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dream help- strange!

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I had an essay typed out that is now in the void, so I'll give you some highlights:


*it takes place in a mansionesque house, that is haunted (think Rose Red)

*I decide I need more living space and want to explore the basement.  my bro lives down there and hesitantly shows me around. 

*two kitchens pretty much back to back.  one is tiny and decked out in blck granite, the other is old and untouched.

so eventually we explore thezse two floors here's some highlights:

-I open a door to a yard that is breathtaking.  it looks a Mayan site in the Andes.  that's when I decide I'm staying.

-I look in a window and see the reflection of DH holding DS.  I know this is the 'house' giving me a message.  DH is horrified, he says that what he saw was our DS drowned in a bathtub.

-when we get to the end of our exploration my brother blows up telling me 'he' won't be happy when 'he' finds out.  DB tells me the name of an author who lives there in the subbasement. 


Here's some interesting stuff:

*this is one of only 3 dreams I remember having in color, the last one was so intense, it lead to a tattoo.

*THese 2 floors make up most of the house but b/c of the haunting only my bro will go there.  nobody talks about why this is, but we all know.

*my bro is umm....strange.  He's wonderful and I know I'm his fav sister.  He's 21, goes to college but seems differant, like he's not all here (on earth), like there's part of him getting information and cues from somewhere else. 

*there's on part where my whole family is in one of the rooms with us.  there's a fire in the hearth and my mother is laying on the floor so exhausted, she's about 30 years younger.  IRL she is terminal though still kicking :)

*i have had peices or earlier versions of this dream for a long time.  this is the first time in it's entirety.



so help me out here- how crazy am I?

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I don't think you're crazy. smile.gif I have bizarre, vivid dreams too. I've done quite a bit of research into dreams and meanings, and have found that when you're trying to make sense of them, the best place to start is your emotions. What feelings did you have in the dream? Now think of your life, is there anything going on in your life right now that makes you have similar feelings? It's likely those things are related.

Another way to think of it is to imagine yourself as different parts of the dream. The house was sending you a message? So allow yourself to go deep into your imagination and think about the messages the house was telling you and your husband. The funny thing is that every person and perspective in your dream actually belongs to you, so trying to see things from the perspectives of the other people/things in your dream can help you understand your thoughts more clearly. Hope that was the input you were looking for! smile.gif
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Look up all the different important things in your dream...such as drowning, basement, kitchen, Andes.  See if anything rings a bell.

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In general, a house in dreams often symbolizes your mind, body or your life. Things that happen inside a house in your dreams represent something personal, things that happen outside represent your engagement with the outside world.  The bedroom represents the sex/love life, the basement the unconscious, the kitchen often represents creativity, plumbing/water represents emotions, etc. New rooms represent new ideas, new areas in your life.  Wanting new living space in the basement to me indicates exploring the unconscious aspects of your mind, wanting to expand your consciousness, to explore within yourself.


Family members could represent themselves, but if they are in your house, ie. inside your self, then they probably represent aspects of you. Your brother in your dream might represent your intuition, not your brother at all.   Could your mother represent the "mother" aspect of yourself?  Are you about 30 years younger than she is?  Is the mother in you tired (well, what mother isn't?)


I'd pay attention to the author in your subbasement (authority or ideas in your subconscious that your intuition (brother) is warning you about.  Do you recognize the name of the author in real life?  What genre does he write?  What does his name mean to you?


The Mayan vista is cool.  What does that mean to you?  


The Dh/DS stuff, I'm not sure - maybe represents anxiety about something happening to your son?  Was your DH horrified in real life or in the dream?  I'm not clear on reading this. If water represents emotion, then drowning could symbolize being overwhelmed by emotions he can't handle?  The DS might also not represent himself - a baby in a dream is often a new beginning.  He could even be your 'inner child'.


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