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I have 3 beautiful, healthy kids ages 3, 2, and 7 weeks. I don't want anymore (at least not now), but I don't want to sterilize myself or dh. I don't want to use the pill or any other hormone b.c. and condoms aren't an option if I want to actually -enjoy- my sex life. I was wondering if any of you have any "alternative" birth control suggestions that have worked for you? We do NFP, but I'm concerned about wingin' it until my period comes, which is what we usually do. I discussed the diaphragm with my nurse, but it's so big! Just thinking about inserting it turns me off! Any suggestions?:
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It doesn't seem like you have a lot of options. Maybe you could combine NFP with a barrier method. Use the barrier only when you think you're fertile and nothing the rest of the month. I feel wary of NFP. One of my good friends took a class in NFP and really felt she was doing everything right, and yesterday she told me she's pregnant.
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Diaphragms aren't too bad

we did one for two years and it worked well (#3 was planned.) It's important to get it fitted properly and practice inserting it.

As far as the romantic, spontaneous, romance novel love-making sessions go, ha ha ha ha!!! My girls are 15 months apart, not much mommy down time. But you know what, it kind of got fun. I'd be thinking I'd like a little action and put in my 'party hat' before bed and leave the case stragetically place so DH could see it.

Needless to say, he took advantage of those opportunities

Not the best option, maybe, but it worked for us. hth
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I have the same birth control problem too. I used NFP to avoid pregnancy, and used condoms during the fertile time - we got pregnant, so I don't think that is a good idea.
I also winged it until I got my period (3 mo. post partum ). We are still using NFP but not following the observation/charting rules as accurately as before (I lost faith in it), and we are completely avoiding fertile times (that is a big pain because my cycles are very irregular!).
Do you have to use spermicide with a diaphram?
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Yes, you do.

I have a cervical cap, which I like a lot better than I liked the diaphragm that I used to have. psychologically it isn't as fun as unprotected sex, but maybe that's just as well right now....
What I like about it is: the diaphragm was big, and it hurt me. The cap can be put in ahead of time, and you don't need to use extra spermicide if it's been in for a few hours, or between "rounds." and, it is a true barrier method, while the diaphragm is mostly a way of holding spermicide in the right place.

They used to say, wear the cap all the time except when you have your moon, which is probably why people have had problems with irregular pap smears, statistically.... I put it on and take it off like a diaphragm, and have no problems. It's a little harder to learn to put on, but worth it, I think. Neither of us ever feel the thing.
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cervical cap

What's the difference btn a diaphragm and cervical cap? Obviously, the diaphragm is smaller (I'm assuming from a previous post), but it sounds like you still put it in and take it out, or that that is at least an option.
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I use NFP along w/ a fertility indicator form www.lunafert.com. I'm like you- don't want a baby now, hate BCP, don't like condomes, etc... so far this works for us.
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