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Chat Thread! 12/22 - 12/31

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Hey ladies!  Another week, another chat thread!


AFM- So, it happened.  I woke up this morning at 5 am, and felt it coming.  UGHHGH.  I tried to stave it off, but I couldn't -- I puked for the first time.  I didn't throw up at all with Nora, just had nausea and some dry heaves that were awful but never actually threw up.  This....this was horrible.  Though, I did feel better immediately afterward and nibbled an odwalla bar.  Ugh.  This part of pg blows!!  Anyone else want to suffer with me?


How is everyone doing?  I know a lot of us are busy with Christmas this weekend.  I'm nervous to tell family but I have no choice at this point!! I feel horrible!! eyesroll.gif


Chat away!!

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Baby Cakes I'm sorry you had a rough morning! I keep thinking my nausea is going to get worse and I will eventually be throwing up as well. Part of me loves that I am only slightly nauseous at times but it also makes me nervous. I feel like if I had some extreme nausea maybe I wouldn't worry as much. But then again I would probably be complaining about the extreme nausea...


I am still having SUPER sore breasts and sleeping pretty much constantly. It has been nice since I am on Christmas break from school and I don't work so I can sleep as much as I want orngbiggrin.gif

I believe we are going to tell my husbands family on christmas eve. I really thought about waiting but this being our first I just don't think I can hold it in any longer! I am 6 weeks today and I feel nervous about sharing the news but I can't think negatively and I am sure everything is going to be just fine. I of course told my parents and siblings as soon as we found out! We are all so close and they knew we were trying, I just couldn't hold it in. So dh feels like his family should know too. I agree with him but I am still just a little bit nervous to share the news with everyone.


I hope everyone is having a good week and feeling well. Can't wait to hear everyone's updates

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I am so nervous about morning sickness.  I had severe HG with my first and third.  I spent the majority of the last pregnancy in the hospital.  I only gained six pounds the entire pregnancy.  I was fine with my second though and hoping for the same this time.  I have had a few bouts of ick, but nothing terrible yet *knock on wood*.  Normally I would be violently ill by now...so maybe I lucked out again this time?  I really hope so because between being a single mom, homeschooling my dd, work, and school...I am too busy to deal with much morning sickness. 


I'm a nanny and working 13 hour days this week.  I'm exhausted and just want the week to end so I can get some sleep.  My boobs are killing me and it's weird cause they never really hurt during my other pregnancies.  At least we celebrate Yule, so my holiday obligations are already over.


Hope everyone feels good (as good as possible anyways) and has a great week.  :)


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I'm so sorry for all you sick mamas! I'm not feeling great, but a little better than last week. Not so nauseous, and am sleeping better. I'm still scarfing down pickles like crazy though. And wow, dealing with a toddler while pregnant is HARD!


I am also excited to tell my parents. We'll be seeing them tomorrow night at the airport, and Meadow will be in her big sister t-shirt.  I can't wait! love.gif


I might not be around much this week, but Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone. How wonderful to be pregnant at Christmas!

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babycakes:  UGH!  Don't tell me that!!! I almost puked last night...for some reason mine is worse at night.  I have a feeling it is going to be BAD this time.  I lucked out with my other five pregnancies!!


Karalynn, I kind of feel the same way about telling people...I want to wait a bit but the family will be together and all... And HOORAY for sleep!  SO jealous! lol


Crazycat:  Let's hope you don't get it that bad this time!  And I remember when i was nannying...oh my lord I was TIRED the first trimester.  I remember coaxing the little guy I was watching at the time to take naps like four times a day. lol!


AFM:  I *almost* threw up last night.  We were pulling in from being in town for a while (30min drive one way) and I had to RUN in the house and hug the toilet and count myself down.  I don't know how I'll survive!  I HATE throwing up!  I'm one of those that will do absolutely anything to avoid it!

