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Post partum swelling? **UPDATED**

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Daniel was born Saturday and I noticed that yesterday, my hands and feet are swollen. I had a home birth and did not have IV fluids or anything. This sucks. I didn't have one problem with this during pregnancy.....

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Call your midwife and let her know.  It's possible to get pre-eclampsia postpartum.  Swelling can also be normal, but I'd call.

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Are you having any trouble breathing?  Coughing more, any shortness of breath going up stairs or laying down?

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I have what I am pretty sure is a chest cold. So yeah, lots of coughing. Not really short of breath though.

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You need to get checked out.  It could be something serious (and it could be nothing at all). 


Your story makes me think of Annettemarie http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1283473/the-amazing-birth-of-matthew-and-molly-followed-by-pph-and-peripartum-cardiomyopathy


But Babycenter says it's normal http://www.babycenter.com/0_postpartum-swelling-edema_1152274.bc  I think it's more normal after IV fluids and pitocin.  If you didn't have these things, I don't THINK you should be terribly puffy...but then I'm an RT not an OB/GYN or a midwife.  I've only seen post-partum edema after those things or with moms with infection.


Emedicine has info about postpartum edema http://www.emedicinehealth.com/edema/article_em.htm


An article about a woman who had pulmonary edema after a c-section http://business.highbeam.com/435166/article-1G1-194702166/acute-postpartum-pulmonary-edema-23yearold-woman-5 (I don't think a c-section is more likely to cause it than a vaginal birth).


Her only previous respiratory complaint was a mild cough the preceding day.


Can you check your blood pressure?  Any headaches?

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*hug* I know it's probably the last thing you want to do right now, but I agree that you should have things checked out.

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Call your midwife asap.  I had the same thing happen after my c-section (was short of breath too) and I was very, very sick.  Your midwife can come over and make sure you are ok.

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I'm thinking of you today and hope you're doing well!
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I'm also thinking of you!  Hoping you are home cuddling with your baby!

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Wow. What a whirl wind. Turns out, I have postpartum pre eclampsia. My midwife called to do her check in phone call and I mentioned it. She wanted me to get checked by a doctor. I went to urgent care thinking I would just need a "Take it easy" talk and a blood pressure reading. My BP was 144/99 and I was more than a "little" swollen. I had pitting edema from feet to ankles. So, to the ER I headed. When I was admitted, my BP was 177/108!!! So, 2 nights in the hospital on IV fluids and mag sulfate, and batteries of tests (one was a 24 hour urine that I had to be catheterized for..yuck!!) , I was sent home on BP meds, and strong narcotics for the raging headache I have pretty much had for a week now. I was discharged yesterday. Scary stuff!!! My BPs at home have been running 140-150s/90s...

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So glad you went in!  I'm sorry that you are sick, but glad it didn't go any further.  Mag is really the pits.  Hope you and your baby are well and have no more adventures!

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Oh no! I had that pitting edema thing with DS1 and I was in early cardiac failure with pneumonia. I am so glad you went in. I hope you feel better soon.
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