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Worried about being able to BF because of surgery.

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11 years ago I BF my daughter for 19 mos no problem. Im Pregnant again and plan on BF, however I had a lumpectomy on my right breast 2 years ago. The cyst was not cancerous. And Ive not had any more problems since.

I had no plans for ever being pregnant again and Im wondering if this breast will work or if the doc cut all my milk ducts?? He said I would not have a scar and I do. Im 33 week and my boobs are VERY lopsided. THis is why im now worried that my much smaller right breast is broken. :(.

Is it possible to BF with only one booby? Has anyone out there had this problem as well??

Thanks Ladies. 

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I have a friend whose child had torticollis (sp) and would only nurse on one breast.  Her milk dried up in the other one, but she nursed her son for over 2 years on the one breast. It took her a while to figure out that her son had a physiological issue, and by that time apparently the other breast had stopped producing.  It CAN be done, but if your second breast does not produce any milk, you will just have to be prepared to supplement if it becomes necessary. From what I understand though, there are milk ducts throughout the entire breast, so while you may have a reduced supply, you will likely continue to produce SOME milk from that breast.  Also, whether your breasts are large or small does not indicate supply - so just because they are currently lopsided, they may both be just fine. Good luck!

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There is an article on here somewhere about nursing with only one breast.  It might make you feel better to read it.

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Here is a link to the Mothering article about breastfeeding from only one breast -- the woman had one breast seriously damaged in a fire and went on to breastfeed 5 kids (including a set of twins!) from just the other side.


Also, for all intents and purposes, my 7mo breastfeeds from only my right side. For various reasons, my left side has never produced much, and if not for pumping, probably would have completely dried up by now. I have had no need to supplement and feel confident that just the one boob has supplied all of her needs.


However, you'll probably be even more lopsided if you can't breastfeed from the side that you had surgery on. OR, maybe there are still some connected milk ducts there and by nursing from that side, you'll even it out a little more :)

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