And I'm already starting to bust out of my pants.  The bloat this time is really bad.  I suppose it's because it'll be the fifth time I'm showing, but DANG.

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I also wanted to add really quick: I have an appointment with my midwife the second week of Jan, and we were fighting with insurance to get it covered (she will accept my ins. but is not a preferred provider, so they didn't want to cover it :() She did some quick talking and wrote a letter, and told me yesterday that they have authorized it! Woo-hoo!!

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Originally Posted by Birdie B. View Post
And wow, dealing with a toddler while pregnant is HARD!




Lately we've been having a lot of days where we're in jammies all day long watching movies.  And my fuse is SO SHORT.  Ugh.  I've had to do the deep breathing/counting down thing so I don't explode at this poor girl.  


Thanks for all the commiseration, ladies.  I hope the next few weeks go by quickly!!  I'm ready to be done with this stage!!

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I remember the toddler thing while pregnant.  It was so hard and that was my "easy" pregnancy.


Now I have a one year old, two six year olds, and sometimes a four year old here during the days.  It's exhausting and we actually watch some tv now (I never used to allow it).  But at least at the end of the day most of them go home!  Knowing that makes the days seem more tolerable.  And my fuse is short and cranky too.

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Right there with you on the vomiting .... not the most fun ever.  I don't feel nauseous until seconds before, which is a good thing:  I've had pregnancies in the past where I felt like my stomach was turning constantly.  But, throwing up a couple of times a day is physically exhausting.  And I don't need anymore exhaustion, I already feel like I'm moving through jello  sleeping.gif


This week my dh is working 12 hour days right up until Christmas.  I'm thankful we're having a very simple holiday, because I'm just too tired to do much more than I already am and I miss having that second pair of hands around to help.  However, the flip side is that all that OT should make for some nice January paychecks, so I'm not complaining at all!


My appetite is pretty low, too.  Been trying to each lots of spinach salads w/ walnuts as that seems to be something that sounds good right now and I know is good for me.  And cantaloupe.  That is really hitting the spot these days!  Even Christmas cookies don't sound good to me this week, and that is definitely not like me this time of year!  My birthday was on Sunday and I didn't even want any cake.  All sweets just seem so .... sweet.  LOL


We're telling my family on Sunday, our family's Christmas party at my parents.  I think everyone will be pretty happy for us and my sister will be there with her new baby, so it is nice to have so many blessings to celebrate.  I'm still not exactly sure how we're going to tell though. 


Would you believe I still haven't called my Dr's office?  Bad, Kara!  hide.gif   I love my Dr., but I know they won't have me come in until January anyway, so I haven't felt in a big hurry. 


Hope everyone is having a good week!   Thanks for starting this thread Carrie!

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I'm sorry to hear most everyone is still feeling rough! I am with ya, though. My boobs are so sore, especially when ds nurses. Ow! Ow! Ow! I only feel nauseous if I wait too long to eat. If I eat semi-constantly I am fine. I have already gained 4 lbs and I am only 6.5 weeks! I am so stressed about that. I lost over 60 lbs earlier this year and have managed to keep it off. This weight gain is so hard to deal with after trying to avoid it for so long!


I am terribly bloated. I was planning on waiting until 10 or 12 weeks to tell people about the pregnancy, but my belly is so big already that I am thinking that people are going to suspect anyway. Do you think I should just tell everyone at Christmas? WWYD in my case, ladies?

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KnittingKara - I haven't called my doctor's office, either! I'm 8w2d but I have NO desire to get my blood drawn, so I'm waiting as long as possible.


