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Breast Pumps!

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What are the best but still affordable breast pumps? I have an Evenflo single electric pump that I've used in the past, but it just doesn't work well enough for me. I normally can't even pump 2 ounces in 30 mins. It just takes too long to pump, and I don't get much out. I really feel like a good pump will help me breast feed longer.

The longest I've lasted is 3 months, and I want to do it longer this time! Part of the problem is that we have always moved across the country right after a baby was born. DD1, 2 months old. DD2, 2 weeks old! DD3, 2 months old. We will be moving AGAIN when the new baby is 2 months old too! Weird how it works out that way! It makes for difficult breast feeding though. The drive is LONG, and I want to be able to pump and feed the baby a bottle if I have to, so that we don't have to stop as often.

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Do you have health insurance? Many times they will pay for a hospital grade electric rental for a period of time after birth (30/60/90 days) if your doctor writes a prescription for it. That will get you off to a good start, and you could store up some milk. If you just need it for the short term, nix this idea! LOL


I have a Medela Pump in Style (PIS) and I've used it twice for exclusive pumping including establishing my supply I was a surrogate. So, I nursed babies in hospital and a few times a day for the first week, and their mama induced lactation too with the same pump. There is an attachment with it to use in the cigarette lighter in the car.


I've also had really good luck with the Avent Isis hand pump. With my second ds, I went back to school when he was 2 mos old and I'd pump enough for him for 2 bottles a day in 2 15 min sessions.  It is a hand pump, but it's so easy to use and I got great let down and pumping with it, because you can control the length of the 'draw' unlike the electrics, so at first, I could do quick sucks like a baby starting at the breast, and then hold it for longer suction once I had let down, just like a baby would do. They are also very inexpensive and a good option for part-time use. I actually love this more than my PIS for just the occasional pumping session. And it's great, because it doesn't require power!

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I also use the Medela PIS at work.  My body responds really well to it and we've got quite a bit ready to go.  What I use at home though is the Medela Harmony hand pump.  I use the hand pump frequently at home and while driving with DH.  The hand pump is just as effective as the electric, but not quite as convenient.  Highly recommend both.  The harmony is around $30 so MUCH more affordable. 

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What do you like/not like about the electric vs. the hand pumps? I always thought the hand pumps would be too hard to use and take too long...

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I have had a hospital grade pump, I have a PIS and an avent isis hand pump.  I love the hand pump.  yes, your forearm will be sore if you only pump and don't nurse, but it's really not a pain to use.  I generally get more milk faster than with the electric pump.  You're more in control of speed and suction.  There is no noticeable difference for me between the hospital pump and the pump in style (and my PIS is 6 years old), but I always have to double pump in order to get anything at all with the electric pump.  If you're looking for inexpensive, I'd try a hand pump.  I was surprised myself, I got mine at a discount store for cheap, and would never have gotten it otherwise, but since then I take it everywhere, even use it at work sometimes!

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My general rule is to not buy a pump made by a manufacture that also makes infant formula/food/etc because they have a vested interest in your failure to pump enough!  

If Lansinoh is still selling their pump it's the same as the Ameda Purley Yours (except it's purple) and it's about $100-200 cheaper than the Ameda and Medela PIS. I used the Ameda and had good results with it, the parts are harder to find than the Medela but it works just as well. 

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I didn't know the lansinoh was the same as the PY.  Does it use the same parts?  I can be forgetful so I have parts at both work and home, but it'd be so nice to not need to lug the whole thing with me.


I have the Ameda PY; I like it.  I have batteries at work and home in case I forget the cord.  I think it has a car socket plug too, if I remember correctly?  To save on cost I bought just the parts I needed, not the bag and the cool packs and extra bottles etc.  I have an insulated case already.  I have freezer packs should I need them.  The basic package comes with 2 - 4oz bottles.  We had extra bottles around already from determining what DS would accept, so I use Dr. Browns to pump into at work also.  I think I paid $150 including shipping.  Still pricey, but not as much as with all the extras. 


To help with supply I bought the bigger horns and that has helped me because it doesn't actually hurt now.  I also noticed that the more water I drink the more I can pump.  64 oz daily is the bare minimum to allow me to pump what I need during work.

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I 99.9% sure it's literally the exact same thing only purple so all your parts should be interchangeable. I've not tried it myself or I could say for 100% certainty. 

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I didn't know the lansinoh was the same as the PY.  Does it use the same parts?  I can be forgetful so I have parts at both work and home, but it'd be so nice to not need to lug the whole thing with me.

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I actually just posted this answer to another thread that ended up talking about the Purely Yours/Lansinoh pump question:



Several years ago, Ameda sold the license to it's Purely Yours design to Lansinoh for them to produce and sell. That's why they look so much the same and all the spare parts work on both.


However, that contract has ended and Lansinoh has come out with it's own new double electric pump. At first glance it looks pretty good in terms of the suction curve I look for, but it is noisy. I'd love to hear from anyone who is using this new one.


suep ibclc

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I use an Ameda Purely yours.  Just wanted to chime in that babys r us now carries ameda accessories...which makes it SO much easier to get the rubber pieces, bottles, etc when needed. 

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