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Red vaginal opening, strong smelling urine, fever (19 mos. girl)

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I've searched high and low on this website and google for an answer...


My daughter has had a bright red vaginal opening since before 12 mos. old - she is now 19 mos.  Doctor tested for UTI and it came back negative, and said to use more diaper cream. I've tried switching diapers, diaper creams, natural shampoos/soaps.  Sometimes I let her air dry after changing her, but still the same redness.


He urine smells really strong, almost like poop, and she goes through 4-5 pee diapers a day.  She is still breastfed and only drinks water.  This girl has a sippy cup to her mouth all day (almost).


I used to think it didn't bother her, but now that she can talk, she always says she has "poop", tugs at her diaper and says "owie".  When I change her diaper after a poop, I have the most difficult time cleaning the inside of her labia because she is squirming and crying.


Now, she has a fever, and all of the symptoms are present.  We are going to start the GAPS Diet in January, but I'd really like to figure our what's going on with my sweet girl.

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It might be a vulval yeast infection. Your Dr would be able to tell better.


You could try...


No soap of any kind. Rinse with plain water after pee and/or BM, no wiping, just pat dry.  Apply an antifungal cream like clotrimazole (Lotrimin) twice a day for a week.


If there's no change take her back to the Dr.

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I would try eliminating sugars(including fruit juices) from the diet and supplementing with probiotics and other immune enhancing supplements. If you do dairy kefir would be a good place to start. Although I would guess there may be underlying allergies. Anything else going on? Constipation, vaginal itching, moodiness, stomach pain, ear infections?

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She currently doesn't have a doc.  I'm looking, looking, looking.  I've been thru the gamut of bad pediatricians.  Ugh.  You would think LA would have a good few covered under Healthy Families.


I started rinsing with plain water and that seems like it's helping her urine smell, but I'm noticing a strong oder coming from her vagina.  It was possibly there before.  Any natural anti-fungal remedies?  Perhaps Tea Tree oil?


She doesn't eat sugar or any type except organic raw honey on occasion, which I understand supports a healthy gut flora.  I'll start kefir... and look for some probiotics.  


Never been on antibiotics.  No other symptoms except tiredness - she's back to 2 naps.


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Hmmm, does she have any darkening/bags right under her eyes? They would be barely noticeable in such a small child but if they are there, even a little that would be the kidneys. I would try cranberry juice. I know she tested neg for a UTI but it still sounds like there may be some sort of imbalance there. You could also try rubbing the kidney area of her feet. Search for reflexology chart on the web. It's just under the pad of the big toe, a bit towards the center. You rub any uncomfortable area. Just gently though :)


Does/did she have cradle cap? If yes I would think she may have some fungal problems.


Raw garlic is really good for immunity. You can chop it up really fine and put it on buttered toast or maybe in some guacamole or salsa? Herbs for kids is a good line, they are made with glycerine and taste pretty good (well, atleast that is what my kids say!). Yogurt is good (unless there are dairy allergies) and you can also douche with that as well. You want a really good, organic, all natural (no sugar) yogurt though :)

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Yes, she does get dark circles under her eyes, especially when she's tired, but it's very noticeable (someone made a comment about it).  No cradle cap currently, but she did when she was an infant.  I'll do the reflexology, the raw garlic (she will drink it in broth), and yogurt douching.  Yesterday I started applying a little yogurt to the redness area, should I continue applying externally as well?  


I'll update.


Wow.  Thank you for these great ideas.  

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The yogurt is good to both eat and apply externally. With the dark circles I would add cranberry juice to her water, so it is diluted. She wouldn't need massive amounts. Non sweeten organic cranberry juice. Or some fresh bee pollen. :)

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