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Hi everyone!


I just found out I'm expecting last night... it should be interesting as I have an almost one year old already!! It's going to be busy next year once the new baby comes.


My EDD is September 2nd. Look forward to chatting to everyone else due Sept 2011.

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hi! joining you :) due around sept 3rd (according to due date calculator)!! baby 3!!!!

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Hi HappyMonkey and tjjazzy!

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Originally Posted by tjjazzy View Post

hi! joining you smile.gif due around sept 3rd (according to due date calculator)!! baby 3!!!!


I am also due September 3rd with #3:)
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Hope I'm not jinxing anything (have yet to have a conclusive BFP) but I'm 99% certain I'm due around Sept 4th with our second child. Fingers crossed!


(The darn preg. test last night had a VERY faint pos. line so I'm trying to wait another day or two before using the second test in the pack. The wait is driving me nuts! orngtongue.gif)

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congrats! sept 2 is my b day!! hehehhe hope that test came up bright for you, although last time I called them, and they said if theres  aline, theres no way around it, a line is a line, faint or not, congrats!

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Another baby 3 on the 3rd here!

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Bah! I guess Christmas stress delayed AF by 5 FREAKING DAYS! greensad.gif So I'm out but still wishing everyone a happy healthy pregnancy!

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i'm sorry curiouscanadian :(

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I know its bad news and I am horribly sorry, but what is AF please?

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Aunt Flo. :)  Don't be sorry, it can be so hard to learn message board abbreviations!

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Hello all.  Just confirmed we are positive...this was a little unexpected and unplanned since we have a 7 month old DS (and only DTD 2 times last month)!  I'm trying to process and get over the shock and then I'll be able to realize how blessed we are.  DH is freaking out.  I can't believe I'm going to go through this all again so soon, I feel like I just did this!  No specific EDD yet... 

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