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Train vacation with twins

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Has anyone tried this?  The twins are only a year old and DD1 is 4 years old.  We're considering trying an Amtrak vacation with an overnight stay on the train.  I'm not sure how smart that is.  Any experience would be appreciated!



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would you be getting a private sleeper car? i bet it would be pretty fun if you can swing it and i bet the little ones would like the rock of the train to sleep too.

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Forum crashing from another ttc for over 12months thread grad. I am currently on a train with ds who is snoozing next to me. We are on a 21 hour ride and we have a sleeper car. So far it has been great. I think if you have a sleeper and the ride is not too long it can be really fun even with little ones.
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I did this with 4 kids and my mom when the twins were 5 months old.  It worked fine and we didn't have a sleeper.  I brought lots of blankets and pillows and made spots on the floor for the babies and the big kids slept on their seats folded down. (Sometimes the footrests wiill fold up to make a crib, so look for those.) The kids all slept fine and I got in some nice chat time with my mom. Bring some extra snacks and plan to buy meals (we ate in shifts).  Definitly helps to have 2 adults.  I wouldn't do it by myself with 2 babies.  


I will do it this summer with 4 kids by myself.  But only 1 child will be under 6! 


And NO, I don't travel with computers or dvd players.  A few toys and a few snacks. 


Have a great time!

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Thanks for the info!  I think we're going to try.  We'll book a sleeper at least one direction, although it's nice to know it's not necessary.  We'll have two adults, dh and I.  Now I'm starting to get excited as this would be our first vacation with only our family, as we've traveled with both grandparents in the last year to get additional hands for the babies.

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