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How to determine the postion of placenta without U/s?

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How do you tell where your placenta is located without u/s? Is there a way to tell if it is previa?


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Don't think you will know for sure until the last weeks of pregnancy.  There can be some bleeding that will warn you in the last couple of months.  Also, there is a higher chance of breech or transverse due to the placenta's placement- that can warn you too.  But honestly, most women get u/s before a low-lying placenta could be confirmed as previa.  A late term u/s would be necessary to determine for sure.  But, it is rare.  I think there should be no concern unless you have late term bleeding, breech/transverse, or just a gut feeling.

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I can hear where my placenta is based on the different "whoosh whoosh" sounds from my fetoscope.  Also, baby never hangs out in that spot.  As far as ruling out previa (while not being able to hear where the placenta is), not sure you can with just a fetoscope.

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I never cared. I mean if I was bleeding, I might check w/ fetescope, but otherwise no.

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Thank you for the replies! So previa usually has some bleeding? I am pretty sure my placenta is anterior bc I rarely feel kicks at 29 weeks and tried getting the HB with a stethoscope but couldn't find it.
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I believe that it is possible to go through a pregnancy with a complete or partial previa and NO bleeding.  In all cases, as soon as your cervix begins to dilate, you will begin to bleed bright red blood, and this should be treated as an emergency situation with medical assistance in a hospital.  However, previa is rare.  Of the women who have previa diagnosed at a 20-week ultrasound, only 5% will still have previa at term.  Is there a reason you are worried about previa?

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There is no reason why I am worried about previa other than I am doing an unassisted pregnancy and no ultrasounds. I just figured out that my placenta was anterior so I was curious about previa. Thank you for the information!
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Don't assume a problem if nothing has shown you it is a problem. I have not had an U/S w/ my last seven pregnancies, all UC's. I have no idea where my placentas are.

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thank you that makes my feel better. :)

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VeganEmma - Such a great question! Some thing I have been wondering myself. This is my first baby,and I do not plan on an u/s. Also, we are planning on UC, so every once in a while I would have a passing doubt! But much like you, I have had no signs indicating a reason to worry.  :)

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I've been thinking about a u/s for this exact reason at some point near my "due date"........ just to relieve myself of any worries I may have.  However, I am finding it nigh unto impossible to get an u/s without a doctor's orders and I have no desire to see an ob....ever, if it's avoidable.  So I may just do without the u/s anyhow.  I appreciate you asking this question, the discussion that has followed has been immensely helpful.

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your welcome. With my first I went to a 4d u/s place and needed no doctors info. I am not going to do any u/s this time around. Glad it helped, it helped me too!

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A couple of people have talked about previa and bleeding, and there are a few things to keep in mind.


First, not all previas will bleed early enough for that to be useful as a warning sign.  Most will.  Some won't bleed until labor.


Second, pregnancy is not always a blood-free time.  In particular, many women have bloody show before labor starts, and many bleed during labor.  Bleeding from previa is bright red, not mucus-y, and usually (although not always) painless.  Because bleeding can be started by cervical dilation, you may have bleeding associated with contractions.  In my experience (read my birth story if you want), a crisis involving placenta previa also involves a *lot* of blood.  The most useful thing anyone said to me while I was pregnant was "if there's blood splashing around your ankles, call an ambulance."


Ultrasound does offer a lot of certainty about placental location, and IMO, that's a good reason to have one. 

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Luckily this is my second child so I have a little experience with labor and birth. I have an idea of what is normal blood, so I will keep a look out for excessive bright blood. Thanks for the help!

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