I thought I was beginning to feel better now that I'm in my 8th week, but yesterday was awful. I was cranky, sore, extremely tired, very hungry, dehydrated and just generally feeling terrible. I slept in the car while my husband helped our friends move into their new place, but they know I'm pregnant so they said I had an honorary "supervisor" role :)



My husband and I put in a rental application to an ADORABLE 1930 home in the foothills. It has a cute yard, STORAGE (oh my god), and a garage. Moving in my first trimester wouldn't be fun, but we've accumulated a lot of moving favors from other people so I have no doubt we'd have 5-10 friends coming over to help us. I'm praying that it works out, because I would love to move there  - it seems like a house that we could raise our child in. It's also farther away from the freeway, but closer to a different freeway (one that doesn't have trucks on it, though) that would make it easier for my husband to go to work. If you could think of us I'd be very grateful!



Is anyone else starting to think of things to make for the baby? I'm currently knitting this laceweight silk blanket in this lovely peach/tangerine/soft pink to drape over the pram my parents had when I was a baby - it's from England, and while I'll probably never take it out of the house, it will be an awesome (free!) safe spot for the baby to sleep when not in our bed. I'm also planning on cloth diapering, so soakers, longies, etc are on the to knit list. I want to sew a bunch of shirts, pants, and probably a coat or two, as well. My goal is to have more than 60% of the wardrobe be handmade!

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I hope the morning sickness goes away soon for all of you!  I've had a few days where I've had some nausea, but mostly I'm just exhausted and peeing more often.  I took a two hour nap earlier.  It's really nice being pregnant with 7 & 5 year olds because they can entertain themselves!  Being pregnant with a toddler was hard; Nik was 21 months old when Nate was born. 


I made my first appointment for January 28th.  I swear I'm feeling movement, so I may have to hop due date clubs.  My last two periods were very light and short and my mother had her period for a couple of months into two of her pregnancies.  I tried to tell the receptionist that I think I'm farther along than it seems, but she just said, "So your last menstrual period began on November 18th?"   I'm seeing a different doctor than I saw with the boys, which makes me a little nervous.  I hope the doc is a little more with it than the receptionist was!  lol  I'm teasing, that was the absolute soonest appointment that she had.  We'll be closer to home with this new doctor, which will be nice for appointments and for the ride to the hospital while in labor.  Another MDC friend recommended him, and I wasn't entirely happy with my last doc.  (Well, I was, but he seemed nervous when I didn't deliver the placenta in what he felt was a reasonable time.  I can't remember how long it was, but I know it wasn't very long.  After all of the reading I have done, I knew that it was not time to worry about a retained placenta.  He told me that only two things make him nervous after all of the things he has seen delivering babies.....true knots, and Nate had one, and retained placentas.  I worry that he might be more intervention-happy than I thought.  They don't take our current insurance anyway, so the decision was taken away from me.)


We're having my family over for Christmas and my house is a disaster.  I planned to make fudge two days ago, still haven't found the energy to do that.  Thankfully our holiday meal is french dip sandwiches (the roast will cook in the crockpot) and other easy things.  I know my husband will help me get things cleaned up on Christmas Eve, but he's been working so hard that I wish I could have it all ready so he could just take the entire day off to relax.  I get myself motivated, do a couple of things, and then collapse on the couch.  It is not getting clean very fast, and the kids aren't quite big enough to be really helpful.  Nate dusted, though, that's his favorite job.  If only Nik could clean the guinea pig cage for me.  I guess I should go tackle unloading the dishwasher and reloading.  Marc is taking us out for dinner if I feel up to it and I still haven't showered.  I really need to get moving.

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Hi ladies!


Sorry so many of you are feeling so yucky.  I'm still not feeling too badly in that department, and as it is it's hard to take care of a toddler just with the fatigue and crankiness.  I can't imagine trying to be patient etc with DS and feeling really sick!  That must be so hard!



AFM, I think my days of buttoning my jeans are officially over.  I got 2 bella bands in the mail today and I am IN LOVE!  I can't believe how awesome my pants feel again!  And is it weird that wearing one makes me feel kind of pretty?  What a dork I am!  I haven't gotten on the scale since before I was pregnant, but I'm sure I've gained weight.  I feel like I'm as big as I was at 16 weeks last time.  It might be almost time for a belly thread!  YAY!

