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Does anyone have a food saver/vacuum sealer?

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Like this:




And if so, do you like it? Not like it? Any input?

I know noone who owns one.

Basically, I am single. I do live with my parents but they eat very differently from me and also they eat at 4 PM and I am at work until 5:30 then I have activities, etc. So we rarely eat together.

If I cook a meal, it seems wasteful because I can never eat it all and I don't want to eat the same meal for one week straight.

I have tried that Ziplock system with the air pump. I had carpal tunnel surgery on both sides and I just can't stand to do that much pumping when I cook a lot.

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I have that one and love it.  I am challenged when it comes to wrapping things well enough to freeze without ruining them.  This has saved me.


It doesn't work as well for all liquid things - there's a bit of a learning curve to that.  Otherwise it is super easy to work and stores stuff really well.

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Could you not invest in some glass tupperware and freeze in that?

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We have had it for the last 10 years and not only have I saved a ton of money by being able to buy in bulk but it has been great for freezing xtra summer veggies/fruits from the garden and has allowed me to feed the freezer more easily.


I also make single person portions for my son to easily reheat and eat before sports or for an after school snack-lasagna, burritos, meatballs, grilled chicken breasts, etc.  That could work great for you too so that you have a good healthy meal ready to go when you get home.

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I threw out enough chicken to buy one of those recently! So I did, though a cheaper model. I love it. It's great for things like cheese - open a big block. divide, seal some, eat the rest. For liquids/almost liquids (chili), I put in the bag, freeze, then vacuum and seal it. Also, the rolls are cheaper than the ready made bags, and they can be reused, depending on what was in them, and how they were opened.
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I had one and loved it.  But recently it stopped vacuuming effectively.  I've had it for about 3 years.  I loved it and did feel like it helped me keep food longer, but I'm annoyed that it broke so soon.  I'm debating about whether to buy another.

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We had a foodsaver for 10 years and then it stopped sealing properly so we bought a new Foodsaver.  In the late summer and early fall I use it daily freezing garden veggies and summer pick your own fruit.  I also freeze leftovers, like at Thanksgiving we had a 26 pound turkey I was able to freeze another 5 meals for us.  When we buy meat I buy a bunch at once and then divide it up.  I also freeze cupcakes, rolls, etc.  With soft or wet items you need to put them in the bag and freeze, then vacuum seal.  My new sealer can also use special Foodsaver containers for liquids but I have never used those.

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have one and love it.

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Did you buy this?  If so, are you happy with it?  What are the pros and cons?  If you like it, do you think you would have liked it better with a different model?  Perhaps the manual version? 


I've read some reviews that complain about not being able to control the amount of bag material that is used with the automatic version, when using the rolls (as opposed to the pre-cut bags), resulting in waste.


How hard is it to find affordable replacement bags and rolls?


I've read that some of the replacement rolls don't "catch" properly with the automatic models, resulting in waste.  I don't know if these are generic bags but I'm guessing they are since, according to one review in particular, the bags are only "smooth" on one side.





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