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6 to 7 week ultrasound Update 12/28

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I had a free ultrasound this past Monday at my local crisis pregnancy center. Their machine is from 95 or 96. The sono lady said she only saw a sack and nothing else and to come back in two weeks since they are closed next week. I think I was about 6 weeks & 1 to 3 days when I had it done. I have had two blighted ovum's in the past and I am worried that this is the case again. I can not wait the two weeks so I am going to my "real" sono guy this Monday and should be about 7 weeks and 1 to 3 days. Do you think there is any hope? Has anyone else had this happen to go back in a week and see a heart beat?



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With my current pregnancy, my first u/s was when I was 8w3d according to my LMP. All the tech could see was a sac measuring 6w1d, no fetal pole, no heart beat.

My OB had me come back in 2 weeks and at that time there was my little bean measuring 9w4d bouncing around.


Good luck! Keeping you in my thoughts!

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6 weeks is super early to have an u/s and see much if anything. The u/s machine at the pregnancy center might not have been the best quality too. I know the center here won't even do an u/s until 7 weeks. I wouldnt worry too much but I know it's hard to wait! Hang in there!

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Thanks gals for responding. LSUtwinMama, your story gives me much hope!

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At my 7 week ultrasound, they saw one sac, no heartbeat. Two weeks later we saw two healthy little heartbeats!
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Yeah. I had an early u/s and the tech told me that at 6w she should be able to see the sac but even if she didn't get a heartbeat yet it didn't mean there shouldbe cause for concern.

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How did it go?  With my first u/s at 6w3d they saw an empty sac and only 6 days later at 7w2d they saw a healthy embryo with a heartbeat!  (We were told we only had a 10% chance that it was going to be a normal pregnancy.)

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I'm debating getting an ultrasound at my first prenatal... I really want to see the heartbeat and find out if this pregnancy is viable. I'll be 7w3d. But I also don't want to freak myself out for no reason if they can't see the heartbeat. Mehhhh!



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With this pregnancy, at 7 weeks ALL we saw was a round sac, nothing else, no baby. I was sure I was having another mc, but tried to remain positive. The Dr. was great, never mentioned a d&c. We just scheduled another ultrasound in a week and a half. Guess what, a baby with a heartbeat and measuring right on. That was the hardest 1.5 weeks. Good luck!

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I went and had a free sono last Monday at my local pregnancy center. They saw a sack and nothing else and that the sack was around 6 weeks.  

So I went to my "real" sono guy yesterday, a week later and should have been at least 7 weeks. He said the sack was measuring 6 weeks still and that is what the lady said "I was measuring last Monday. We did see a yoke sack and a heart beat this time. He said a heart beat below 100 was not good and that this little one was beating 109. He would have liked it to have been beating a little higher but that it was above 100. He said to come back next Monday to see if there is any growth. Sooo, once again, hurry up and wait. I know for for my temp was up and I Oed by Nov 22nd and I got my first +HPT on Nov 30th so I don't know what to think.  I knoI know for sure my temp was up by Nov 22nd and I got my first +HPT on the 30th NOv.
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If there is a heartbeat, there is hope. 

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Good luck! I hope you get good news on Monday. 

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