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Medicaid & UC

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I currently have pregnancy Medicaid & my children have Medicaid & so will this new baby.  Have any of you had experience w/ this after UC?  I'm wondering if I'll have any issues.  (I'm in GA btw.)


And I guess I'll take the opportunity to quickly introduce myself.  Can't say I'm a lurker b/c I only learned about ya'll a few days ago from a friend.  But this will be baby #4 for us due in July.  #1 was a 100% managed medicated hospital vaginal birth, #2 was an emergency c/s under general anesthesia (not an "un-neccessarian", our baby was truly in distress, had true knot in cord, I'm very grateful for that c/s), & #3 was a med-free hospital VBAC.  Just have the feeling this baby will be born at home, but m/w attended births are illegal here, so UC is our only option.  So here I am.  :)

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I'm planning on doing the same thing as you but in MT.


I'll await answers here too. I know of one mama on here who recently did this with twins.(Almi) I think it should be just fine. You may want to take your newborn in for a check with a pediatrician/family doctor a few days to a week after the birth. I think that's what I'm going to do. I have a nice family doc who is pro-choice when it comes to vaccines. So, yey. They don't need to know the details of the birth. Just say it was a homebirth. 


In addition to this question... Does anyone know what to say to a midwife or OB who expected you to give birth with them? Just say baby came sooner than you expected or something? And when do you let them know? 

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Actually, CNM-attended births are legal here, but I think there is only one in the state attending at home right now.  There are lots of illegal midwives practicing in the Atlanta area.  If you would like the name/location of the CNM, ping me with a PM.  


That said, if you are comfortable with UC, go for it!  I don't have any experience with Medicaid, but I would think you should be able to get it somehow.  What documentation do you need to sign up, do you know?

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I am in Texas and planning to UC, but seeing CNMs and not telling them that I'll be UCing. I'm on Medicaid for this pregnancy and the baby will be on it after birth. All I have to do is call the number on my card when baby is born and tell them that the baby is here. I think it's pretty much the same procedure no matter what state you're in.


As for what to tell midwives/care providers, my plan is to tell the CNMs that I underestimated where I was in labor and got caught at home. Every time I visualize this birth, I'm in my bedroom by myself giving birth peacefully. I can't see it any other way.


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As far as medicaid for the baby is concerned, you just have to notify them within a certain amount of time after the birth so they can add the new baby. With my UC baby I didn't bother letting them know (this was in TN) and I think a month after my due date they sent me a letter saying I had x amount of time to send them a copy of the birth certificate and SS card or my coverage would be dropped.


Does anyone know what to say to a midwife or OB who expected you to give birth with them? Just say baby came sooner than you expected or something? And when do you let them know? I guess this depends if you plan to see the care provider for follow up care post partum. If not, then you really don't have to say anything. If you are, the next time you see them (after baby) you can just say the baby came faster than you expected so you just stayed home. I saw an ob at around 36 weeks with #2 for what I thought was an issue which turned out to be nothing (yet to get in to see this ob I had to tell them I was switching my care and delivering in the hospital with them-yeah right!) so I never went back and UC'd. 5 months later I had a mc and went back to the same ob and she saw in my file they had seen me during my last pregnancy, asked about the birth and I just said I had him at home and everything went great. She just said that was good to hear and moved on like it was no big deal.

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I've never UCed with Medicaid, but I was on Medicaid when I was pregnant with DD. I would think it wouldn't matter if you UC or not. If anything, you'll be saving the state a bit of money since they won't have to pay for a hospital birth. And I agree with pp, all you have to do is let them know when you had your baby so he/she will still be on Medicaid after the birth. They don't ask where the baby was born or how or anything like that, they just need proof of the birth date so I can't imagine a UC would affect Medicaid coverage.

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I had my uc in GA and was on medicaid.  All I had to provide was proof of prenancy (which was easy because I went to one midwife visit and decided to uc after that).  After my baby was born I had to provide them with a copy of the birth certificate and social security number.  They never said anything to me about where or how I had the baby.


I am also familiar with several midwifes in GA who do homebirths let me know if you want some info,

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