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Due today...

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So today is my due date...I never thought I would get this far with my midwives fears that I would be going into preterm labour back in November and taking me off work and such...alas, here I am!


I have been baking up a storm just waiting...I have knit something for everyone I know while waiting...I have sewn christmas gift bags, gifts themselves, hemmed all the pants on my 3 year old stack...I have washed all our outdoor technical gear...I have cleaned every nook and cranny in my house including scrubbing cupboard doors and baseboards. 


I can't seem to just rest and enjoy this time...DD and I are having our moments as she wants me to be more engaged in just snuggling and reading books but I can't seem to stop moving. 


Dear Baby...please don't make your debut earthside on Dec 25th...thank you...your impatient mamma!

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Due today too!  I thought for sure I would be holding our wee one by now.  I am still maintaining my hope that she will be here before Christmas morning.

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with you girls

due today

beside having the flu

i want this baby out now

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Also due today! But I'm hoping the kid waits until the 26th, when my amazing (1st choice) doula will finally be available!!

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