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So irratible and annoyed

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I'm so very irratable right now. It always happens at the beginning of my pregnancies. I'm trying hard not to take it out on everyone around me. Anyone else have this happen? How do you deal with this? This is the first pregnancy I've had that I've had to be around anyone other than Dh and our kids this early (it's not them that are making me annoyed it's everyone else).
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I'm finding that I'm pretty bitchy, too, which is not really normal for me (I swear!)


Not getting annoyed with the husband, but I've got a lower tolerance for the dogs wanting lots of attention.

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My DH said that pregnancy was like 9 months of PMS. I know that is not true because he said the opposite towards the end of my first pregnancy.  Right now he's under considerable stress ... and I'm thinking that's more it than anything else.

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My husband thinks I'm a terrible pregnant woman. I can get pretty mean when I'm pregnant. I wasn't quite as bad with two as I was with our first. I'm hoping this times it completely different and I'm a lovely pregnant woman. But, I'm already feeling that just under the skin irritation at little things. I'm hiding it for now though.

Seriously though, my goal is to not be so ugly to those around me for 9 months.I really don't want to do that to my hubby and my little boys.

We shall see...

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This has got to be my favorite thread by far!! It's halrious.

You know my MW said that when I'm pregnant I should embrace my feelings, as irrational as they may seem. She said I can do no wrong while I'm preggers because of all the changes going on inside of me. I remind my husband of this whenever I don't act right and he gets irratated with me!!!!

Ahhhhhh....I love my midwife!!! Anyone else want her number?? Hehehe. smile.gifsmile.gif
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This is so me.  I'm definitely doing more apologizing to my LO these days.  I hope things smooth out when my hormones do.  Somehow as soon as I'm pregnant my dh finds amazing reserves of patience and kindness, but I hate to snap at him.

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This is how I'm feeling right now too! So incredibly irritable.  This may be in part due to the fact that we've been marooned in our house for the last couple of days, and ds and I are both a little stir crazy.  Snow and ice have debilitated northeast ga. Snow's pretty and all, but GET ME OUT OF HERE!! :)  I'm over it.  I can't remember if I was grumpier than usual when pregnant with ds.  If I was, I don't think it was a constant pregnancy symptom.  Here's hoping it passes with the weather. 

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