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Yeast Infections! Aaargh!

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I think I have a YI for the 3rd time. I'm only 8w4d. I think my doctor is giving them to me. I've been getting weekly u/ses because I have RPL and the doc does an internal to check the size of my uterus every time. When he does, he sort swipes up like the way we are told we shouldn't wipe after using the toilet to avoid infection. I swear after the last 3 times I have felt a YI coming on the very next day. I've been using garlic to treat it and it seems to work well but I'm sick of getting them.


I take garlic pills every day plus probiotics. Is there anything else I can do to prevent another one? Other than eating yogurt or kefir or anything like that. I can't stomach any of those.


I'm hoping that I won't need any more u/ses. The doc measured me at 9w yesterday and the heartbeat was very strong so we're going to try a doppler next week. But it will be early so if we don't hear a heartbeat, another internal and u/s it will be.

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Keep up with the probitics and put the yogurt (plain) on your yoni :)


Why can't you stomach yogurt? I am lactose intolerant and can eat a little, like 2-3 times a week. Which may be better than nothing.


Also, watch out what you are eating, like sugar or abx. How does DH feel? Does DTD have anything to do with the frequency? I have heard if DH has an off pH or too much sugar in his.. ahem, it can foster a yeast infection in you.


And I don't think the DR wiping you backward will give you a yeast infection, maybe a UTI. If anything, I would say it's the same infection and it never has gone away, and keeps flaring up.


I had the 1st yeast infection of my life during this pregnancy and I thought I was going to die. I can't imagine having three. I tried all the home cures I could and ended up going for the monistate. This is my big pharma baby. I have had to take more pills and potions during this short pregnancy than I ever had in my life greensad.gif

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DH and I haven't dtd since I ovulated over 6 weeks ago so it's not that. It's also not the same infection because after the first one my doc collected a sample to check for yeast and said it was clear. That was after I had already treated it and my symptoms were gone. They were gone completely until the day after I saw the doc again. He puts his fingers on my perineum and swipes up to my vagina but doesn't go as far as my urethra. It feels to me like maybe he starts just a little too far back on my perineum. KWIM? Same thing happened after my appointment last week. I felt fine until actually the night of the appointment. That was Tuesday. By yesterday I knew for sure it was yeast again, put a garlic clove in over night and now I feel fine.


I meant I can't stand the taste of yogurt. I have never liked it. I just can't eat it. It's like shrimp for me. Every few years I think I should like it because everyone else does so I try it again and I can't even swallow it because it's so nasty to me. And I read that the yogurt that is sold in stores is so loaded with sugar anyway that it defeats the purpose of any of the probiotics in it. Even the plain organic yogurt I have seen has sugar in it. Oh, and I haven't had any abx in years.


I haven't had a YI in years, either, so it's really bothering me. My doc prescribed diflucan, which I took once after the first one because it got really bad and nothing seemed to be helping and I couldn't stand it anymore. It was after that that he looked at a culture and said the yeast was gone. I don't feel comfortable taking that again, though, especially weekly because it's a class C pg drug even though my doc says it's fine. Don't all docs pretty much say that whatever they prescribe should be fine? eyesroll.gif When I was pg with ds3 I thought I had a YI (turned out I didn't) and the OB then prescribed a cream with a black box warning. I was like, WTH?! I read that in small doses over a short period of time diflucan doesn't seem to cause a problem but there have been incidents of serious, fatal birth defects when taken in large doses over long periods of time.


The garlic clove seems to work and doesn't have any side effects or contraindications, I don't think. I just wish I didn't have to keep doing it over and over.

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I second the suggestion to cut out all sugar and simple carbs if you can. And I'd be uncomfortable with so many vaginal exams--maybe you can skip that next time? Hope it clears up soon and doesn't come back!
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Well, I'm not a big carb eater and I haven't really wanted sugar since I got pg.


The exams are needed for my own sanity. After 7 first trimester miscarriages, I need the peace of mind that comes with knowing my baby is still there and kicking every week. The stress and anxiety of not knowing and being so afraid that I'm carrying another dead baby inside me is more than I can take. They will stop once we can hear the heartbeat on doppler, maybe next week, or whenever I decide I don't want them anymore, but not past 12w.

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I remember something else I meant to mention. I'm using Prometrium capsules for the first time. In the past, I have always used compounded progesterone suppositories. I wonder if I may be having a reaction to the plastic capsule. I have to keep using them at least until 10w and maybe until 12w.

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