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need opinions

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I was planning a UC for my last pregnancy. Unfortunately it did not turn out the way I wanted. I had to have an emergency c/s.


I'm now pregnant again and my hearts desire is to UC. According to my due date it will have been 19 months between this delivery and my c/s.


My husband is nervous about the increased risk. I'm just not sure it is a risk i want to take. I know I don't want to be in a hospital.

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If it were me, I'd UC or try to get a VBAC homebirth or hospital/birth center midwife.


Do, whatever makes you the most comfortable. If you can find a decent hospital/birth center midwife, I suppose that would probably put you the most at ease, but I'd avoid another C/S, especially if you hope to have more children.


You may want to ask in the birth professionals forum if they think that it'd be a prob to VBAC 19 months after your C/S. I would think you are healed by then though and could attempt it just like any other mama. And VBACs are supposed to be safer for you and baby, than repeat elective C/S from my research. Surgery always carries risks. 

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If UC makes you the least bit worried, then maybe you should search for a homebirth midwife, or a birth center. I'm not sure if there are any homebirth midwives in your area. There are several websites you can go to, that will help you find a local homebirth midwife. I agree that the more c/s you have, the riskier it is for each new pregnancy. I wish you the best of luck!

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I had my UC 20 months after my c-section, and had no problems. 

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My 2nd baby was a c/s & then 13 months later my 3rd baby was a med-free VBAC at a hospital w/ a midwife & my wonderful doula.  My midwives never batted an eyelash about it barely being a year since my c/s that I was VBAC'ing, and this in an area where "once a c/s, always a c/s" is still the norm.  I think 19 months is a good amount of healing time for a normal c/s.  As for an unassisted VBAC, I wasn't ready for that last time.  But obviously I think we are now w/ our 4th baby.  (But a midwife attended homebirth is illegal here, otherwise that is what I would have done last time/probably again this time.)

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I think your time interval between births is fine.  It doesn't seem like there is wide agreement on what is a "good" amount of time.  If you're considering HBAC, ask what the local SOP guidelines and restrictions may be - single/double uterine suture, time between births, other potential "restrictions."  Otherwise, go for the UBAC if that suits you.


You won't need a hospital unless something goes wrong, and most of the time when something goes wrong, there are signs.

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What was the cesarean for?  I think you should follow your hearts desire :-)  Repeat cesareans are riskier for both mom and baby and get more dangerous with each one.  Trust yourself.  19 months is plenty of time to heal.

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same story here, wanted UC, got a CS eyesroll.gif

my OB offered to try VBAC for my next (unless something bad comes up), as long as I wait at least 2 years, but true be told, Im going for the repeat CS. The risks of both are low, but different, and since I had a very easy time with my CS I am going to go with this again. My Cs was because my babies head did not fit, it was bigger than the pelvic opening and he was so stuck even the docs were surprised.I am very afraid this will happen again. if the Cs had been for something else I might have VBAC UCd, but Im too scared after that looooooong scary labor. after all that the CS was a breeze. of course, I was at a super amazing hospital that is women only, and the standard of care was awesome. had it been an unfriendly place, the CS might not have been so pleasant.

no matter what you pick, Im sure your baby will be happy and healthy. If you think you may get stuck with the hospital, in an emergency, best to pick one out first so you can choose a friendly one- if thats even an option where you live. Im spoiled being I the San Diego/Tijuana area, where you can have any birth you want with the best of providers, or none at all.

good luck! Hope you get your UC!!!
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Whether or not you UC, I would most definitely go for a vbac--which for the vast majority of mamas/babies is the safest way to go both immediately and in the long run.  Your interval btwn babies is FINE.  Have you visited ICAN yet?  www.ican-online.org International Cesarean Awareness Network.  There you will find not only support for vbac, but much info on the dangers of repeat csec--which are numerous and ever-growing with each surgery and each following pregnancy/birth.  And even if it should turn out that you are one of the very rare few who truly can't birth vaginally, then at least your baby will have received much benefit from labor--and they are real and important to your baby's well-being as well as your own. 

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Thank you all so much. The reasons I had a c/s were breech/transverse twins preterm and preeclampsia. I'm most definitely going to be trying for a vbac. I've read my operative reports and all looks good. low horizontal incision and my uterus was double stitched. I'm very much leaning towards a uc this time as well as my husband which is great. I just want to make an informed decision.

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If it makes you feel better, in CO the time interval between c-section and VBAC in order for a midwife to legally attend a homebirth is 18 months. So at 19 months, you'd be "legal" for a midwife attended homebirth, so I'd think as long as you feel ok with UC, you should be fine.

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I had a HBAC 20 months after my twins were born by c/s. The rest have been UC's.

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