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I'm gonna jump in here and say hi.  I'm feeling extremely quiet, and I know it's because of our previous losses and that it took freaking forever to get where we are, but I am thinking positive and believing in our little munchkins.  I wanted to pipe up and say that you ladies feeling nauseous HAVE to go get sea bands.  you can get them at your local pharmacy, they go on your wrists, and they totally help with nausea.  The only unfortunately side effect is that my students are starting to ask why I'm wearing them.  uh-oh.  I'm totally not ready to tell them.  We'll be 8 weeks tomorrow hopefully, and I want to try to hold out until at least 12 weeks.  I have no idea when I'll start to show, but we have two little ones in there competing for a growing contest, and my pants are starting to feel tight.  We got to see them yesterday, which is just the best thing.  We have to wait another 2+ weeks to peek in there again.  Sending holiday cheer and SLEEP vibes to everybody! orngbiggrin.gif

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Merry Christmas Eve biggrinbounce.gif


I just came "out" on Facebook, now it REALLY feels official, LOL!!

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Merry Christmas Eve!!


OMG you did the fb announcement?!  It must be awesome to have everyone in the know!!  I'm just shy of 7 weeks and we still haven't told anyone.  Tomorrow that will change -- we're telling family.  I can't wait to announce on FB though!! 


My MIL (we are good friends) texted me twice this week telling me she got my favorite wine for christmas and that she just went on an extra wine run. Oh goodness.  Part of me feels bad but this other part of me knows she is going to be thrilled when we tell her.  It sucks that I'm known so much for my love of wine -- there's no way to hide this secret!! LOL!!

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Haha, my affinity for wine was why we told everyone at 4w, lol!  The family came over for a football game, and everyone enjoys some wine or beer during those get togethers, so they were all going to know anyway ROTFLMAO.gif  I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow, and I've been dying to tell on FB.  I have a birthson who is 12, and his adoptive dad is my friend on FB.  They were the last ones I had to tell in person, I really didn't want them to find out on FB, kwim?  Anyway, I'm rambling now, but it was so fun!  I keep checking to see how many comments I've gotten, tee hee bag.gif

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Well, we told both sides of the family today and everyone is pretty excited! joy.gif

And I think it's starting to sink in for me. If I stand up too quickly I get dizzy. Late in the day my jeans are tight and I want to change into my yoga pants. And I *almost* threw up while changing a poopy diaper tonight. That's not normal! LOL

I can't wait for our sono on Monday!
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How exciting for everyone who has told their families!! All of our families and friends know now too. I was going to try to wait and tell everyone but this is our first and we have waited for this forever! We just couldn't hold it in anymore! Plus it being Christmas made it even harder not to tell.


I hope you all are having an awesome Christmas! This year I am exhausted and napped at both families houses. I kind of felt bad but now that everyone knows they were ok with it :)


I also had some shrimp cocktail yesterday and it was sooo good yummy.gif I am now wondering though if it is ok to eat that during pregnancy. I just feel like there are so many things I'm not suppose to have and I just don't know what half of them are. Is shrimp ok?

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Merry Christmas everyone...


I am still trying to get use to the idea of being pregnant. We were NOT trying and I am feeling overwhelmed, I am feeling that I can't do this again and I am scared.My DH is self employed and I have pretty much raised the little one on my own. My littlest is almost 3 and i really feel like I will be cheating her out of a great childhood having another one. My big kids are 17 and 15. 


Because of my age. 42. We will wait to tell anyone until I am tested to see if this baby is healthy. We have a history in our family of late bearing mothers. My grandma was 40 with her last, my aunt 43. So I think that everything should be ok but I want to be sure... I hope you know what I mean. 


GOSH am I soooo confused.


Sorry to you mamas that have been ttc for a long time if I sound ungrateful. It took me a long time with both my daughters to get my bfp so I know where you were when trying to ttc...


(((hugs))) to you all

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