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Maybe labor? Update #14 (with birth story and pictures!) The baby's here!!!

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Lost my mucous plug, tons of bloody show, contractions 3-5 minutes apart needing tons of concentration through.  They started around 3pm, picked up around 10pm and I called my doula about 1:30am.  Today is my due date, yesterday was DH's birthday.  Right now I am rocking on my birth ball, just waiting until I get far along enough to pack up and go to the hospital.... I really do not want to get there too early and get sent home. 

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easy labor vibes your way!  Congrats!!!


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How cool on your due date??  Good luck!

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Hope everything's progressing well for you!

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Good luck mama! Prayers and smooth labor vibes being sent your way!!

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Stuck at two... sent home to rest so we are at a hotel since we are so far from home. Blood pressure was elevated... but pih bloodwork is perfect. Send some "baby drop" vibes.... this critter is really high still.
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Sending those vibes your way!  Hope things pick up and you meet your little one soon.  Good luck!

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Wishing you a quick and easy birth!

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Water broke. Light mec staining... here to stay.
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Good luck and best wishes for a smooth birth orngbiggrin.gif

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Aw, how exciting! Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery. 

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YAY! Sending amazing birth vibes your way.

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Liam Michael was born at 9:07 this morning after my hardest labor ever. He was 7lbs 3oz born at 9am this morning after being admitted twice yesterday morning. 40 minutes after we got a hotel to sleep, my water broke & was mec stained, so we had to head back and I was admitted. Labor was long, Liam was malpositioned and presenting his head somewhat cockeyed (asynclitism), AND had his hand up by his head and his cord around his neck and chest.


ETA:  My OB was incredible, she was so patient.  I was admitted at 2cm and hours later I was unchanged so they stretched me to 4-5cm.  Baby was still up high and I had pretty bad back labor.  My doulas and nurse had me walking the halls, doing squats, lunges, etc.  Around 7pm I was still 4-5cm, so after hours of delaying I finally agreed to a pitocin drip.  Because of the pit, I was no longer able to have a water birth, so they moved us into a new room.  The pitocin was upped every 45-60 minutes by 1 and sometime around 2am with rocking contractions and 35 hours of labor I was exhausted.  I asked for an epidural and everyone made sure I was serious, but no one gave me grief... at most I was 5-6cm with a high baby still.  After the epidural they upped my pit slowly to 8, but they noticed my baby's heart rate would dramatically decel with each contraction.  The OB was worried and decided I needed a c-section.  She was going to give us some time and keep watching my contractions.  They stopped the pit and my contractions and decels stopped.  She started it back to 5 and they decided they were caused by his cord, not his placenta and let me labor despite his decels causing his heart rate to go as low as 45bpm at times.  Before she left at 7am I was 9.5 with each contraction and moving the baby down, but not able to push past the lip, and back to 7 when the contraction was over.


Her midwife took over and around 8:55 they decided to let me try to push.  3 contractions later he was out, they cut his cord, and waited for my husband to announce the sex, he was a boy!!  Because of the meconium he was rushed to the warmer.  His APGARs were 6-8 and he was returned to me to bond.  We both had fevers and because I had been ruptured 30 hours and declined antibiotics they decided to watch us closer.  Within a few hours we were both normal, but they decided to keep Liam and I longer than we hoped.  We will be able to leave tomorrow morning since all his blood work was normal.


So pretty much everything I wanted in a hospital birth plan didn't happen, but I was so grateful that they let me call all the shots and labor my own way.  Total time in labor was 43 hours, and most of that was natural.  I was exhausted, but able to avoid a c-section and antibiotics.  Liam is a super awesome baby, he is calm and quite the little nursing pro.  His brothers and sister got to meet him this afternoon and we are all over the moon in love.



Meeting baby brother.


Liam Michael, 1 day old.

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congratulations! sounds like a rather more eventful labour than we would have wished for, but i hope you're both in good health!

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Congratulations!  Welcome baby Liam!

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I have been thinking about you today! Love the name Liam! Can't wait to see pictures.

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Woo-hoo, what a relief it must have been to get that labor over with! Have a lovely babymoon!

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Updated in post 14 with pics and more details.

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