was 7lb 10.5oz smile.gif


Caden dob 14/03/08
On the 14th of march 2008 i woke up at about 2.50 am with contractions coming every 10 mins orngbiggrin.gif so i went down stairs did some tidying up and put out the mat under the birth pool, put the liner in my birth pool and covered the rest of the room floor and the sofa with shower curtains and sheets. i also attempted to fill the pool which was ok with the cold water but when i put hose on the hot tap it kept falling off so i was running backwards and forwards to put it back all whille having contractions coming every 2 mins and lasting as long.
4am i fineally decided it was time to phone the mw, phone my sister and wake m.
my sister came about about 4.30 and m got up and started trying to fill the pool. the mw phoned and said she couldn't find my house so my sister went out to find her and show her the way.
they both arrived and the mw commented on how calm i seemed and tried checking cadens heartbeat and position but everytime she tried i would get a contraction and would have to sit up as i was having back labour (which i had with all 4 of my lo's)and laying down made the pain worse.
i spent most of my time perched on the edge of the sofa rocking and moaning that i wanted to get in my pool but it took a while to fill the pool and get it to the right temperature.
my mw, my sister and m all kept trying to get me to have something to eat or drink but i just didn't want to eat or drink at all.
at about 6am my pool was fineally full orngbiggrin.gif i quickly stripped off and got in ahhhhhhhhhhh bliss and yes it did help i promptly leant forward on the side of the pool and fell asleep (yes you did read that right i fell asleep)in transition and i fell asleep, but was soon to be woken up by the most painful contraction and pressure i'd felt so i said to the mw i think it's time i'm ready to push so the mw said go on then you say in your birth plan you want to go with your body so at 6.15 i started pushing leaning on the side of the pool and nothing ergh i was in so much pain by now i decided to change position i went near the back of the pool and held onto the handles and in an upright position i pushed and pushed as hard as i could and still nothing i though oh no this isn't working i then thought i've done this before so i gave one massive push and my waters broke (6.52) then one more huge push out came cadens head, the mw checked to make sure the cord wasn't round his neck and then one more big push and caden was born at 6.55 am straight into the water.
i picked caden up out of the water for my first cuddle and he was rooting like made so i gave him his first feed there in the pool.
i was getting cold so i got out and we layed together on the sofa wrapped up in towels.
the placenta took about 20-30 mins to come away then the mw wanted to check if i needed stitches but every time she wiped away the blood to check i cryed in pain because it hurt so much.
weighing time everyone said he's massive i just said no he's not he's only little but we all got a shock when the mw weighd him and said 9lb 6oz :shock:


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I love these stories of magnificent birth.  Thank you all for sharing!


Our first was wonderful at home with a midwife in about 5 hours.  He was small & yummy.  


Our second baby at 42 weeks decided to make a peaceful debut.  I woke at 7AM and told DH this would be the day.  An hour later,  I knew it was time to push & there she was.

It was just us. It was perfect for us.   Our DS was in the family room playing. 


I am praying for an opportunity to add to our fam.  I love being a mama.


Thank you!    namaste.gif






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Here's my happy homebirth story from nearly three years ago love.gif : http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/849413/camila-s-birth#post_10577498


We're hoping for a repeat in a couple months!

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My last homebirth was wonderful (and I can't wait to do it again in 2 months!)


I was 4 days past my due date and it was Valentine's night. Ds was in bed and dh and I were watching a movie together. I asked Dh is rub my feet really hard  and after a while I started to have some contractions. I decided to call my midwife at about 10:30pm (per dh's request) and tell her I seemed to be in labor but I did not want her to come too early since my last birth was so long. She told me to call her back in a while and that my birth would probably be a lot faster this time and we lived pretty far out. I called her later and they decided to come up. They got there about 1:00am set up the tub and I got in. It was so peaceful..the woodstove was going and the room was nice and dark. Dh came down with ds just in time to see dd be born into my arms at about 2:30 am and I announced that it was a little girl.


I moved over to the couch with my baby, the midwives made me my post-partum herbal tea and then we all checked her out. After that I took a shower and got into bed with my whole little family. I was such a wonderful night that it is almost like a dream to me!


Blessings on your homebirth!

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