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Nathan Skyler is here!!

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He's born on 12/22. Sorry, a little bit late in posting. we just got the name down, since all we had going into this was a girl's name and for the life of us, we don't have a boyz name. 

6lb13oz, 20 in long. I had 40 hours of back labor!! Luckily, DH and midwives had been there and were great in helping me cope with the waves.

Life after the birth was TOUGH. We are both so tired and didn't even drain the birth tub until x'mas day. For the past couple of nights, LO has been crying and i don't have a clue on how to sooth him. I was in tears and wanted to put the baby back in the belly so I don't need to deal with this. I know parenting is hard and tough work, I thought i was ready for it. But, this is HARD WORK! I don't know if I can make it. DH has been great with the LO, but i felt so useless. I was in tears at least an hour a day since birth. Every inch of me is still hurting since I have been coughing my brains out as well, and coughing doesn't help healing my two minor tare at all.

Breastfeeding wise is not good either. My milk came in today, and the LO latch on the way he wanted to. All he does is to suck my nipple. I tried correcting him, but he will just move out and don't suck. Hopefully, my midwife will be able to help me when she is back here tomorrow to check things out. I also tried nursing him lying down, and that didn't work. I thought if I can nurse him in bed, he will be able to drift back to sleep as he does not sleep at night at all.. gotta keep trying...

Alright ladies, sorry for sounding so down... If and when i can settle down to write the birth story, things will sound so much better.

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Oh, Grace! I knew about your tough labor, but I didn't know you were feeling so down. Do you have someone to talk to - mom, friend, etc? It's so, so important to have someone that will just LISTEN.  Breastfeeding is very hard work- but remember that it is something that is LEARNED, for both mama and baby. Also, nursing laying down takes some practice- some babies take longer than others to figure it out. For some good info, check out Dr. Jack Newman's breastfeeding page- it may be helpful to you. http://www.drjacknewman.com/


For soothing- have you tried wearing Nathan in a wrap? DD#1 had to be held constantly to be soothed, and the Moby worked wonders for us. Even DH was able to soothe her this way. Eventually she would fall asleep in it and we could put her down still asleep. Also, some babies just cry more than others- it doesn't mean you're not doing an amazing job. Please don't think your baby crying = you're not doing enough. 


It definitely is a tough transition, going from being pregnant to having a newborn. But hang in there and know that many (I would wager MOST) of us have been where you are. hug2.gif

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Oh honey! It is so hard at first. You will eventually get your groove, it just takes time. I do want to suggest though to please contact LLL. I did my leader training work with the San Jose group and those ladies are awesome. It sounds like you may have a bit of the baby blues which is totally normal. Definitely talk to your midwife about it. Sleep deprivation will the best of moms, so try to sleep as much as you can.

Also, you can contact Harmony or Blossom Birth (depending on where you are in the bay area) and they can put you in touch with some other resources that may be helpful.

Congrats on your little one!
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Love the name!  I agree with you...I knew this mommy thing would be tough, but I didn't know it would be this tough.  I definitely have had moments if "what weree we thinking" and one particular night of "make her go away."  Now that nursing is going better I am feeling more positive about things.  I hope your latch issues get sorted out soon.

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Love the name, too! I agree it is tough, this is my second and it's a whole new ballgame as this little monkey is doing things DD didn't starting with the wonky latch, DD just caught on right away and this guy is doing this nipple latch thing, I second the recommendation to contact LLL, they were very supportive for me last time and I plan on attending meetings this time again. Jack also doesn't really think nighttime is for sleeping, so I've been up most of the night since he was born and have tried to catch up on sleep during the day, despite having family visiting and a 4 year old. I keep telling myself it will get easier!! hug2.gif

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Congratulations and hang in there! I can't imagine recovering from 40 hours of back labor...I hope that lying down to nurse starts to work for you - it can be a huge help! Please go easy on yourself - the first weeks with a newborn can be incredibly stressful!


I hope that you are getting the support that you need and that things are going better for you...best of luck!

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Thanks everyone. I am doing much better now. Breastfeeding is more like baby led now. LO will just open his mouth wide open and latch on. Gotta love a child that knows what he's doing and showing mama how to do it. ;) I started taking my placenta capsules and am feeling much better. The baby blues were definitely scary. I don't have any friends with children, all I have is my hubby and my oldest sis to talk to. I know they are here for me, so I am good. Gotta go to one of those LLL meeting so I can start meeting people with LO. Thank you mamas for your encouragement! 

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Also, contact your local HMN chapter. It is like being around a bunch of MDC moms! Glad to hear things are going better smile.gif
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Congratulations! I am a first-timer too, and I agree--I knew it would be hard, but I had NO IDEA. Having a long labor with no rest is a hard way to kick things off, too. Life improves, though...slowly but surely...

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