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New approach to the post Christmas sales...

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I made the decision to go to the Boxing Day sales because we really needed a new toaster.


I was nervous that my brain would turn to mush in the shops and I would be sucked in to buying stuff I didn't need....but I was amazed how easily I coasted past all the stuff that people were sifting through. In previous years I would have been right there along side of them, seeing what 'bargains' I could get...yeah stuff I never knew I needed till I saw it on sale.... whistling.gif


I managed to come away with only a toaster, and a calendar for the new year at half price, and one solitary book for $7.50 (reduced from $27.50)...and guess what the book is about........decluttering!  ROTFLMAO.gif


I came home and said to DH what a fantastic shopping trip it was....he looked at my small amount of shopping and said "It doesn't look like you got much" and I said "yep, that was what is fantastic about it."  thumb.gif


Is anyone else braving the sales?

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I've had to brave our local shopping centre two days in a row now! On  Boxing Day DS1 had an emergency appointment at the dentist which is located *in the centre* and today I took my sons to the movies as it was raining and they were given tickets as Christmas gifts.


It was pretty crazy - driving around for ages looking for a park, security guards directing people in and out of elevators, etc. I don't like the vibe at all. I didn't buy anything, stayed away from Meyer, DJs etc.


Good for you for just getting the toaster! And what book was it? :)

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I was going to go out yesterday to get some storage bins and such, since they're all on sale.  DH has a small home-based business building emergency lights in addition to his full-time job.  Our basement is packed with LED bulbs, miscellaneous electronics pieces and parts, wiring, and heaven-knows-what-else.  He isn't the most organized person to begin with, and having to buy parts in bulk hasn't improved the situation any.  I desperately want him to move his business stuff out to the garage workshop, but for now it's living in the basement. 


I also wanted to get some Christmas lights.  Our pre-lit tree didn't light this year, so I'm going to pull the lights off it and string new ones.  I was waiting for the lights to go on sale, and I'm sure they are now.


But, since DS was a tired, miserable wretch yesterday, I skipped it.  Guess there are upsides to crabby babies! 

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I did pretty well. I did purchase some wrapping paper, but we use it sparingly and I got enough for at least 3 yrs worth of wrapping. I also bought a new bathroom rug since ours had a hole in it and a new measuring cup (broke mine while making cookies).  I did buy one item I really didn't need to, a puzzle christmas book for the kids for next year.

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I did some one-line shopping (LL Bean, 3 items for $40 plus free shipping), bought myself a dayplanner (MIL usually gets me one, she didn't so I ordered it), and ordered some Dansko's online ($39 including shipping, a bargain).  Then we went out shopping and I got a cami and sweater for $15 from Old Navy, DD got 3 tops and a pair of sweats with a Christmas gift card, hubby got a nice top for $8, I got my ears re-pierced (top hole), and hubby returned some items that were duplicates and got some fleece pants and a CD (also undies and a toothbrush).  Oh, and I got a vest at 60% off during that last stop.


So we did a little post-Christmas shopping, but they were all good deals and things we needed (well not the ears...but I'm ok with it!) and we didn't go overboard.

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I bought lunch and a coffee, and nail clippers - we're visitng family and I forgot them at home. DS is clawing everyone - his nails got so long, so an intervention was needed.

I was tempted to browse, but together as a family we kept our resolve.

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Originally Posted by tree_hugger View Post

Good for you for just getting the toaster! And what book was it? :)


Thanks..got the toaster in Myer so it was quite challenging just getting through all the crowds to get it!


The book is "It's All Too Much" by Peter Walsh. One of the few Australian decluttering books I have come across.  It says on the front that Sydney Morning Herald called him the "Undisputed King of Decluttering."  I am enjoying reading it so far!



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I braved the sales at Target to get Christmas stuff for next year.  DH will FINALLY not be deployed for Christmas (we haven't spent it together in 3 years) so I wanted to get the must have decor stuff.  I got a 7 foot tree, tree skirt, tree topper, and 50 ornaments for 50 bucks.  All we will NEED for next Christmas is some lights so I think I did well!

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