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Do twins *drop?*

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Do twins drop like a singleton pregnancy does?I swear over the last few days, my belly is hanging lower, I can breathe,and am feeling INCREDIBLE pressure when I move or walk that I wasnt experiecing before. I already know twin a is so head down in my pelvis you can barely see her on the u/s but b was breech last week and head up in ribcage. I cant feel the head there anymore, ive been trying to get her to turn for a week now. i just feel so much better up top there near my lungs, i was wondering if twins drop too.

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my midwife was just checking me today for this, and everyone that deals with me and is used to twins says they totally drop, baby A acts in many ways like a singleton, at least that is what i keep getting told.

my baby A has not dropped yet, but that is good in my case since she is still sunny side up, i'd really like to get her to rotate before she get stuck further down!

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At least in my case. Baby A engaged, which I'm pretty sure is all "dropping" is. So yes. :)

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Dear God, I hope so! I seriously don't know how much longer I can deal with this rib pain! It would be nice if baby A would TURN first, though.  If that's not going to happen and I end up with a c-section anyway, I wish they would just drop already!

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mine did when cash "engaged" butt down. but then he moved back up. he ended up doing that a couple times (including in labor). it was ridiculous.

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How far along are you? I was wondering if twins dropped, but I'm not there yet - only 25w2d.

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Funny enough, the Baby on my left has always been lined up in my pelvic brim, but the babe formerly known as B has now dropped into my pelvis.  Both head down, thank goodness!


ETA: I'm 38 weeks and baby just dropped in the last couple days.

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I think it's different in that there is so much baby in there that Baby A drops much earlier and is already in the pelvis.  I was asked this towards the end of my pregnancy and I really couldn't feel a difference, it felt like Baby A had already been there for weeks!

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