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Anyone have advice/experience on UC with long labors?

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I have been thinking about this since my last birth almost 1 1/2 years ago. I just found out we are expecting again (yay!), and I really want a UC. I have had midwife assisted hb for my two kids, and I'm just disappointed kind of. I want to do it myself with no poking, prodding, and fear (unfortunately, that's how the few m/w here are, and SO not supportive of UC either).

I'm kind of scared though, because my labors are long (1st over 50 hours, 2nd 30 hours from water breaking), and I bleed a lot from unknown causes during labor (but not after). My biggest fear is that I'll be stuck in the middle of another marathon labor, with no one to ask advice of that has knowlege and wisdom. I also want a UP, but IF there is an emergancy, I don't want me and baby treated like we have the plague.

Anyone with experiences like mine? Any wisdom to share?


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Go for the UC if you are comfortable with it. I am planning that this time with my third. I was UPing until now. I have my first hospital midwife appointment at 24 weeks (mid-Jan.) 

I decided I should try to get a bit of care so if there were an emergency they wouldn't treat me poorly either. I did UP with my second pregnancy but I was in Romania when I gave birth so I don't think they view things the same as in US. It was a terrible experience though. (I had wanted an UC with my second child too but nowhere to do it.)


Go with what feels right.

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I have no experience with labors that long, and I don't know how you cope with such long labors - but obviously, you do! If you think you can handle it, why not? This is a great forum to get more general information about UC, but of course the decision is your alone to make. Have you any idea what is the cause of your long labors? That might be a factor in your decision, too.


I did see your thread yesterday too, but my labors lasted eight and four hours (the last was a UC). I can't offer you any specific advice.

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Dayiscoming: So you're just going the once to get on record?

Mittenskittens: I have a tilted uterus, I've heard that may play a part. Also, I wonder if the midwife's fear or whatever played a role, or even just having someone there. I am a very intuitive person who is sensitive to others feelings, also I don't like to be rushed (and having her there made me feel rushed), and I think I have performance anxiety. So there are many factors I think played a part. I'm hoping UC will shorten my labor since I will feel more comfy just me and my family. I don't want to get my hopes up too much though and be discouraged if I get another long one, that's what happened last time.
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Yeah, I want to get on record but will probably go more than once as long as the midwives are nice and let me dictate what care I do and don't want while I'm there.


I had a really long labor with my first... Started on Saturday around noon, lasted until Tuesday at 12:43pm (I think.) almost 73 hours. Was in the hospital on and off.That was with a little pitocin at the end but I really don't think it helped me - my nurses and OB were probably just getting sick of me being there/coming up on a time limit or something. They didn't explain anything.


I don't know what positions you were in during your labor but I was mostly laying down a lot during my first so that might have also caused it to be longer besides the fact it was my first.


With my second I had read up on how to UC, mostly was left all by myself for the laboring except for a couple super annoying and painful vaginal exams that I didn't want. I maintained upright positions the whole time and pushed on hands and knees mostly. (against my Doc's wishes.) My labor lasted from about 8 am to around 6:45 pm. I think that the birthing environment is important but had a crappy one myself. I think UC allows for a better birthing environment for sure. 

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I was not as active with my first, mostly because labor started at night and I was exhausted. I was super active with my second; a lot of walking, birth ball (rocking my hips), standing and swaying, squatting in tub, sitting on toilet, etc. A few naps thrown in there, as well as nursing my dd here and there.
It took the longest to get past 4 cm. Once I was at 7 he was born 47 min later. I think vag exams had something to do with it too, they were very painful (cervix very posterior), and I was very disappointed with the (lack of) progress.
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On the up side, you won't have to deal with vaginal exams with a UC.


On the other hand, if you want a homebirth and want to have someone who's knowledgeable about birth there, you could ask a friend who's into birthy things to come or hire a doula.

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I am a doula (and aspiring midwife), and I'm not sure I want anyone else there. But I do have a doula friend who is more experienced that i might ask to come...
We'll see. I have a lot of thinking and considering to do. I'll definitely be hanging around here and reading UC stories!smile.gif
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